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Meet Students' Individual Needs.

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    Bright Spots and Celebrations

    We have begun holding award assemblies for the Middle/High School

    side at Pioneer.

    We hope to hold award assemblies on the Elementary school side in

    the near future.


    Last Friday, our students received awards for a myriad of items.

    We want to celebrate those recipients in our section below.

    Congratulations to all of our participants for their hard work and

    their growth during this school year.


    Award Recipients:

    Colin McCue received an award for being respectful to his

    peers and teachers.

    Cael Wallack received an award for being responsible.

    Kaynione Russell received an award for demonstrating

    expected behaviors

    Kendrick Anderson was Mr. Wellington's Student of the



    Congratulations to all of the students listed above and

    we look forward to listing many, many more.

    Hispanic Heritage Month

    At Pioneer, from 9/15 - 10/15 we have celebrated Hispanic Heritage month. The students on the Youngson side created a wonderful mural

    to honor the Hispanic peoples' history.

    Beginning November 1st, we will be celebrating Native American Heritage month.

    We look forward to sharing with you what the equity team creates to celebrate

    the history of Native Americans.


    Costumer Questions: Answered

    Any family that is interested in their child wearing a costume on

    Monday 10/31 is welcome to do so. However, there are some

    guidelines that we would like to put in place.

    Please ensure that the selected costume:

    • Adheres to the school dress guidelines and is school appropriate
    • Has no blood or gore
    • Is not scary
    • Does not include props, any props brought to school will be

                                      stored for students until the end of the day.

    Thank you all so much!

    Parent/Teacher Conferences

    Teachers will be reaching out to you to schedule a time for you to

    attend parent/teacher conferences. If interested, please feel free

    to reach out to the main office at 503-916-6506.

    New Curriculum

    We have received new curriculum from the district for all grade levels.

    For elementary school students we have received a Wits and Wisdom

    curriculum for English Language Arts and the iReady curriculum for math.


    For Middle School Students we will be utilizing Midschool Math for

    math and HMH Intro to Literature for English Language Arts.


    For High School Students we will be utilizing HMH Intro to Literature

    for English Language Arts and McGraw Hill: Illustrative Mathematics

    for math instruction.


    For all grade levels and all subjects we have also been given the

    TeachTown curriculum to utilize for students with severe to profound

    disabilities, as well as targeted interventions.

    We are ecstatic to have these new curricula at the ready.

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