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    Following state guidelines on coronavirus data, PPS will stay with Comprehensive Distance Learning through the second quarter. More information

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  • Glencoe Weekly Newsletter






    PTA Meeting

    7:00-8:00 PM (See below for agenda and Zoom link)


    Dear Glencoe Families,

    It has been another busy week at Glencoe.  Lots of learning is going on in our classrooms and it is wonderful to see the relationships being built between students and teachers and students with their classmates.  It is true that it is not the same as in-person but good things are still happening.  While in classrooms, I have heard students saying, “I love you” to their teachers.  I have witnessed students showing excitement when the class is using breakout rooms so they can connect with their classmates in a different way and students smiling when teachers mention something they know about them in their everyday conversations.  

    We hosted our annual TAG parent night on Wednesday and enjoyed getting to hear from our families and answer questions they had.  If you were not able to make it I want to reshare the TAG presentation with you.  Feel free to reach out to Mrs. Davidson, our TAG Coordinator or me if you have any questions.  In addition, you can always find current information about TAG services on our TAG website https://ldavids3.wixsite.com/davidson/tag-2020.  Whether your child has been identified as TAG or not, our teachers take pride in knowing their students’ interests, hobbies and academic levels so they can best meet their needs in the classroom.  

    The strategies and skills teachers utilize to meet students’ needs may not be obvious to the untrained eye but they are happening in our classrooms all the time.  During instruction teachers may vary a task, use varying levels of complexity in their questioning, assign extensions or ask students to explain the why and how of their answers.  They plan the configuration of the small groups.  Some groups may be heterogeneous (mixed abilities) and other times they may be homogenous (abilities that fall within a certain range).  Teachers are constantly doing formative assessments with their students.  These are quick checks for understanding like reviewing student work, asking questions with different levels of complexity, asking them to show thumbs up/down to rate their knowledge of a concept, small group discussions, quizzes etc.  Whether teaching in person or in a virtual setting, Glencoe’s teachers are working together to provide purposeful instruction to meet their students’ rates and levels of learning.  Their mindful planning leads students progressing toward their grade level benchmarks.  

    This coming week is the third week of October, which means we are two thirds the way through our first quarter.  The end of the first quarter, November 5th, is when students should have submitted most to all of their assignments. At that point (if not earlier) you can expect that your child’s teacher will reach out to you to schedule a Parent-Teacher Conference to discuss your child’s level and progress of learning for the first quarter.  It is a ways away but I want to make sure you have those dates on your calendar - November 23rd & 24th. 


    Lori Clark

    Glencoe Principal 


    October 19 PTA meeting agenda - 7-8pm: 

    • Welcome and introductions
    • School bond ballot measure presentation
    • Vote on changes to standing rules
    • Approve the budget
    • Update from Principal Clark
    • Survey results and listening session

    Zoom linkhttps://us02web.zoom.us/j/86363037341?pwd=RFBBbnZkZnZORC9FQlIwL1l4NUFsQT09

    Meeting ID: 863 6303 7341
    Passcode: 918470


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