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  • Principal's Newsletter September 16. 2019

    Jill Bailey
    Office: 503/916-6308 E-mail:
                                                                                                                                        September 16, 2019
    Dear Maplewood Families,
    The best news ever! Modesty is back with Maplewood and your children as of TODAY!! Thank You all for the phenomenal support you all provided for keeping Modesty. I know that the Maplewood Foundation will be providing updates to the EA Campaign Drive soon. Modesty is back Monday through Friday 8:00-11:45.
    We had a very soggy Community Care Day yesterday. I am grateful to the families that came out in the pouring rain and helped spruce up our campus!
    You may have also noticed that the field has been hydro seeded which means we cannot have students on it for four to six weeks and depending on how wet it is we may need to keep them off the field longer. Please help us get our fields green by encouraging students to stay off the area until we have the grass back.
    In addition to the hydro seeding, the finishing work is happening this week on the modular classrooms. We will have Ms. Lanes fourth grade class in their new classroom by Monday, September 23rd and Ms. Whitney’s class also will be in their bigger space by Monday.
    In the month of September, as a school we have a strong focus on reviewing expectations and teaching routines. You may have noticed our Maplewood Expectations posted in the hallways and around the school.
    We have three school-wide expectations for our students:
     Be safe
     Be kind
     Be responsible
    As teachers send information home about their classrooms, please discuss with your child and reinforce the importance of following school rules. A part of our school wide expectations is school staff acknowledging students who are showing our school's expectations of BE SAFE, BE KIND, and BE RESPONSIBLE. You may find that your student will have a maple leaf to bring home. These are bright orange and have a maple leaf printed on them with our school's expectations. If your student brings one home, be sure to ask them about what it was they were doing and use that opportunity to reinforce and acknowledge their good behavior. GO MAPLEWOOD!
    Back to School Night:
    The teachers and I are excited to see all of you at our Back to School Night this Thursday the 19th of September. Picnic on the grounds will be suspended for this year due to the state of our field and playground.
    TAG Meeting in the Library at 5:30. 
    TAG Presentation: For parents who are thinking about a referral for their child to Talented and Gifted, come join us for a presentation in the library starting at 5:30 p.m. 
    Class rooms open at 6 PM!
    Reminders about Arrival and Dismissal:
    Students may arrive at 7:55 a.m. when the first bell rings, (There will be no supervision until 7:53). All students need to be in their classroom by 8:00 a.m. Students will be dismissed at 2:15.
    If your child arrives late to school, please make sure to check in at the office, so you do not get an automated call that your child is not at school. We ask that parents not walk students to class if they check in late; office staff are happy to help your child(ren) if they need assistance. We are really trying to limit the number of adults we have in the building while classes are in session.
    If you are dropping something off for your child during the school day, please bring it to the office.
    We will call the classroom to let the students teacher know and they will send the child to pick it up when it is a good time in class that does not disturb learning.
    Thank you all for keeping the sidewalk and driveway clear as our teachers lead their students out of the building, to the buses and onto the student pick-up areas where you can meet your child.
     Kindergarten Pick-Up is up the driveway near the dumpster area.
     1st, 2nd, 3rd Grade Pick-Up is along the blacktop near the trees.
     4th and 5th Grade Pick-Up is up on the black top in front of their portable.
    Speed Limit : 
    A reminder regarding traffic before and after school Safety is a must!
    Please be aware of your speed when driving through our neighborhoods, drive slowly, have patience and be thoughtful of other drivers, pedestrians and buses. If you are dropping your children off, please do not park in the spaces near the buses. Thank you for helping us with this.
    Please pull all the way forward to the drop off area if you are driving your child to school.
    We have had some parents dropping off near Maplewood Coffee, since there are no sidewalks it is not safe for students to be walking along the road with heavy morning traffic.
    Bus Riders :
    If your child rides a bus, please remind them the importance of listening to the bus driver and following his or her directions. Here are basic rules to share with your child:
     Follow the driver’s directions the first time they are given.
     Keep hands, feet, books and objects to yourself.
     Stay in your seat while the bus if moving
     Keep voices at a conversational level
    School Lunches :
    To see our daily Lunch Menu or to apply online for Free and Reduced Meals Application, For Online Meal Payments, please visit:
    PE Reminders:
    - Make sure to find out your child’s PE days and make sure they’re dressed appropriately. - Wear sneakers! Safety first- No sandals, boots, or anything with a heel;
    - Wear good PE clothing: Easy to move in, won’t get too hot, and wear shorts or leggings under dresses!
    Maplewood Reading Friends - Reading Friends will begin again soon. Look for more information in future newsletters.
    It’s Getting COLD and Wet - Time to Bundle Up:
    Please have your children dress in layers as the weather gets colder and wetter. We want to be able to get students outside for fresh air breaks and recess as often as possible.
    Also, remember to label you children’s coats with their name. We donate bags of unclaimed/lost items every year to the PPS clothing center due to unlabeled items. Most days we will be outside for recess even on rainy days so please send your child with appropriate shoes and coats, hats, etc.
    After 23 years of clipping, Box Tops will now be earned digitally by scanning your store receipt and adding to Maplewood's earnings online. Simply download the Box Tops app, select Maplewood Elementary, scan your receipt, and earnings are applied to the Maplewood Elementary account. Funds are applied to curriculum items such as Chromebooks, books, Type to Learn, and MobyMax. Thank you for helping our school!
    Upcoming events/dates:
    9/19 Back To School Night
    10/11 No School In Service Day
    10/11 Carnival
    10/17 Picture Day
    After School Classes:
    Basketball grades 3rd-5th effective: 9/23 - 5/18 in the Gym
    Youth Soccer effective on 9/16-11/18 lower field
    Watercolor for kids 9/16 – 10/21 room 101 
    Coding with Kids KG-2nd 9/30-12/16 room 102
    Kids Yoga – Tuesdays effective on 9/24-5/26 on the stage
    Girl Scouts effective in October on 10/15, two times a month every month thereafter room 102
    Coding with Kids grades 3-5 Room 106 effective on 10/2-12/11
    Basketball grades KG-2nd effective on 9/18 - 5/27 in the Gym
    Drama effective on 10/9 – 12/11 in room 110
    Clay Art, effective 10/31-12/19, room 113
    Tennis – Gym
    Math Gamers - 102
    Tennis – Gym Starting in October

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