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  • Getting Ready for Kindergarten!

    Registration for kindergarten for the 2024-25 school year opens March 1st. Please register your student at: (paper registration available in the main office) and attend one of our Connect to Kindergarten information sessions on either Wednesday April 17th or May 15th from 9:30 - 10:30am. Details for Connect to Kindergarten events are on the Laurelhurst School website:

  • Get Involved in the Sustainability Committee!

    Thanks to all who came out for the Pruning Workshop on Saturday! Laurelhurst grandparent Rebecca Robinson expertly guided us and shared important pruning tips as we more carefully pruned and fertilized our roses in the front of the building and cleaned up and pruned the natives and other plants in the Friendship Garden. Our grounds look so great and we all learned so much from Rebecca.


    Stay tuned for information about a Spring Seed and Start Swap in April, hosted by the Laurelhurst Sustainability Committee. Interested in things like school gardens and greening our school grounds? Walk & Roll and a Laurelhurst Bike Bus? Composting & reusable flatware in the cafeteria? Join the Sustainability Committee! email

  • Thank You, Habiba!

    Habiba Addo sharing stories from the African diaspora with our 2nd through 5th grade stories this week. Her warmth, humor, and magical storytelling delighted us all. Students learned lessons about knowledge, family, change, and growth. It was a true pleasure having Habiba join us for the assembly.


    This opportunity was brought to Laurelhurst by your support through our run for the arts initiative, Laps for Lions! Grade-level artists in residence, field trips, and assemblies are all funded by our this incredible program!

  • Friendly Traffic Reminders - Keep Our School Safe!

    Winter is still here, and along with dark and rainy days comes low visibility on the roads. PLEASE do your part by keeping the following simple safety tips in mind:



    • KEEP THE SCHOOL TO YOUR RIGHT during pick up and drop off periods. Traffic flow is ONE WAY during these busy times.
    • DRIVE SLOWLY around the school at all times.
    • YIELD TO PEDESTRIANS as they cross the street at all corners.
    • DO NOT PARK IN DISABLED PARKING SPOTS unless you have a valid placard.
    • DO NOT STOP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET to drop off your student.
    • ONLY PULL OVER TO THE SCHOOL-SIDE CURB to release your student from your vehicle.


  • February 25, 2024

    Dear Laurelhurst Community, 

    This past week I was reminded of how amazing our students truly are. Our Middle School OBOB teams battled it out, our Chess team won 1st place in the regional Chess for Success competition, our students are doing a great job raising money for the Kids’ Heart Challenge, our Kindergarten classes planted peas in our garden, and overall, our students are showing PRIDE throughout the day. We also had a great turn out of both students and caregivers at our Tuesday night screening of Screenagers. I appreciated the thoughtful discussion that followed the film. Thank you to our community for all you do to support our students and challenge them to do their best.


    As I mentioned last week, our initial staffing for next year has been shared by the district with our school team. We will be facing staffing reductions at Laurelhurst for next year. I will share specific details once I can confirm the implications for our staff. Please know that a successful Auction this year to support the Laurelhurst Foundation will be essential for us to continue to provide the academic, social, and emotional support our students need.

    With Gratitude,



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  • How Do You Measure a Year: The Annual District Calendar

    At first glance, the annual Portland Public Schools district calendar might seem to fulfill one crucial function: to alert students, staff, and families to the days when school is in session and when it is not. 

    If that were the case, crafting the calendar would be the work of days, if not hours. In fact, the calendar is a multipurpose living document that involves meticulous planning and careful forethought to ensure the best possible outcomes for students and staff. It also reflects the needs and observances of the many diverse communities the district serves. 

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  • Compacted Math Changes Coming in 2024-25

    Ethan Kramer, Beaumont Middle School’s assistant principal, sees middle school math as so much more than 2x + 3y = 5. 

    “It’s helping to build the logic center – the prefrontal cortex – in analysis and processing,” he said. Given this, Kramer and others believe that middle grades instruction must lay a strong foundation to support more challenging math concepts in the future – first high school, then beyond.

    But what are the components of that foundation? And how is it best established?

    The district’s middle grades core academics team and its grades 6-8 math committee have spent the last year weighing these questions in tandem with educators and community stakeholders. Their goal: a comprehensive math curriculum that challenges students without rushing or skipping over key concepts.

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  • To Close or Not to Close? The Many Factors that Go into an Inclement Weather Decision

    In meteorological terms, Portland’s first big weather event of 2024 has been the definition of a perfect storm. Frigid temperatures and high winds combined with snow and ice to bring down tree limbs, close roads, scramble traffic, freeze pipes, and knock out power for tens of thousands of residents.

    It’s been a metaphorical perfect storm for Portland Public Schools as well. Fallen trees cut power to multiple schools and others have suffered water damage from broken pipes. Lack of heat is also a problem, and impassable roads, paired with snowed-in and icy parking lots, have made it impossible for buses to run safely. Those same conditions have limited how the district’s facilities and operations teams can even assess the scope of the issues, let alone begin working on solutions. And icy sidewalks mean walkers have no safe route to school.

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  • McDaniel Students to the Rescue

    In a dark corner of a dilapidated house, several young people work together to locate a baby in distress. A few hundred feet away, a second group uses cribbing techniques to free a man from a 2,000-pound slab of concrete. Nearby, a third learns how to use a multi-tool to turn off a leaking gas line.

    Thankfully, none of it – the ailing baby, the crushed man, the gas leak – was real. Rather, each scenario was part of Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Training for students from Darshanpreet Gill’s biomedical innovations class.

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