• Grant HS Makes It Possible to

    Receive Dual Credit From These Colleges & Universities

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  • Dual Credit Courses at Grant

    Dual credit provides all eligible students the opportunity to begin to take college-level coursework that aligns with their post-high school goals and plans.  Our partnerships for 2022-23 include Portland Community College, Portland State University, and the Oregon Institute of Technology.  Grant has a well-rounded selection of courses that expose students to a wide variety of content and experiences.  All students at Grant are enrolled in Dual Credit Junior English (WR 115) and Dual Credit Senior English (WR 121).  

    If you are enrolled in a dual credit course at GHS and want to opt in to receive credit, you will register for the college class in your GHS class. Students will simultaneously be enrolled in their course at GHS and the college awarding credit. Benefits of dual credit include earning college credits while in high school at a significantly reduced rate. 

    Fees for dual credit classes range from $0- $700 (cost may change at time of enrollment).  Financial assistance is available for eligible students.  Please contact your school counselor.  Cost should not prevent any student from pursuing a dual credit opportunity.

    What is the potential impact of dual credit on my financial aid?

    All classes that earn college credit may have an impact on the student’s financial aid and scholarships. The Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA) 150% rule applies to all students and is in place to help students stay on track to receive their college degree (2 and 4 year). Once a student has received 150% of the number of credits required to complete a degree then their financial aid is maxed out and no more federal loans are available. For example, if a student needs 90 credit hours to graduate, then they max out at 135 credit hours (90 hrs X 150% = 135 hrs).

    Oregon Promise has a 90 credit limit on college credits, including any of the following: 

    • College credits you take while in high school or as part of a high school completion program
    • College credits you take during summer term*
    • College credits you take at another college or university while dual-enrolled at a community college
    • College credits for courses you withdraw from or fail
    • Any other college credits you attempt or complete prior to and during your time as an Oregon Promise recipient