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  • After School Classes Winter Term

    After school classes at Duniway:

    Please check our website for all of the after school classes and more information.

    PeachJar Flyers:

    All current Peachjar flyers are posted on our website as well.

  • Connect to Kindergarten

    Fall 2018 families, welcome to Duniway. The Kindergarten Connect Event is February 15th at 6:30-7:30pm, all incoming kindergartners are welcome to the event. 
    During this event families will be able to see classrooms, hear from staff about curriculum, day to day routines, and tour the building. This is a very exciting time for families and children.
    To prepare for the event please use this link to verify that your address is within the attendance boundary of Duniway. To complete registration the office will need a variety of things, registration form, birth certificate or passport, two proofs of address (utility bills, bank statements, insurance documents, etc.), vision & dental screening, Immunization Records. We are happy to help with any questions that you might have. 
    Welcome to Duniway,
    Sarah Erickson serickson@pps.net 
  • Fancy Friday

    Fancy Friday did not disappoint!  There was plenty of positive and caring energy that made its way through the halls, classrooms, and beyond.  Of course, there were also plenty of sparkling dresses, finely pressed suits, creatively constructed tiaras and ties, and of course, many who came dressed in their “ordinary” wear, complete with a smile and a positive attitude.  Within all the excitement and fancy flair, we hope our students and staff were left thinking about the importance of staying connected and building community.  

    Fancy Friday Photos
  • Winter Weather

    When bad weather hits, here’s how PPS keeps families informed

    With winter quickly approaching and memories of last year’s snow deluge still fresh, it’s a good time for a refresher on how Portland Public Schools lets families know when weather forces delays and closures. 

    There are three ways PPS sends messages to families about delays, closures and other weather-related decisions:

    ·         Phone calls: Automated calls, in all supported languages, will be placed to the primary number listed on each student’s registration. If you’ve changed your number recently, please update it with your school.

    ·         Email: An automated message will be sent to the email address you listed in your child’s registration.

    ·         Text message: You will receive a text message on your cell phone, but first you’ll have to opt in to the SchoolMessenger system by texting “Yes” or just “Y” to 68453. Note: If you opt in, you will still receive an auto-dialer call, so sorry if you’re someone who hates that.


  • From Principal Matt Goldstein (Margie Doern while Mr. Goldstein is away)



    Dear Duniway Families,

    I hope you all had a lovely week. It has been wonderful having warmer weather and seeing the sun more! This week we were fortunate to have Tom Breuckman as principal while Mr. Goldstein is away taking care of his family. I wanted to share with you the kind things he said about our community. He was impressed with our Core Values and how students referred to these values while solving problems. I also had a nice conversation with Tom about how Duniway is a wonderful school with staff members who are connected, supportive, and care about their community. He enjoyed working with Duniway students.  Lastly, Tom mentored Mr. Goldstein when he started Duniway as our principal. Tom commented on how Duniway has grown in a positive way the last 5 years and how Mr. Goldstein was able to lead us through those positive changes! Mr. Goldstein plans to return to school next week. We look forward to seeing him soon!

    Today was an exciting day for kindergarten and their families! Many of you came to see their special puppet show. This week I observed one class creating their puppets and adding many details to their characters. They did an amazing job with this project and it was nice to see so many families come into the classrooms and be a part of it. PTA funds were used to support this project. Thank you for your ongoing support. We are lucky to have many different artists visiting our school this year.

    On Tuesday Duniway students and staff participated in our 2nd Universal Community Circle. We all read the story “ Weird” by Erin Frankel. The story is about a little girl who often feels left out. She often would change her behavior to please others. At the end of the story, she learned to be herself and to not care about what others think. After the story, we began our community circle. This gives students an opportunity to talk about their connection in a safe place. One 2nd grade teacher was impressed with how many students shared a connection with the girl in the story. Community circles are a wonderful way to build our community and to help support each other. As a community, we plan to continue practicing universal circles. 

    It is National Counselor Week! Please take the time to thank our amazing counselors Ms. Jessy and Ms. Emory! They work incredibly hard supporting our students, teachers, and families. Thank you for all you do for our community!

    I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

    Take care,

    Margie Doern


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