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Sunnyside Environmental School

Fostering responsibility, excitement for learning
and respect for all living things.

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  • SES Messenger for 10/15/2021

    10/15/21 School Messenger

    • School News (NEW)
    • Upcoming Dates (NEW)
    • Websites to Know
    • Reminders
    • Picture Day: Tuesday and Wednesday, October 19 and 20 (NEW)
    • A Message From the Library (NEW)
    • SES Lost and Found (NEW)
    • Spring Westwind Family Camp Save The Date (NEW)
    • Flyer from PPS
    • October 19, 6:30pm: Middle School Virtual Open House
    • Oregon Battle of the Books
    • SES Garden Fair
    • WANTED: Chest Freezer, Refrigerator, and Computer
    • SES PTSA News: PTSA Meeting and Pie Sale


    School News (NEW)
    Hello Sunnyside -

    As the weather fluctuates daily, we wanted to remind you of our lunchtime practices:

    • Students always have the option of eating outside, rain or shine. We have amazing lunch duty volunteers who are available to supervise students who eat outside.
    • When we are outside, students are given “sit upons” (made by our families!) so that they aren’t sitting on wet ground.
    • Inside we have students sitting 6 feet apart, with air purifiers running, and door and windows open.
    • Finally, if you would like to check your student out for lunch, please let us know by 11:00am.

    As for today and this weekend, enjoy the autumn leaves, clear sky and time together.



    Upcoming Dates (NEW)
    View the full SES calendar here.

    Tues and Wed, October 19 and 20   Picture Days
    Tues, October 19, 6:30pm   Middle School Virtual Open House
    Wed, October 20, 6:30pm   SES PTSA board meeting (open to all)
    Thurs, October 21, 3:15pm   Garden Club
    Sat, October 23, 10am-2pm   SES Garden Fair
    Mon, October 25   Pie pick up day
    Thurs, October 28, 3:15pm   Garden Club
    Thurs, November 4   End of quarter
    Thurs, November 4, 3:15pm   Garden Club
    Fri, November 5   NO SCHOOL (Teacher Professional Development)


    Websites to Know


    To help keep things working smoothly, here are some gentle reminders from the front office:

    • Please do not park in no-parking zones or crosswalks.

    • Please walk or carry anything wheeled while on school grounds.

    • Please volunteer during lunch to help keep kids distanced.

    • Please do not idle your car engine while waiting to pick up students.

    • Please come to the front door and buzz if your student arrives late or leaves early.


    Picture Day: Tuesday and Wednesday, October 19 and 20 (NEW)
    School pictures will be taken next week. Your classroom teacher or their rep will tell you on which day their photos will be. You do not need to order photos in advance; you will receive a link to order photos after the event. Please keep these things in mind for this year:

    • We will not have combs for your kiddo to use - please plan accordingly.
    • We want your student to feel comfortable. We encourage them to wear what makes them happy and come as themselves!

    Thank you!


    A Message From the Library (NEW)
    Hi Sunnyside Readers! Last year we had a LOT of books not come back! Almost 1500 between lost and overdue books! Please look around your house for book bags from our Sunnyside Reads program or any books with a Sunnyside barcode and send them in to be returned. We are also running a Donor's Choose to help replace some of the best loved books that were lost so if you are able, please donate here. Thanks, and Happy Reading!


    SES Lost and Found (NEW)
    Coat season is here! Please put your student’s FIRST AND LAST NAME on each item they bring to school. Sadly, we cannot guarantee that lost items will be returned to you.

    Missing anything now? If so, please fill out this form: https://forms.gle/s7Tvi2zVKrrVWUJPA Or come by the front of the school on Mondays from 2:30-3:30pm to go through what’s been found.


    Spring Westwind Family Camp Save The Date (NEW)
    Want to spend a fun weekend at SES Family Camp on the coast this spring? Sunnyside at Camp Westwind is a beloved Sunnyside family outing which ran for about 20 years prior to COVID-19. And, it is back! We have booked the camp for April 8 - 10, 2022, which coincides with a no-school Friday. The camp has made adjustments to its weekend offerings to make the experience more COVID safe - which mostly amount to more time to relax and play. 

    Loved this trip before and want to help? We could use some help getting the word out and with planning. Never been but are curious? Questions can be directed to gwen@parachutestrategies.com or 503-475-8529. Please note this event is not officially hosted by the SES PTSA.


