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  • Dear Ockley Green Families and Community,                                         February 12, 2018


    I want to thank all of the family members who attended the PTA meeting on Thursday night.  It is a dynamic group, intent on continuing to support our students, staff and larger OG community via their fundraising efforts and contributions to events such as Teacher Appreciation Week.  We could not be the school we are without them.

    Did you know the PTA raised enough money to give every teacher a $125 mini-grant this year?  They also provided our librarian with enough funds to purchase sets of books that our students would not have been able to have without the PTA funds.  Our PTA supports field trips, school dances and funds the entire 8th grade graduation. As you can see, our PTA is an amazing team of hard-working parents.  Please contact Doris Tamoro, our PTA President, to find out more about the PTA.  We would like to grow the membership with the talents of other OG families.  Doris’ email is: dtamoro@gmail.com Thank you to Doris and the OG PTA.  

    With the start of second semester underway the calendar fills up fast.  Please keep an eye out for emails, newsletters and other updates and be sure to call the OG office or email teachers when you have questions about upcoming events.

    Have a wonderful week,


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  • OG's Cell Phone and Electronic Devices Policy

    OG’s Cell Phone and Electronic Devices Policy

     All cellphones/devices (ex. headphones)  are the responsibility of the student, not the school. Students are expected to put these devices away upon entering the school. Prior to 3:45 pm, students are not to have devices out in school. No devices are to be used during class, in the hallways or during lunch or recess. If you need to contact family members, please do so from the office phone.

     Non-approved usage will result in:

    1. Giving a warning
    2. Taking the device for the remainder of the day and involving parents
    3. Requiring that the device be secured daily in the main office upon the student’s arrival to school        

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