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    August 15, 2017

    Dear Roseway Heights Students and Families,


    Welcome Back to Roseway!  I couldn’t be more excited to start this new year.  Once again we are poised to have a great year filled with powerful learning, amazing opportunities, and a strong community.  Also, once again, we are entering the year of two minds--the one is that we must deliver on our promise to be the best K-8 school in the city for ALL of our students, not just those that have historically succeeded, and the second is that we must also prepare for the uncertainty of the delayed reconfiguration.  As we did last year, we must be present to what we have right now and also be looking at the impact of shifting the K-5 program away from this building and making this the flagship Middle School it deserves to be.  No doubt there are stressful times ahead, but I know this community is stronger when we work together on behalf of all the students in our cluster.  Now for some details:


    The first day of school for students in grades 1-8 is Wednesday, August 30th.  Kindergarten classes will begin on Tuesday, September 5.  We will contact all Kindergarten families to schedule a meeting with the Kindergarten team for teacher placement during the week before you start.  There is a Kindergarten open house Monday August 28th at 4:30--please come by and see us!


    Again this year school begins promptly at 8 am, and the building is open starting at 7:50.  We open at 7:40 for Breakfast eaters only.  Those students will need to enter the building on the south side, by the playground, as they then can walk into the cafeteria directly.  The rest of the students will need to wait outside either the west doors or the main entrance on the north side of the building until the doors open at the bell at 7:50.  We cannot provide supervision for students before 7:50.  Please DO NOT drop students off early, as they will not be allowed into the building, except to eat breakfast, until the bell rings at 7:50.  We are asking that you understand the time before the first bell rings is very important time for the teachers to prepare to teach your children each day, and so we should work to protect their time.  


    This year there is a shift in the end time for MIDDLE SCHOOL ONLY.  School ends at 2:15 for K-5 students, 2:30 for Middle School. We ask that you arrive on time to pick up your student as our teachers need to get ready for the next day!  Also, we ask that you wait near the entrances of the building, NOT in the hallways, until the bell rings, so that our classrooms can remain places of learning right up to the end of the day.


    For Middle School students, there are some of other changes. In order to follow the board policy, we have added 15 instructional minutes to the end of the school day.  The new schedule begins at 8, as it has, but the classes now end at 2:30.  We have also added an extra period to each day, instead of having an A/B alternating schedule for enrichments.  All Middle School students will have 6 periods every day--2 enrichments and 4 core classes (Math, Science, LA/SS block)  Each class period will be 55 minutes with 5 minute passing periods.  The new schedule is below:


























    Your child will bring home a Welcome Back packet on the first day of school. This will contain important information about school procedures and activities as well as forms you will need to complete and return.  


    My email address is and Mr. Johnson is  We sincerely look forward to working closely with you to provide a rich educational experience for each of our students.


    Jeremy Cohen


    Roseway Heights K-8


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