• For student absences, late arrivals, and early releases, parents/guardians may excuse their student in one of the following ways below.  



    PLEASE NOTE:  The new feature for absence reporting through ParentVue is for FULL DAY ONLY.  Stand by for PARTIAL DAY reporting to be added in the future.


    Please report only one way - otherwise it is necessary to open your student's record multiple times for the same absence.


    1) Attendance Reporting Form - Preferred Method since data shows all on one spreadsheet and is easy to glance at and pull early releases, etc.

    2) Email grantattend@pps.net

    3) Call 503-916-5171 (Attendance Office).

    4) Have your student bring a note to the attendance office. 


    When you notify the school regarding an absence, please indicate the following information:

    1. Student's Name (ID# if known).

    2. Your phone number.

    3. Date of Absence.

    4. Reason for Absence.

    - If absence is due to ILLNESS, please inform the attendance office or nurse of anything contagious. Based on the information you share, our school nurse may also need to contact you for some follow-up information


    - Tardy Students: Please go straight to class and check in with your teacher.  Your student only needs to go to the attendance office if they are bringing in a note or checking out/in from appointments. 

    - Attendance corrections:  Please send your student to the attendance office for a blue correction form to have their teacher sign off on. 

    - Portland Public School District requires absence excuses be made within three schooldays of the absence.


    EARLY RELEASES: (informs attendance office) Please notify the attendance office ahead of the release time by filling out this form to let our attendance secretary know that you will need your student released early.  The benefits of early reporting include minimal classroom disruptions and not needing to find parking to come in to excuse your student.

    Without advanced notice: Please call our Main Line at 503-916-5160. Please do not leave a message as it may not be heard in time.

    Students leaving early must sign out at the attendance office, and if returning, sign back in at the attendance office.  


    Data is entered as soon as possible. However, we are not always able to process the large volume of data prior to activating the auto-dialer, so you may receive a call even though you already reported it. All data should be processed by the end of the day.


    Asistencia de Ausencias 

    Para las ausencias, llegadas tardías y salidas tempranas de los estudiantes, puede excusar a su estudiante de 3 formas diferentes. Elija una forma que funcione para su familia.

    1) Llame al 503-916-5171 (Oficina de asistencia)

    2)Mande correo electronico a grantattend@pps.net

    3)Haga que su estudiante traiga una nota a la oficina de asistencia sobre su ausencia. 

    Cuando notifique a la escuela sobre una ausencia, indique la siguiente información:

    1. Nombre de estudiante (ID # si conocido)

    2. Su numero de telefono

    3. Fecha de ausencia

    4. Razón de ausencia

    5.  Si se realizó la prueba de COVID, fecha y resultado.

    (Si la ausencia se debe a una ENFERMEDAD, proporcione los síntomas. Según la información que comparta, es posible que la enfermera de nuestra escuela también debe comunicarse con usted para obtener información de seguimiento).

    Los estudiantes que lleguen más de 10 minutos tarde a una clase deben registrarse en la Oficina de Asistencia (fuera de la oficina principal ). Los estudiantes que se vayan temprano deben firmar su salida en la oficina principal y, si regresan, deberán registrarse nuevamente en la oficina principal.