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    Advisor: Daniel Gyu (Granias)

    Student Editor in Chief: Elijah Martin-Collier [emartincollier7230@student.pps.net]

    Grant High School offers Yearbook as an elective course.




  • Welcome to the Grant High School Yearbook 2022-23

    UPDATES 1/18/2023


    Hello! If you are interested in joining the yearbook for 2023-24, please express your interest via this survey or through Forecasting Course Requests

    These books are a collection of memories that will capture this year and years to come. It helps us remember the fun times, the friendships, and the achievements our students accomplished throughout their years at Grant. We offer an experience of viewing high school from another point of view, allowing you to participate in things you wouldn't even think you would do. Yearbook exposes many of its students to classes, clubs, sports, and other people and activities that you normally wouldn't encounter, giving you an advantage when it comes to seeing what you enjoy and what you don't. When you join the yearbook, you are given a chance to be a journalist, a photographer, a group member, and most of all, a leader. Being in the yearbook gives you a sense of responsibility and is a great way to integrate into the world after high school.

    We are looking for students with experience and opportunities to grow in writing, photography, design, business, communications, collaboration, and leadership. We hope to see you next year!

    If you have any questions about forecasting, please feel free to email Rachel McFeeters-Krone


    Yearbooks are ON SALE NOW! Early-Bird Pricing Closed, Pre-Sales end March 1st
    As of January 1st, yearbooks are priced at $65 each.

    We strive to be inclusive to all of our trans- and nonbinary-identifying students. If your student uses a name that is different from what the school has on record, please reach out to us so we can make sure we use the correct name in our book. Email emartincollier7230@student.pps.net for name changes.


    UPDATES 12/2022

    Baby Ads are SOLD OUT. We apologize for any inconveniences, as there was a limited amount of space available.

    For those who are still interested in purchasing a Baby Ad, there is a waitlist they can add their names to after baby ads have sold out.
    Feel free to reach out to the yearbook staff if you have any questions.
    Editor-in-Chief: Elijah Martin Collier emartincollier7230@student.pps.net
    Senior Editor: Kasen Brown kbrown6995@student.pps.net