• Lunch Menu Reminder for November - December

    As shown in the Nutrition Service Lunch Calendar, through November and December there will only 1 primary lunch item available each day. PB&J will still be available each day. 

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  • Peachjar Update

    Hello PPS Families, 

    As of March 1, 2018, Portland Public Schools will discontinue the use of Peachjar, the online flyer distribution system we have been using since January 2016. We will still allow the distribution of materials for district-sponsored and governmental organizations, but will no longer facilitate distribution of materials for other organizations.


    Why are we doing this?

    It is the responsibility of the district to ensure resources are focused on student achievement, and the time currently spent on this process detracts from that mission. In addition to workload for staff, there are inherent equity issues with regards to the communities targeted for events and activities from non-governmental organizations. Flyers are not being translated for our non-English speakers and the bulk of flyers coming from non-governmental organizations are going to schools with a higher socio-economic population. Perpetuating this disparity contradicts PPS’ focus on equity and excellence, ensuring every student and every school succeeds.


    How can you share district information with PPS families if you have been utilizing Peachjar for that service?

    We understand that some schools use Peachjar to share district-sponsored events to their own school community. If you are one of those schools, here are your other options to share information about events and activities with your school community:

    ●       Hard copy flyers

    ●       School Messenger

    ○       Contact IT for assistance in setting up a School Messenger account if you do not have one - an online training is required.

    ●       Post on school website

    ○       Contact the IT Service Desk if you need assistance with uploading information onto your website.


    What information can still be shared with PPS families? 

    As of March 1, 2018, in accordance with district policy, only district-sponsored and governmental organization events and activities will be shared with PPS families and displayed at PPS sites. “District-sponsored” means coming from a PPS central office department, from your own school, from your school’s foundation, from your school’s parent-teacher group or from your school’s booster club. It also includes organizations that have contracts with PPS. Examples of governmental organizations include City of Portland, Portland Parks & Recreation, Metro, Multnomah County Library, Oregon Zoo and Multnomah Educational Services District.


    Schools can distribute and display materials that are from the district or a governmental organization without getting central office approval. Governmental organizations must provide their own copies of flyers and posters. It is not the responsibility of district staff to make copies for governmental organizations.


    Please post this email on bulletin boards at your school

    Please print and post this email on your community bulletin board(s) as a reminder of these upcoming changes to the flyer distribution process. Posters and flyers will all need to comply with the changes. Thus, as of March 1, nothing can be distributed or displayed from non-profit or for-profit non-governmental organizations.


    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Lindsay Trapp at ltrapp@pps.net or (503) 916-5790.


    Thank you,

    PPS Communications 

  • School Supply Lists 2017-2018

    Hello Rieke Community,
    Below you will find a link to our student supplies for next year sorted by grade level. If you'd like to have your students receive these supplies at school they can be purchased online through School House Supplies:
    The last day for online orders is August 2nd, and if you'd like $5 off order before July 14th. 
  • Playground Refurbishing

    Take a look at our new playground turf! Summer renovations are going smoothly. 


  • Dear Rieke Families,

    One of the things I love about this time of year is the generosity shown by our community in support of community members. Thank you to Melissa Light and Ian Johnstone for organizing our annual holiday giving outreach and thank you to all who have made a donation - my office is filling up with gifts for families who are in need of extra support. 

    This Thursday is our annual Writer’s Tea.  We are looking forward to celebrating the writing accomplishments of 14 students in grades 1-5. We are very fortunate that each year Katie Unflat generously transforms the library into a tea room where we can welcome the students’ special guests.

    Last week several staff and myself met with a small group of parents to discuss ways to help Rieke become as inclusive a community as possible. I am hopeful by the level of engagement and the sense of urgency that was expressed. One goal is to have our students be allies for one another, not just while they are here at Rieke, but as they continue on to Robert Gray and to Wilson. We hope our families will become allies as well.  We are focusing primarily on issues around race, gender identification and ability as these appear to be the most common areas in which some of our students may become “othered” or experience some type of discrimination or negative remarks or attitudes.

    We are addressing these in a variety of ways. I will be posting and sharing resources for families on the Rieke website. Our staff is continuing to focus on the issue of race during our monthly late openings. We discuss ways to ensure instruction is culturally relevant and meaningful for students. We are also working to ensure that as instances of racist comments or behavior occur with students it becomes a teachable moment right away, not something that gets put off until a “better time” to discuss. Staff are working on putting more gender neutral language in place and finding ways to work around curriculum that may be out of sync with wording we know does not fit all of our students. Our use of Community Circles in classrooms is a powerful tool for students and teachers to be able to discuss topics around these issues. We have had students share their specific experiences with gender identify, with racist comments, and with instances of bullying. Our students are very insightful and compassionate and these opportunities to hear the perspectives of their classmates goes a long way towards building a shared purpose and a close community that looks out for one another.

    I would like the conversations we adults are starting to have to continue this school year and look to have another one in February/March.  They are open to all and I will give plenty of notice prior to the next meeting.

    I hope you enjoy the sun it looks like we’ll get to have for the next week (comes with cold, but at least it’s dry). 







    Rieke School

    1405 SW Vermont St, Portland, Or  97219



    Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world” Nelson Mandela

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