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  • News Update February 08, 2019

    (Here's a preview of the news update)
    News Update Feb 08, 2019  
  • Nominations for Peninsula School Site Council

    Click here to make a nomination to the Peninsula School Site Council

    Site Council is a group of administrators, teachers, and parents that identify ways to support the school community. By providing leadership, direction and support, we define school priorities and implement ways to improve them. At its core, Site Council is about tailoring the Peninsula experience to the specific needs of our students and our community.

    Use this form to nominate yourself or another parent or community member to Peninsula's Site Council.
    Nominations are open from February 4-14th. Voting will be from February 15th-22nd. This team will meet monthly.
    Meeting times will be scheduled after the team is assembled.
  • School Success Survey

    PPS Successful Schools Survey: Family Feedback
    (Note: Different than the school level School Climate Survey) 
    Letter from PPS Communications:
    Dear Parents/Guardians,
    Thank you so much for participating in our annual Successful Schools Family Survey. Your
    responses will help your school understand your experience and use them to set goals and
    plan for next year. The survey will cover topics on school safety, school climate, barriers to
    family engagement, and how well your school fits your student’s needs. Please be honest
    and thoughtful, and take your time to read and respond to the questions.
    Please visit the link below on a computer, tablet, or smartphone and select the school your
    child attends. If you do not have access to a computer or internet, please contact your
    school office so we can provide a way for you to take the survey. Thank you so much for
    your time and feedback!
    Encuesta Escuelas Exitosas de PPS: Comentarios de las familias
    (Nota: esta comentario es diferente del Encuesta del Clima Escolar de la Escuela Peninsula)
    De la departamento del distrito de los escuelas publicas de Portland:
    Estimados padres y encargados:
    Muchas gracias por participar en nuestra segunda encuesta a las familias “Escuelas
    Exitosas”. Sus respuestas ayudarán a su escuela a entender su experiencia y las usará para
    hacer metas y planes para el próximo año. La encuesta cubrirá temas como la seguridad y
    el ambiente escolar, las barreras a la participación de las familias y el grado en que la
    escuela cumple con las necesidades de su hijo. Deben ser honestos y reflexivos y tomar su
    tiempo para leer y contestar las preguntas.
    Por favor visite el enlace a continuación en una computadora, tableta o teléfono inteligente
    y seleccione la escuela a que asiste su hijo. Si usted no tiene acceso a una computadora o al
    internet, por favor contacte a sus oficinas escolares para proporcionarles una manera de
    tomar la encuesta. ¡Muchísimas gracias por su tiempo y sus comentarios!
  • School Climate Survey

    School Climate Survey for Peninsula Families
    Peninsula Families:
    Schools in PPS are required to define five or fewer behavioral expectations, rules, agreements or values for students. Some schools use values such as safe, respectful, responsible. The Peninsula climate team will use them to design common area expectations, teach them to students, and incorporate them into everything we do. It is important that they reflect the school community. As we design them, we would like to collect your feedback. 
    We sent paper copies home with students on Friday Feb. 1st or you can follow the link below to take it digitally. 
    Please take a moment to complete this anonymous survey on or before February 25th,
    in order to help us create values that reflect our school community. 
    Thank you- The Peninsula School Climate Team 

    Peninsula School Climate Survey for Parents 


    Encuesta del Clima Escolar-Escuela Península.

    Se requiere que todas las escuelas en nuestro Distrito definan cinco o menos de cinco expectativas de comportamiento, reglas, acuerdo de valores para los estudiantes. Algunas escuelas usan valores como seguridad, respeto y responsabilidad. Nuestro grupo del Clima Escolar usara esos términos para designar áreas comunes de expectativas, ensenarlas a los estudiantes, e incorporarlas a todo lo que hacemos. Es importante que ellas reflejen la comunidad escolar. En la medida en que las diseñamos, nos gustaría recolectar sus valoraciones. Enviamos copias con los estudiante el viernes pasado (1 de febrero). 

