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  •  Summer at Woodmere! 

    Woodmere SUN runs a summer lunch program all summer long in our cafeteria. kids 1-18 can eat m-th  free of charge. Lunch is available at Mt. Scott part on Fridays. 

    Kids can take part in arts and craft activities every day!. 


    OMSI planetarium show will be at Woodmere at 11:45 on June 27th. 

    Olive and Dingo's clown show will be at Woodmere at 11:45 on July 2nd

    Woodmere SUN's summer camps begin on July 2nd

    May 21, 2018

    Woodmere Bulletin

    Planning for next year has begun. Every year at this time schools begin to plan for classes and schedules for the next year. This often means that teacher placements are moved to accommodate class sizes and learning needs. The district looks at projected student numbers and allocates staffing based on student population.

    The district is projecting a need for 3 kindergarten classrooms next year. We will also be moving back to 4th and 5th grade  blends based on these projections. Several staff members have moved grade levels and as always shifts may occur over the summer that change who is teaching what.

    As of now our grade level teams are as follows:

      • Kindergarten team : Mr. Graham, Ms. Breen, & Ms Jones supported by Ms. Julie, Ms. Jill & Ms. Kathleen
      • 1st grade team: Ms. Bassaloff & Ms. Robertson
      • 2nd grade team: Ms. Smith & Ms. Zadoff
      • 3rd grade team: Ms. Walker & Ms. McEwan
      • 4th/5th grade team: Ms. Heins, Ms. Kinney, & Mr. Erickson. Ms.Caitlin Holdren will be joining the team half time to support math instruction in the upper grades.


    • Focus Classrooms: Ms Richman & Ms. Hanawalt


    Mr. Stultz and Mr. Klee will continue to teach PE and music. Ms. Ross is planning on returning to our Library in the Fall.

    Ms. Bergstrum will be retiring at the end of the year and leaving us for sunny Florida to be near her grandbabies. We will miss her as part of our team but wish her well in her next adventure. Ms Brod and her new teammate will continue to support students with specialized learning needs in the learning center.

    Our counseling  team, Ms. Louise & Ms. Sanborn remain the same. Ms. Clark will continue  as our schools climate specialist and Ms. Loosemore will continue as our Instructional coach.


    We will be sending out letters regarding class placements over the summer.  Please look for our mailing in August.

    File:5 stars.svg - Wikimedia CommonsShining Stars

    Rm 8 & 9:  Naomi & JJ

    Kinder: Dorian & Melanie

    1st:   Asher & Bella

    2nd: Emily & Darwin

    3rd:   Armahni & Wil’Lon

    4th:   Eric & Zion & Sanaa

    5th:  Navontae & Kaylee


    Top runners each week: JamesFile:5 stars.svg - Wikimedia Commons

    SAFETY REMINDER : parking in the drop off zone creates a dangerous situation during drop off and pick up for students as cars start to drop off from the driving lanes when the the drop off zone is full.  If you need to go into the building please park on side streets by the playground or across Duke.

    April 15, 2018

    Woodmere Bulletin

    Principal’ Notes: This past week our teachers opened their doors to other PPS staff  to share their learning around Quality Teaching of English Learners. Our teachers have been working hard over the last three years, learning new ways to engage young learners in complex thinking activities and discussions. I am impressed by our teachers who work hard to challenge our students and by our students who step up to the challenge eagerly.  


    (NEW DATE: DUE TO RAIN FORECAST)DOLPHIN DASH:  Remind students to wear their running shoes. Volunteers are needed Tuesday, April 23rd to cheer on runners, count tallies of laps.

      • Session 1: Grades K-1 run from 9:15 -9:45 a.m.
      • Session 2: Grades 2-3 run from 1:00 - 1:30 p.m.
      • Session 3: Grades 4-5 run from 10:00 - 10:30 a.m.

    Jim in the GYM: As of the end of the 3rd quarter our students have run 7,500 miles. 126 students have earned a 25 mile t shirt. 26 students have earned a 50 mile golden pencil. 10 students have earn a 75 mile bracelet. 5 students have earned a gold medal by running over 100 miles. Hopefully we can reach the 10,000 mile mark by the end of the year. Keep up the good work!!!

