• Grant's Temporary Attendance Secretary is Michelle Lenzen.


    For student absences, late arrivals, and early releases, you may excuse your student in 3 different ways. Please choose one way that works for your family:

    1) Call 503-916-5171 (Attendance Office).

    2) Email grantattend@pps.net.

    3) Have your student bring a note to the Attendance Office. 


    When you notify the school regarding an absence, please indicate the following information:

    1. Student's Name (ID# if known).

    2. Your phone number.

    3. Date of Absence.

    4. Reason for Absence.

    (If absence is due to ILLNESS, please provide the symptoms. Based on the information you share, our school nurse may also need to contact you for some follow-up information).


    Students arriving more than 10 minutes late to a class must sign in at the Attendance Office (outside the main office).  Students leaving early must sign out in the main office, and if returning, sign back in at the main office.