  • Peninsula News Update - January 10th, 2019

    It includes information on next week's Spirit Week themes, report cards, the PTA Family Dance, the Peninsula Post Office and Postcard Competition, and slight changes in the closure of Halleck and the playground gates.  
    (Here's a low quality preview...) 
     News Update 1/10/19
    Post Office  

    (una vista previa de calidad baja...)
    Noticias de la Escuela
    Oficina de correos  
  • Letter From District RE Assessment Participation

    Student assessments: Participation matters 

    Dear PPS Families, 

    Under the leadership of Superintendent Guerrero, PPS is focused on improving the quality and consistency of instruction, and on using data to inform our educational decisions. We are in the beginning stages of building the necessary systems to support our teachers and to provide core curriculum and instructional standards that we believe will lead to better student outcomes. 

    In order to focus instructional resources where they are most needed, we must have a method to determine where there are gaps in learning. This kind of information is critical for PPS to make improvements needed to raise the level of student success. The Oregon Department of Education (ODE) has adopted an effective tool to gather data about how well students are learning. The Smarter Balanced Assessments, or SBAC, is available to grades 3-8 and grade 11. The SBAC is just one tool used by PPS to gather this kind of information. PPS uses a comprehensive framework of quality assessments designed to provide data across all grades. 

    A balanced assessment system offers all students, especially historically underserved students, opportunities to demonstrate their progress. Ultimately, a balanced assessment system creates a shared understanding among educators and a more transparent process for parents to access and understand their student’s progress throughout their educational career. 

    PPS will begin administering the SBAC from February through May 2019 with a renewed focus on increasing the number of students who participate. The SBAC is an annual measure of progress that gives our teachers and administrators the ability to view growth across multiple years and against other districts, both in Oregon and nationally. 

    Ideally, students will gain specific knowledge and skills at each grade level. If SBAC results demonstrate that students are not meeting these standards, we will explore why and make the necessary adjustments for improvements at a district-wide level. In addition to providing the district with data, increasing the participation rates impacts school ratings assigned by ODE each year. ODE uses the SBAC scores to rate each school and ratings are used to determine where additional support is most needed. 

    Classroom teachers will continue to test their student’s mastery of subjects throughout the school year in order to adjust their lessons and provide additional support to students where needed. These types of assessments are most useful for short-term instructional adjustments in the classroom. 

    In Oregon, parents may choose an opt-out for their students for state assessments in math and English. Additionally, parents may exempt their students from other state assessments for reasons of student disability or religious beliefs. Additional information regarding exemptions and opt-out is available here: While PPS respects a parent’s right to request an opt-out for their student, we strongly believe the SBAC provides critical data that can be used to improve student achievement. 

    Your students’ academic success is my highest priority and I want you to have access to all of the facts before tests are administered. 


    Dr. Yvonne Curtis 

    Deputy Superintendent, Instruction and School Communities 

  • Peninsula News Archives

    Archived - English 

    December 10th, 2018 - News Update
    September 20th, 2018 - News Update  

    Archivos - En Español 

  • Order a Peninsula Yearbook

    You can now order a 2018/19 Peninsula School Yearbook.
    Yearbooks are $12 each.
    You can order via:
    Last day to order is 4/5/19
    Note: Yearbooks will be delivered to students on one of the last days of school
  • SchoolPay

    School Pay logo
    SchoolPay is an online program that allows parents, guardians and other community members to use their credit or debit card to pay for school related items. It costs nothing to use and 100% of the money goes to the school for use in only the specified way.
    Parents and Guardians who are on a student's registration and have an email address on file are already set up with an account, and have access to all of their students in one place. Buy yearbooks, pay for a field trip, donate money to the art program, or put a deposit on an instrument rental are just some of the things that you can pay for using school pay.  Have a family member or neighbor who would like to buy something. Just open the item in School Pay, send them the link and they can check out as a guest. 

    It's quick and easy to get started, just follow the instructions in the following guide. 