    File:5 stars.svg - Wikimedia CommonsShining Stars

    Rm 8 & 9:  Joshua &Kenny

    Kinder: Eva & Destiney

    1st:   Nyah & Nina

    2nd: Kensie & Ben

    3rd:   Joseph & Denny

    4th:   Tony & Jaynene  

    5th:   Shane & Ilyan

    Gaga Gold winners:  Jaquori

    Top runners each week: Caleb  

    File:5 stars.svg - Wikimedia Commons


    Social Skill of the Month: Perseverance

    Letting kids learn, struggle, and even fail at age appropriate tasks helps them build grit  and learn to work through challenges. Parents can help teach this skill by talking with students about challenges they have faced and overcome through hard work.  

    SAFETY REMINDER:  This month we will be practicing in an Earthquake drill in all classrooms. Earthquake drill month is a good time to talk with your kids about their own emergency and personal family planning.   We know that most injuries from earthquakes are caused by heavy items falling, this is why we duck, cover and hold on. looking for objects that could fall and injure family members, identifying and moving furniture  that could block doors out of the room and any other potential hazards.

    March 12, 2018- Woodmere Bulletin

    Dear Woodmere Families –

    On Wednesday, March 14th at 10:00, Woodmere students and staff will join all of Portland Public Schools by holding a Peace March to honor and support school safety in our community. Because many of our younger students are not as aware of the national events that have prompted this,  we will be focusing our classroom discussions on topics of unity and school safety.

    At 9:55, the fifth grader students will begin by leading the school in a march to the perimeter of the 100 mile track before forming a school wide circle where we will sing together.  Community circles will then be held by grade level on the big field. (In the event of rain, classes may be returning indoors before beginning their circle discussion.)

    You are invited to join in our Peace March.   Please plan to sign in at the office by 9:45 to join your child’s classroom.   We will be encouraging students to wear Woodmere shirts or sweatshirts if they have them and ask families to do the same.

    -Woodmere Staff


    NEW TREE PLANTING DATE! Rescheduled after our unfortunately timed snow. The groups and times will stay the same as the original date:

    9am-10am: 3rd grade and 1st grade

    10:15am-11:15am: 5th grade and kindergarten

    1pm-2pm: 4th grade and 2nd grade

    Hopefully all of our volunteers can still join us!


    Join us for the Parent Coffee: Thursday March 22nd at 2:00

    Our world is not always easy for our children to understand and can make for some very difficult conversations for parents. Join Ms. Louise who will be sharing some ideas on how to talk to children about hard topics on Thursday March 22nd.

    Talent Show

    Hello Woodmere families!

    We will once again be having a talent show! Tryouts will be on Thursday, April 12th, after school. Permission slips will go home the week before. This has been a very popular even in the past. So this year, we are actually planning an evening performance, too! We're hoping that more families will be able to attend. It will be on Thursday, May 3rd, at 6:00.

    File:5 stars.svg - Wikimedia Commons

    Shining Stars

    Rm 8 & 9:               Isabelle & Charlie   

    Kinder:                   Naomi & Owen

    1st:                          Minh & Aiden

    2nd:                        Yana & Kansie

    3rd:                         Shawn & Lily

    4th:                         Ameia & Briana

    5th:                         Aayan & Chloe

    Gaga Gold winners:            Jamari (3rd grade)

    File:5 stars.svg - Wikimedia Commons

    Top runners each week: Ziba  (3rd grade)

    Way to go runners!  

    104 students are more than a quarter of the way to 100 Miles.

    Keep up the hard work

    Feb 27th 2018-Woodmere Bulletin

    Principal’s Notes

    The snow days made for some chaos but everyone was so respectful and easygoing about the changes to schedules and routines. I was impressed by how many people jumped in to help out their neighbors with pick up and snowday care for kids. Way to go Woodmere community!

    We are working with Parks and Rec to reschedule our tree planting date. Fingers crossed that there are no more snow days. Thank you to all our volunteers for being flexible and we hope we will see you on our new date.  

    Math Night was a big success with 110 students and parents coming to play games that promote mathematical thinking. Games make learning fun and help us to build long term memory for math facts and number sense .