    Flyer from PPS
    PPS has approved the following flyer for sharing:


    October 19, 6:30pm: Middle School Virtual Open House
    Dear SES Middle School Families, 

    We are holding a middle school-specific open house for parents and caregivers on Tuesday, October 19th from 6:30-7:30pm. This is an opportunity for us to come together and discuss all things middle school and the home/school connection. It will be an opportunity to hear from our Sunnyside admin team, our counselor, Rebecca, and our Qualified Mental Health Practitioner, Nicole.

    Here is the link we will use for the open house: https://pps-net.zoom.us/j/88652172962?pwd=Vk11MlpWWWlEbWxkOXhlaVpYaHBjQT09

    We are hoping you will join us!


    Oregon Battle of the Books
    Are you ready to OBOB? It's time to sign up kids and teams (grades 3-5 and 6-8) for OBOB 2021-2022! Oregon Battle of the Books is a great way to engage kids in reading and teamwork! Find out more about OBOB on the Library Website or go directly to our OBOB registration form. We have copies of the books in the library and can create team Learning Ally accounts for listening to the books. Multnomah County Library also has lots of copies and you can always find them at the OBOB display at Powells as well! Yay OBOB!


    SES Garden Fair
    It's a Garden Day!... It's a Harvest Faire!... Wait, no!  It's a GARDEN FAIR!
    SAVE THE DATE: Saturday, October 23rd, 10:00-2:00

    This year we are creating a hybrid. A masked, Gardening work party with some of the Covid-safer elements of a Harvest Fair. There will be TREATS, Digging, Chicken Photo Booth, and outside together! Kind of like how Community Care Day felt good, with so many people coming to take part and help - but with costumes and raking leaves! Also, a raffle to raise money for new outside seating/raised garden beds.

    If you'd like to be involved to help make it happen, please contact Steph: sunnysidesustainability@gmail.com


    WANTED: Chest Freezer, Refrigerator, and Computer
    SES could use a few items to help things move more smoothly. If you have any of the following to donate, please contact Kieran Cannistra at kcannistra@pps.net:

    • A small chest freezer for the community kitchen
    • A refrigerator for the community kitchen
    • A working computer or laptop for Steph Rooney, our Sustainability Coordinator.

    Thank you!


    SES PTSA News
    Please check here for any new information from our incredibly supportive PTSA.

    • Wednesday, October 20, 6:30pm: PTSA Board meeting (open to all) (NEW)
      Please join us at our virtual PTSA meeting next Wednesday, October 20 at 6:30pm. It's a great way to find out more about what the PTSA does and how you can get involved. Use this GoogleMeet link, or the link on our calendar at sesptsa.org.

SES News

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  • Lunch Plan for Sunnyside

    Dear Sunnyside Community,

    As many of you know, we are heading into fall and to the rainy season. I have worked with the Sunnyside Safety Team to update our indoor lunch plan to adhere to the latest guidelines.

    I have made sure that we have six feet apart in the school cafeteria, in the hallway, and in the auditorium for students to eat inside if necessary. In addition, I have two air filters running in each of these spaces, fans, and windows/doors open. We will have lunch volunteers who will be helping to supervise these spaces and we can make available spaces outside for students to sit if you do not want your student eating inside. Please note, if you do not want your student inside, please let them know that they need to choose on their own to go outside and eat under the supervision of the volunteers. With the amount of supervision that is needed by school personnel, we cannot track individual requests and students will need to choose to go outside on their own. If you choose to pick your student up because it is raining, please do so by 11:00 AM so that school staff can all help supervise lunch and recess as needed.

    I will try to watch the rain and if we can go outside and eat without it pouring, we will do so. Please use your best judgement as a parent to decide whether or not to pick your child up. Please send your child in warm and rain appropriate gear.

    If you have further questions or questions about our COVID safety plan, please reference the COVID presentation and the Back to School Night Presentation. Both are attached below.

    I know that there are many concerns about COVID and safety in our schools. Please rest assured that I consider those concerns when making a plan and any instances or reports of COVID exposure will be investigated and reported to our team of nurses at the MESD and appropriate notifications will be made.

    In partnership,
    Dr. Eryn Berg
    Principal, Sunnyside Environmental School
    Sunnyside BTSN slides
    She/ Hers/ They (Why?)