  • October 26th, 2018

    Dear Parents,

    Today marks the end of the first grading period.  In order for Teachers to devote thoughtful preparation to reviewing student learning thus far and preparing for parent teacher conferences, Monday has been scheduled as a Teacher Planning Day.  I want to thank you for your ongoing partnership with school staff as we devote our skills, gifts, time and energy to caring for and educating the 272 individual students enrolled in Peninsula.  Each student is a special gift to our community.

    As we embark on a new term, the teaching staff has planned a Spirit Week.  Below you will find the theme for each day:

    Monday:       Teacher Plan Day

    Tuesday:       Pajama Day

    Wednesday:  Crazy Sock Day

    Thursday:      Sports Day

    Friday:          Peninsula Spirit Day (wear blue and yellow)

    On Thursday of next week, we will celebrate the fall season during our annual Harvest Fest.  We invite all Peninsula families to join us at 5:30pm for dinner and special events.  Kara add details here.

    Lastly, as in years past, we will not be observing Halloween during the school day.  In the evening on November 1st, students who wish to dress up for the Harvest Fest may do so. Please do not include masks, full face painting or toy weapons. 

    Debbie Armendariz

    Peninsula School Principal


    Portland Public Schools



    October 24th, 2018

    Throughout the school year many organizations donate school supplies to local schools.  We have recently taken inventory of our student school supplies and found that we have more than we need of some of the supplies and some supplies that are not ones we need in the classroom. Many of these items could be useful to students in completing homework or engaging in unstructured and creative work such as writing, drawing and crafting.

    In an effort to encourage such activities, free up storage at school, and celebrate the end of the grading period, we will be conducting a school supply giveaway on Friday, October 26th during the school day. We hope that students will be able to use these materials at home starting on the non-attendance day of Monday, October 29th.  We realize that some families may prefer to store supplies for next school year.  We have already set aside items to ensure that we are able to continue providing teachers and students with ample school supplies for this year and next year.

    Below is a list of the items that will be made available to students on Friday.  We want to provide you with this list so you can have a conversation with your student about what they will be collecting and how you want them to use it at home.   If you do not wish to have your child participate in the school supply giveaway, please reach out to me or your homeroom teacher to let us know.

    Items that students can pick up to take home include:

    Backpacks (3 sizes), pencils, crayons, rulers, erasers, glue, scissors, pencil boxes, markers, and spiral notebooks.

    Debbie Armendariz, Principal

    En Español-----------

    24 de Octubre, 2018

    Queridos padres,

    A lo largo del año escolar, muchas organizaciones donan útiles escolares a las escuelas locales. Recientemente hicimos un inventario de nuestros útiles escolares para estudiantes y descubrimos que tenemos más de los útiles que necesitamos y algunos que no son los que necesitamos en el aula. Muchos de ellos podrían ser útiles para que los estudiantes completen sus tareas o se involucren en trabajos no estructurados y creativos, como escribir, dibujar y hacer manualidades.

    En un esfuerzo por fomentar tales actividades, liberar el almacenamiento en la escuela y celebrar el final del período de calificaciones, realizaremos un sorteo de útiles escolares el viernes 26 de octubre durante el día escolar. Esperamos que los estudiantes puedan usar estos materiales en el hogar a partir del día de no asistencia, lunes 29 de octubre. Nos damos cuenta de que algunas familias pueden preferir almacenar los suministros para el próximo año escolar. Ya hemos reservado artículos para garantizar que podamos continuar proporcionando a los maestros y estudiantes con útiles escolares suficientes para este año y el próximo.

    A continuación hay una lista de los artículos que estarán disponibles para los estudiantes el viernes. Queremos proporcionarle esta lista para que pueda conversar con su estudiante sobre lo que recopilarán y cómo desea que lo utilicen en casa. Si no desea que su hijo participe en el sorteo de suministros escolares, comuníquese conmigo o con su maestro de aula para informarnos.

