School Building Improvement Bond Program

School Building Improvement
Bond Program

School Building Improvement
Bond Program

  • School modernization and Health & Safety improvement projects have touched every school in the District with water quality, security upgrades, new roofs, asbestos and radon remediation, new fire alarms, ADA improvements and seismic retrofits.

    Three high schools and one PK-8, Franklin, Grant, Roosevelt and Faubion have been modernized or rebuilt thanks to funding from the 2012 Bond. A newly modernized Grant High School re-opened at the start of the 2019-20 school year and a special event was held to celebrate. Construction began on a modernized Madison High School and a new Kellogg Middle School this summer.  Both of those projects were funded by the May 2017 Bond and are scheduled to be completed in late summer of 2021.  Final design work is continuing on the Lincoln High rebuild project with construction slated to begin in early 2020.  The Benson Polytechnic modernization project is in design with construction scheduled to begin in 2021.

    New seismically strengthened roofs were completed at Sitton and Rigler Elementary Schools and one half of Jackson Middle in the summer of 2019. Beverly Cleary and MLK Jr. received new roofs in 2018. More roof projects are planned for the summer of 2020. ADA improvements are also taking place at these schools and others. Work began this summer on a two-year seismic retrofit of Hayhurst Elementary that will bring the school up to an immeadiate occupancy rating. Lewis Elementary received an immeadiate occupancy seismic upgrade in 2018.  Those projects are made possible through a SRGP grant from the state of Oregon.

    Fire sprinkler system upgrades have taken place at Jefferson High, Beverly Cleary, Lewis and MLK Jr. Fire alarm upgrades across the district will be completed by December of 2020. Lead paint stabilization work is in full swing with improvements taking place at 30 sites so far.  Radon and Asbestos remediation projects are also happening at select schools.

    Most school common area water fixtures were returned to service in 2018 and work continues to bring more online.  To see the status of drinking fixtures at your school, Click on this chart. Six schools, Arleta, Duniway, Jefferson, Llewellyn, Rigler and Robert Gray have received low lead drinking water stations in a pilot program that seeks to lower lead levels to among the lowest in the state while avoiding expensive and disruptive pipe replacements within the walls. Security work is now underway on all schools needing upgrades.  The work is scheduled to be completed at all schools by late summer of 2020.

2012 Bond Slide Show

FDW 9_21 Students in design teams at work #2
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    Grand Opening for Modernized Grant

    A Grand Opening Ceremony for Grant High School was held on Saturday September 7th, 2019 with over 2000 people celebrating the new school and touring the campus.

    Grant HS ribbon cutting

    Click on the photo above to see pictures from the event

    A fully modernized Grant High School reopened for students on August 28.  Grant is the final modernization project of the 2012 bond and will feature a new three-story entryway, renovated historic theater, a visual arts complex now located in the refurbished 1923 gym building. A new athletic building featuring a main gym will accommodate up to 1700 students, along with a new auxiliary gym and weight room.  For more information, view the new Grant modernization info-flyer | Español

    Madison and Kellogg under construction.

    Beginning in June 2019 and running for the next two years both Madison and Kellogg are undergoing construction. The Madison modernization will include over 170,000 square feet of new construction, including a theater, commons and gym that will blend seamlessly with the historic mid-century modern building. In 2021, a fully modernized, 292,000 square foot Madison High School will reopen with a capacity for 1,700 students. . For project updates visit the Madison Modernization website.  Or view a fact sheet about Madison’s modernization Español | Tiếng Việt | Русский | Soomaali | 中文 

    The new Kellogg Middle School includes a performing arts stage, a multi-purpose gym and assembly space, a large, flexible commons space, and dedicated outdoor learning spaces. The school will be a focal point of its Southeast Portland neighborhood, offering a new educational center and resource hub for the community. Both schools will reopen for students in 2021. For more information View the new Kellogg Rebuild info-flyer | Español |Tiếng Việt | 中文 | Русский | Soomaali or visit the Kellogg rebuild website.

    Thank you voters

    Thank you voters for supporting the  2017 Health, Safety and Modernization Bond. The Office of School Modernization is continuing the important work of rebuilding our aging schools, making them all safer, and better equipped for 21st century learning.

    Check out the latest Bond project videos here.


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