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  • Principal's Message


    Mon, 11/19: Conferences, NO SCHOOL

    Mon, 11/19: PTA Conference Luncheon for Mt. Tabor staff

    Mon, 11/19: Walden Books Fair in Tabor library

    Tues, 11/20: Conferences, NO SCHOOL

    Tues, 11/20: Walden Books Fair in Tabor library

    Wed-Fri, 11/21-11/23: Thanksgiving holiday, NO SCHOOL

    Dear Mt. Tabor Families, 

    I hope you had another great week. If you were at the PTA meeting, you know Elona Landau's presentation on talking to your student about sex and sexuality was practical and informative. For more information, check out My key takeaways? Keep the messages short, know what you want to say, use medical terms, and say a little more than you think you should a little sooner than you think you should. As Elona says, we are our child's first teacher. In the age of the internet and social media, we want this kind of information to be accurate and empowering. Thank you to our PTA for bringing another great speaker to our school. 

    One thing Elona touched upon was consent and harassment. While we do not handle many reports of harassment at Mt. Tabor, it does, occasionally, happen as students begin to explore intimacy with others. This behavior in pre-adolescents is an exploration of self and self-in-society which can, at times, cross lines of comfort and respect. Given the gulf between rates of maturity in pre-adolescent and adolescent boys and girls, there are times when boys think they're being funny and girls are made to feel uncomfortable or disrespected. 

    In today's #MeToo world, our kids see and feel what social progress looks like, where the dominant paradigm of white patriarchy is slowly dismantled, yielding higher levels or racial equality, gender equity, and more humanistic institutions. Mt. Tabor is one such place, albeit filled with eleven-, twelve-, and thirteen-year-olds. We've seen girls speak out when boys have "body shamed" them. And we've responded to more serious incidents of harassment and initiated district-level protocols: newer, robust protections as a result of enhanced trainings for PPS staff. 

    While these incidents are still somewhat rare in middle schools, we take each incident seriously, follow protocols, and keep the deep interests of all students at the center of our response, especially when situations are hardly ever black and white but rather filled with nuance--an intersection of gender, identity, culture, puberty, and race.

    If your student ever feels uncomfortable at school, we are here to help. Galen and Michael are outstanding counselors. Pam is an administrator who I've seen heal many social wounds. And our teachers are stewards of our mission of Relational Learning, the guiding philosophy of our work. All reporters of harassment remain confidential. Students can even report anonymously through our SafeOregon tip line by texting (844) 472-3367. Earlier this year, I asked all students to add this number to their phones. Students can also visit the SafeOregon website or email Thank you for talking to your student about safety, health, identity, and respect. You are their first teacher.

    Moving on now to next week, I hope you're able to attend conferences. This year you'll have more time to meet with any teacher you'd like. As you also know, each family has a scheduled time with one teacher. And during conferences, Annie Licurse, our librarian, will be hosting a book fair sponsored by local bookseller Walden Books. There should be some high-interest titles, and proceeds directly benefit our library. This event helps keep our own library titles current and engaging to our kids. 

    Also, our PTA is hosting a lunch on Monday for our staff. It's such a sweet gesture, but they need a little help. Please volunteer just a little time, if you can, to help them put this lunch together. Here's the link to sign up

    Finally, if you haven't yet, you should really get a wreath while you can. There's only a few left, and your wreath will directly benefit our students in our Spanish Immersion program who need just a little support to attend next summer's learning trip to Mexico. Here's the link to help our kids.

    Have a nice weekend with your family and a great week off. I am thankful for you.




  • School Supply List

    Mt. Tabor Middle School Supply List 2018-19

    Every 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Student needs:

    • 3-ring binder with:                                                                                                             
      • Index dividers
      • Pencil pouch
      • Wide ruled notebook paper
    • Colored pencils/markers/highlighter
    • Pens/pencils
    • Glue stick
    • Scissors
    • Ruler with standard and metric measure
    • Basic calculator
    • PE lock (Physical Education)

     Note: Do not purchase an assignment book or agenda. We provide one of these for all students. It is used as part of our study skills program and we want all students to have the same one.

     6th Grade Students:

    • 1 Bound composition notebook
    • 3-ring binder—1 inch (Japanese Immersion)
    • 5 rolls of scotch tape (3 for Science & 2 for Math)
    • 3-subject college ruled notebook (Math)
    • Bound composition notebook with graph paper (Math)
    • 1 pack of graph paper (Science)
    • Watercolor paints
    • 2 D Batteries (Science)
    • 3 boxes of tissues (school supply)
    • 2 reams of copier paper (school supply)
    • 1 (12) pack of #2 pencils (school supply)
    • 1 container of Clorox or Lysol wipes (school supply)

     7th Grade Students:

    • Bound composition notebook (Japanese Immersion)
    • 2 Single subject spiral notebooks
    • Notebook with graph paper (Bound composition or Spiral)
    • Spiral notebook (Spanish Non-Immersion only)
    • 2 rolls of scotch tape (Science)
    • 3 boxes of tissues (school supply)
    • 1 container of Clorox or Lysol wipes (school supply)
    • 2 reams of copier paper (school supply)
    • 1 (12) pack of #2 pencils

     8th Grade Students:

    • Bound composition notebook (Social Studies)
    • Bound composition notebook (Language Arts)
    • Bound composition notebook (JMP)
    • Bound composition notebook with graph paper (Math)
    • Spiral notebook (Language Arts)
    • Spiral notebook (Spanish Non-Immersion only)
    • AAA Batteries [small pack] (Math)
    • 3 rolls of scotch tape (2 for Science & 1 for Social Studies)
    • 1 roll of scotch tape (Spanish Immersion)
    • 2 boxes of tissues (school supply)
    • 2 reams of copier paper (school supply)
    • 1 (12) pack of #2 pencils (school supply)
    • 1 container of Clorox or Lysol wipes (school supply)
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