    Los artículos que los estudiantes pueden recoger para llevar a casa incluyen:

    Mochilas (3 tamaños), lápices, creyones, reglas, gomas de borrar, pegamento, tijeras, cajas de lápices, marcadores y cuadernos espirales.


    Debbie Armendariz, Directora


     October 8th, 2018

    Today we activated the Team Response Emergency Procedure in order to support a student’s medical needs.  The student is stable.  During a Team Response, teachers close doors and hold students in their classroom while continuing to teach.  If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out via email;

    September 20th, 2018

    Dear Peninsula Community,

    We had a great turn out at Back to School night last week.  It was exciting to meet families and introduce all our school staff.  If you were not able to join us, please reach out to schedule your Parent Teacher Conference.  This year, they will be on Monday, November 19th and Tuesday, November 20th from  8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

    Safety Reminders:

      • As fall moves in, please remember to send your child to school in layers that include a water impermeable shell.
      • We conduct a monthly fire drill.  Please consider talking to your child about fire safety and develop a family evacuation plan for your home inclusive of a meet-up spot.   
      • In September we will also conduct a LOCKDOWN! LOCK, LIGHTS, OUT OF SIGHT drill.  During this type of drill, students will move out of sight and remain silent.  Teachers will make sure that classroom doors are closed and locked.  They will cover windows and turn lights out.  They will maintain silence, take attendance and wait for first responders.  The purpose of this drill is to prepare for the unlikely event that there is danger inside the school building. 

    If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  You can usually catch me before or after school or by email at

    Principal Armendariz


    En Español------------ 

    20 de septiembre, 2018

    Estimada Comunidad de  Península,

    Tuvimos una gran asistencia en la noche de Regreso a Clases la semana pasada. Fue emocionante conocer a las familias e introducir a todo el personal de nuestra escuela. Si no pudo venir, comuníquese con nosotros para programar su Conferencia de padres y maestros. Este año, serán el lunes 19 de noviembre y el martes 20 de noviembre de 8:00 am a las 8:00 pm.

    Recordatorios de seguridad:

    • A medida que avanza el otoño, recuerde enviar a su hijo a la escuela con capas que incluyan un  forro impermeable.
    • Llevamos a cabo un simulacro de incendio mensual. Considere hablar con sus hijos sobre la seguridad contra incendios y desarrolle un plan de evacuación familiar para su hogar, que incluya un lugar para reunirse.
    • ¡En septiembre también conduciremos un   simulacro de CIERRE TOTAL, NO LUCES, COLOCARNOS  FUERA DEL ALCANCE VISUAL . Durante este tipo de simulacro, los estudiantes se mantendrán fuera del alcance visual  y permanecerán en silencio. Los maestros se asegurarán de que las puertas de las aulas estén cerradas y selladas. Cubrirán las ventanas y apagarán las luces. Se entenderán silencio,  y esperarán hasta que el simulacro haya pasado. El propósito de este simulacro es prepararse para el caso de que haya peligro dentro del edificio de la escuela.

    Si tiene alguna pregunta o comentario, no dude en comunicarse. Por lo general, puede verme antes o después de la escuela o por correo electrónico a

    Directora Armendariz.


    August 2018

    A message to Peninsula community from your new principal, Debbie Armendariz

    Dear Peninsula School Community,
    I am honored to have been selected to serve this community. It was a great pleasure to meet the faculty and parents who were able to join me and Senior Director, Oscar Gilson, this week. It is evident that the school community is made up of thoughtful, caring people who want students to reach their maximum potential. I am eager to learn more about the great work that has been accomplished at Peninsula and hear about your hopes for an ever brighter future.

    I encourage you to drop by the office so I can meet you or you may email me at I’ll be out on vacation the week of July 30, but I’ll be in the office before and after that.

    In the coming weeks and as we return from summer vacation, I hope to begin establishing relationships with each of you.  I will be asking staff members to share their perspectives including ideas on three guiding questions:

    What is working well at Peninsula?
    What could use a fresh approach?
    What supports do you need from me?