    Social Skill of the Month: Growth Mindset

     In March , Woodmere students will be learning about Growth Mindset. All classes will be reading Your Fantastic Elastic Brain  to learn how to develop a growth mindset. There are many strategies for changing our personal mindset about learning. A growth mindset helps students to value hard work over talent and to recognize that learning is a  process we all take part in.

      Growth Mindset<-------------------------> Fixed Mindset

    I can learn anything if I work at it <-------->I’m just not good at….

    I like to try new things <--------------> I stick to what I know

    Challenges help me grow <------->I get frustrated when things are hard


    Help us Celebrate our Classified staff! :Woodmere is lucky to have so many caring adults supporting our classrooms and families. Take time the week of March 5th -9th to say thank you to one or all of them. Notes, Flowers and artwork from kids are a great way to let them know you see what they do for your child each day. Custodians, Secretaries, Educational Assistance, Paraeducators, and our Cafeteria play such a big role in making Woodmere a welcoming and supportive place for kids, often going beyond their job description to make sure that every kids is safe and supported.


    File:5 stars.svg - Wikimedia Commons

    Shining Stars

    Rm 8 & 9:               Leon & Jordan   

    Kinder:                   Izayah & Simeon   

    1st:                          Lydia & Christopher

    2nd:                        Aubrey & Jonathan

    3rd:                         Lilia & Graeden

    4th:                         Jayneene & Sierra

    5th:                         Annie & Charlotte

    Gaga Gold winners:            Sergio (5th), Abigail (K) , Aiden (1st)            

    File:5 stars.svg - Wikimedia Commons

    Top runners each week:

    Annie  (5th grade)

    Khoi (4th grade)

    Sophia (4th grade)

    Way to go runners!  

    4 students have reached their 100 mile goal.  3 have reached 75 miles so far and another 18 have run more than 50 miles so far this year.  Keep up the hard work

    February 8,2018- Woodmere Bulletin

    We are trying a new format. Please, Let us know what you think https://goo.gl/forms/gbzJCyErB2gzFhUa2


    Principal’s Notes

    With the beautiful weather  we have been having, more students are walking to school. Mr Stultz and the safety patrol wanted  to remind everyone how important it is for kids to cross only at the cross walks on Duke where safety patrol is stationed.. The safety patrol’s bright flags and vests are there to make student crossings more visible to drivers. Parents can help out by walking with your child when possible or reviewing their route to review pedestrian safety.

    Social Skill of the Month: Gratitude

    In February, we are learning the social skill of being grateful and expressing gratitude.  Classes are reading The Giving Tree with their teachers. ‘By learning about gratitude helps kids become sensitive to the feelings of others and develop empathy’ says Barbara Lewis, author of What Do You Stand For? For Kids (Free Spirit Publishing, 2005). Grateful kids look outside their one-person universe and understand that their parents and other people do things for them -- prepare dinner, dole out hugs, buy toys.


    Family Math Game night

    Join us for fun math focused games on February 15th. Woodmere staff will be hosting games for families to play together in many of the classrooms. Playing games is a great way to help children apply and build math skills, and coming together for a night of games and a meal together is fun for everyone.


    In School! On Time! Everyday!

    Since winter break  average daily attendance has been improving despite the flu that has been going around. January attendance awards went out on tuesday and 168 students got a new silver dog tag to add to their swag tags collection. 214 students were recognized for being starting the morning on time throughout January and got to add a thumbs up charm to their collection.

    Shining Stars

    Rm 8 & 9:               Oscar & Martin

    Kinder:                   Winter & Da’Mophee

    1st:                          Charlene & Kahlia

    2nd:                        Layla & Derek

    3rd:                         Ziba & Julie

    4th:                         Doneven & Sanaa

    5th:                         Joellinz & Devontae

    Gaga Gold:             Brian W.


    Runner of the week:  Jennifer C


    Remember that running club is on Wednesday morning from 7:50-8:36.  Currently, we have around 40 students coming each week.


     crazy hat day coming soon

    Bedtime Story hour *** **

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    PTO will be showing a

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    Friday September 15th



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     September 21st 

    5:30 PM 



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