    Every corner of my heart loves you

    In a field of fields you are the largest field
    In a field of moons you are the most moons

    ~ Anis Mojgani
      The Piano Farm

  • Back to School Night


    Hello families!

    We look forward to seeing you all tonight at Back to School Night (virtually). Classroom teachers have emailed you their zoom or google meet links; here's a reminder of the schedule:




    SPED staff: https://meet.google.com/dzb-bnjn-eoe
    6:30 - 7:45
    Adrianne / Eva / Ellen / Megan


    Counselors: https://meet.google.com/fjv-yecw-bci

    • Grades 3-5 6:20 - 6:45
    • Middle School 6:50 - 7:15
    • Grades 1-2 7:20 - 7:45


    Can't wait to see you soon!
    Alix and Eryn

  • Climate Strike Friday

    Dear PPS Families,

    On September 24, 2021, we expect some PPS students to participate in a Climate Strike. Students are planning to walk out of class and gather at the Oregon Convention Center at 11:00 am and then march to city hall to share their concerns related to climate change and climate justice.

    PPS is not sponsoring this event, but we do recognize students’ constitutional right to freedom of expression. We also recognize that:

    This student-led event involves learning opportunities that align with the spirit of the PPS Board of Education's approved Climate Justice Resolution #5272.

    Our district vision, PPS reImagined, includes a graduate portrait that describes expectations for student growth in their understanding of racial equity and climate justice issues.

    The subject matter aligns with both our district policies and core curriculum.

    Please talk with your student about this event. Once students leave our campus for unsponsored events, Portland Public Schools can no longer guarantee their safety. We ask you to please discuss your family's expectations with your student about their participation, safety during walkout and demonstrations, expectations regarding COVID-19 prevention strategies (masks, physical distancing, etc), and communication with you if they choose to leave school during the day.

    For our high school students: Consistent with Oregon law and district policies, students must make arrangements with their teachers or principals for addressing any missed school assignments (including quizzes, tests). High school students must make arrangements and have parent/guardian permission with their teachers in order to receive an excused absence if they choose to take part in local climate strike activities. Staff will not be able to supervise students after they leave campus.

    For our high school student athletes: Additionally, student athletes who choose to participate in activities on September 24 must communicate with teachers prior to participating in the walkout to talk about missed work and have a parent/guardian or the student give advance notice to their school’s athletic director of their participation in the strike. If these actions are taken, student athletes will be eligible to play in games or practices that afternoon/evening.

    For our elementary and middle school students: Elementary and Middle School students will be asked to remain in the building. Parents may choose to sign their students out and participate with them. If parents plan for an adult other than parent/guardian to check out their student, you will need to update the school that another adult is authorized to pick up your student.

    Students who are not in class will be marked absent, and regular attendance phone calls will be made through our standard notification system. Once students leave school grounds we cannot ensure their location or their safety. Additionally, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we encourage limiting large gatherings to avoid possible spread. Please discuss with your student your family’s expectations for the day. Please reach out to your principal with any questions or concerns.

    Finally, per PPS reImagined, our district vision, we recognize that student leadership and advocacy is an important part of the educational experience:

    PPS Climate Justice Youth Advisory Group: We encourage students to join the PPS Climate Justice Youth Advisory Group, which serves to advise PPS senior leaders on the future of climate justice efforts in our school district. For details, please contact Yian Saechao, PPS’ Youth Engagement Specialist at yisaechao@pps.net.

    Climate Crisis Response Policy Survey: We also encourage your students and you to provide feedback via this survey on our emerging Climate Crisis Response Policy, a set of policy strategies the PPS Board of Education is considering to reduce PPS’ greenhouse gas emissions and build a culture of learning, responsibility, and resilience around climate justice.

    Thank you.

  • Welcome, Señor Gawronski!

    Please join me in welcoming our new Spanish teacher, Peter Gawronski.

    Mr. Gawronski comes to us with a wealth of talent, experience, education and enthusiasm. He has taught Spanish at every level from 1st grade through 3rd year college. The former owner of Gawronski Tutoring & Translating, he also speaks German, French and Japanese. When not teaching Spanish, Mr. Gawronski can be found spending time with his family, doing housework to become "inspection ready," or engaging in wholesome recreational activities.

    Please give him a warm welcome, bienvenido, youkoso, welcomen or bienvenue!


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