    Community members and staff can also use the google form at this link (English form, Spanish form) to share perspectives on these three questions and other items.

    In an effort to accelerate our getting to know each other, I am including some information about myself, my beliefs and values. I look forward to meeting each of you, supporting this vibrant school community and getting to know our students.
    A little about me:

    I am the mother of two adolescents who attend PPS schools.  I am the daughter of a teacher and the wife and sister to PPS elementary school teachers who have each served as union representatives in their schools.  I believe in strong teacher collaboration and participation in school leadership. I value educators time, experience and input.

    I believe that raising children and educating them to consume and communicate information and ideas, problem solve and question the status quo is sacred and important work foundational to our democratic society.  I believe that we do not yet live in a just society and that our personal and national histories impacts our views of the world and our access to opportunity. As a school leader, I work to provide greater access to opportunities for growth, development and achievement to students, parents and staff.  
    I believe in the sociocultural theory of learning that states that we must

    • Hold high expectations for students
    • Sustain academic rigor
    • Help students think about their thinking
    • Engage students and teachers in quality interactions
    • Sustain a language focus
    • Develop a quality curriculum

    I believe that students who challenge us the most, can teach us the most.  I value practices that support the inclusion of all students into a rich school life.  As a school leader, I strive to stay open to outcome and present in the moment. I seek to understand before being heard and work to stay curious about perspectives different from my own.  

    I believe that I am not always at my best and I sometimes come short of my aspirations for myself.  I believe that I need grace for myself and others so I try to make a habit of offering and asking for grace.  I am convinced that together we are more than the sum of our parts and can make a significant and lasting impact in our community.  I look forward to meeting each of you, learning about you and from you.

    In service to students,

    Debbie Armendariz
    Principal, Peninsula School

    Estimada Comunidad de la Escuela Peninsula,

    Es un honor haber sido seleccionada para servir esta comunidad. Fue un gran placer conocer a los profesores y padres que pudieron reunirse conmigo y con el Director Principal, Oscar Gilson, esta semana. Es evidente que la comunidad escolar esmera comprometida  y atenta a que los estudiantes alcancen su potencial máximo.

    Anhelo aprender más sobre el gran trabajo que se ha logrado en Peninsula y escuchar sus esperanzas de un futuro cada vez más brillante. Los invito que pasen por la oficina para que pueda conocerlos o pueden contactarme vía un correo electrónico a

    La semana del 30 de julio saldré de vacaciones, pero estaré en la oficina antes y después.

    En las próximas semanas y cuando regresemos de las vacaciones de verano, espero comenzar a entablar relaciones  con cada uno de ustedes. Les pediré a los miembros del equipo que compartan sus perspectivas, incluyendo ideas sobre tres preguntas orientadoras:

    ¿Qué funciona bien en Peninsula?
    ¿Qué podría ser un enfoque nuevo?
    ¿Qué apoyo necesitas de mí?

    Los miembros de la comunidad y el personal también pueden usar el formulario de google en este enlace (en inglés, en español) para compartir sus perspectivas sobre estas tres preguntas y otras ideas.

    En un esfuerzo por acelerar el proceso de conocernos, incluyo información sobre mí, mis creencias y valores. Espero conocer a cada uno de ustedes, apoyar a esta vibrante comunidad escolar y conocer a nuestros estudiantes.

    Un poco sobre mí:

    Soy madre de dos adolescentes que asisten a las escuelas de PPS. Soy la hija de una maestra y la esposa y hermana de maestros de escuela primaria de PPS que han servido como representantes sindicales en sus escuelas. Creo en la fuerte colaboración de los maestros y participación en el liderazgo escolar. Valoro el tiempo, la experiencia y el aporte de los educadores.

