Mental Health Week

  • Get involved and make a difference in the lives of Americans living with mental health conditions: Click Here


    How to help: Click Here

    If you want to learn about advocacy and more,  come to the consent convergence event! Saturday, November 10th. Sign up here: Click here

Pennies For Patients:

  • From January 7th to February 1st is Pennies For Patients, our drive for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society! Please bring money donations to the Pennies for Patients boxes in your classrooms. 


    For every:

    $250 raised - free bracelets in center hall

    $500 raised - free snacks in center hall  

    $750 raised - A teacher dresses up in the mascot costume

    $1000 raised - a teacher is painted in blue for a day

    $1250 raised -pie three teachers (students decide) in the face at the Spring assembly

    $1500 raised - tape a teacher to the wall at the Spring assembly