    Creo que criar a los hijos y educarlos para ser consumidores y comunicadores de información e ideas, para resolver problemas y para cuestionar el status quo es un trabajo sagrado e importante que es fundamental para nuestra sociedad democrática. Creo que todavía no vivimos en una sociedad justa y que nuestra historia personal y nacional afecta nuestro punto de vista sobre el mundo y nuestro acceso a las oportunidades. Como líder de una escuela, mi trabajo se dirige en proporcionar un mayor acceso a las oportunidades de crecimiento, desarrollo y logros para los estudiantes, los padres y el personal.

    Creo en la teoría sociocultural del aprendizaje que afirma que debemos:

    • Mantener expectativas altas para los estudiantes
    • Mantener el rigor académico
    • Ayudar a los estudiantes a reflexionar sobre su pensar
    • Involucrar a los estudiantes y profesores en interacciones de calidad
    • Mantener un enfoque de lenguaje
    • Desarrollar un currículo de calidad

    Creo que los estudiantes que más nos desafían pueden enseñarnos más. Valoro las prácticas que apoyan la inclusión de todos los estudiantes en una vida escolar rica. Como líder de la escuela, me esfuerzo por mantenerme abierta al resultado y presentarme en el momento. Intento escuchar antes de ser escuchada y fomentar la curiosidad sobre las perspectivas diferentes a la mía.

    Creo que a veces no llego a mis propias metas  y, en esos momentos, no estoy a la altura de mis aspiraciones. Creo que necesito la gracia para mí y para los demás, y por eso intento crear el hábito de ofrecer y pedir gracia. Estoy convencida de que juntos somos más que la suma de nuestras partes y podemos tener un impacto significativo y duradero en nuestra comunidad. Espero conocer a cada uno de ustedes, aprendiendo de ustedes, sobre ustedes.

    Al servicio de los estudiantes,

    Debbie Armendariz
    Directora Escuela Peninsula



District News

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  • Board approves school calendar for 2019-20

    Español| Tiếng Việt| 中文| Русский| Soomaali

    The 2019-20 school year in Portland Public Schools will begin on Wednesday, Aug. 28, and end (barring weather makeup days) on Friday, June 5.

    That became official Tuesday night when the PPS Board of Education passed Resolution 5821, which approved Superintendent Guadalupe Guerrero’s proposed 2019-20 school calendar. The calendar was presented to the Board at its Jan. 15 meeting, with public input invited in the period before Tuesday’s final Board vote.

  • PPS Pulse: February 12, 2019

    In this week's PPS Pulse: Deadline coming for students to be immunized; Jefferson students discuss Black History Month

  • PPS Families: Help us improve school culture and climate by taking Successful Schools Survey

    Español| Tiếng Việt| 中文| Русский| Soomaali

    If you are the parent or guardian of a Portland Public Schools student, ask yourself: How is the educational climate at the school? Portland Public Schools is looking for answers to this and other key questions from family members of PPS students as part of the Successful Schools Survey. Students in grades 5, 7 and 10 also are being surveyed, and school-based staff will participate starting Feb. 19.

  • Key date for immunizations is coming up

    Español| Tiếng Việt| 中文| Русский| Soomaali

    The recent outbreak of measles serves as a reminder about immunizations, with an important deadline coming up.

    Students in Portland Public Schools who have not gotten all of their required immunizations face a Wednesday, Feb. 20 deadline. That is the “exclusion date” set by the state for 2019, when any student who is not fully immunized may be barred from attending classes or district-provided child care.


Peninsula Calendar

View Calendar


    Drop-off and Pick-up


    Morning Drop-Off

    7:45am:  Breakfast doors open (breakfast served)*

    7:55am:  Teachers pick students up from the cafeteria

    8:00am: Tardy Bell (students must be in class at this time)

    8:00am (and later): Students are tardy and must report to the office

    • All students will enter the set of double doors south of the cafeteria doors (to the left if you are looking at the cafeteria doors).  Students will go through the cafeteria line for breakfast.  Even if students are not eating school breakfast, they should enter through these doors and wait for their teacher to pick them up at their class' table. 

    Afternoon Pick-up

    2:15pm:  Dismissal

    • Kindergarten students are picked up on the northwest end of the school outside of their classrooms on the playground. 
    • Grades 1 and 2 are dismissed on the front porch.
    • Grades 3-5 will be dismissed in front of the school from the door on the south side of the cafeteria. Teachers will walk students out and students who walk home can do so. 

    There will be no late opening days for the 2018/19 school year.  


    School Office Hours 

    Monday - Thursday:     7:30 am - 3:30 pm

    Friday:                          7:30 am - 3:00 pm


    Parking and Driving

    The portion of N. Emerald Avenue between Halleck and Kilpatrick will be closed at pick-up and drop-off. We ask that N. Halleck be used as a one way (eastbound) at drop off and pick up.  

    To help reduce traffic and increase health and safety, if possible, please park a block or two away from the school and walk.

    Click the link to view a Peninsula Drop-off and Pick-up Traffic Map

    Registration Verifications

    Look for a verification form to be sent home with your student in the first weeks of school. It is very important that this form be looked over, any updates made, signed and returned to the school. This confirms your student's rollover enrollment in our school as well as ensures that we have the most up to date contact and emergency information for each student.  

    Volunteer Background Checks

    PPS requires all volunteers to submit to a background check. Once approved, it is good for 3 years. If you are new to PPS or it’s been a while since you were approved go here to complete a new one. It only takes a few minutes to submit the request, however, it can take 3-4 weeks to process at the beginning of the year, so the sooner the better. You will be notified of its completion via email.

    Lunch Boxes

    Free and Reduced Lunch

    One Free and reduced lunch application need to be completed per family, per year. The application must be processed and approved prior to students receiving lunch at a reduced cost. If the student is not approved before the first day of school they will have to pay full price until it has been approved (approve is not retroactive). Submitting the application early can help to ensure that you won’t end up with an unexpected lunch balance. 

    Free and Reduced Lunch forms are found at SCHOOLCAFE.COM You will need your student's ID number to complete the paperwork. If the student is a returning Portland Public Schools student their ID number can be found on their report card or in ParentVue. If the student is new to Portland Public Schools, you can get an ID number form the school office.

    *Please note that if you have students at schools where lunch is free for all students, you still need to apply for students attending Peninsula. 

    School Lunch Accounts

    You can add money to a student's school lunch account at SCHOOLCAFE.COM You will need your student's ID number to complete the paperwork. If the student has already attended Portland Public Schools, their ID number can be found on their report card (or other district communication). If the student is new to Portland Public Schools, you can get an ID number form the school office.


    SchoolPay is an easy way for parents to pay for school-related items from home- no more searching for cash and hoping your child turns it in! It is an online program that allows parents, guardians and other community members to use their credit or debit card to pay for school-related items. It costs nothing to use (no service fees) and 100% of the money goes to the school for use in only the specified way.

    All parents and guardians with an email address on file already have a SchoolPay account created for them and all of their connected students at a PPS school are under the same account. To get started go to password recovery and reset your password. 
    Buy yearbooks, pay for a field trip, donate money to an arts program, or put a deposit on an instrument rental are just some of the things that you can pay for using school pay.  Have a family member or neighbor who would like to make a donation or a purchase? Just open the item in School Pay, send them the link and they can check out as a guest. 

    Click here for a SchoolPay Guide. 



    ParentVue is a website that offers secure, private access to school and student inforamtion, including class assignments, attendance, emergency contacts on file, the school calendar, and teacher contact details. Parents and guardians can see information for all of their students who attend Portland Public Schools in one place. At the Middle School and High School levels student's assignments and classes grades are also available in ParentVue. 

    Click on the following link to get started using ParentVue. Each parent or guardian will need an Activation key (that is linked to the email address that is on file).  The school secretary can supply the activation key. Note: if you are calling the school for the activation key, you must call from a phone number on file.

    ParentVue start up information


    Each student also has an account to access the student version of this website, called StudentVue.


    Suggested Supply List

     Upload your photos for the yearbook here

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