• Rose City Park will be closed beginning June 21 and will reopen August 16!

    If you need to register your student, please head to the

    Enrollment and Transfer Office at the PPS District Office: 

    501 N. Dixon St

    Portland, OR 97227

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Rose City Park Elementary School

Một cộng đồng học tập và cùng nhau phát triển
A Community Learning and Growing Together

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Rose City Park News

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  • Supply Lists for 2019-20 school year!

    2019 - 2020 School Supply Lists are ready!
    Check here for each grade! 
  • Starting Kindergarten at Rose City Park in September?

    Starting Kindergarten in September 2019 at Rose City Park? 
    Please bring in your registration into the main office as soon as possible! 
    Here are all the items we need:

    At the time of registration, you will be asked to provide the following documentation:

    • Immunization Records
      Oregon law requires all students enrolling for school to show evidence that they have received immunization against the following diseases: Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis (whooping cough), Polio, Varicella (chickenpox), Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis A, and Hib (Haemophilus influenzaetype B) for children under 5 years of age, or that they have an approved exemption.  Please download and complete the Oregon Certificate of Immunization and bring it with your enrollment forms. 

      Information on the Vaccine Requirements by grade level can be found on the Multnomah Education Service District Immunization website.

    • Vision and Dental Screening
      Oregon law requires every child who is seven (7) years of age or younger to have dental and vision screenings before entering school for the first time, so you will need to complete this form before the start of school.
      English | Chinese | Russian | Somali | Spanish | Vietnamese

    • Proof of Age
      Proof of age for the student includes a birth certificate, baptismal certificate, passport, other similar document. Your child is eligible for kindergarten if he/she is five year's old on or before September 1 of the enrolling school year.

    • Proof of Residency
      Two original documents as proof of residency are required for registration. These documents must be dated within the last 30 days and reflect the home address of the parent/guardian and student.
      • Financial Documents (bank statement, credit card bill, pay stub)
      • Utility Bills (phone, electric, natural gas, water)
      • Government Documents (Social Security, Unemployment Insurance, WIC, Oregon Health Plan). We do not accept driver’s license as proof of residency.
      • Insurance (home, rental, health or car)
      • Real Estate Documents (mortgage, rental, lease agreement)
      • Note: A driver's license is not an acceptable proof of residency
      If you cannot provide two proofs of residency or you are not the legal parent/guardian of the student, please contact the Enrollment and Transfer Center at 503-916-3205.

    • Contact Information
      Bring contact information from your student's previous school, if applicable.

    • Registration Form
      In addition to the above requirements, complete the new student registration form.

    Complete the Registration Process 
    Bring the requested documentation and completed registration form to your neighborhood or approved transfer school to complete the registration process. For privacy purposes, do not send documents by fax, email, or postal services. Bring documents with you at the time of registration. You may use this checklist for reference: 
    Kindergarten Registration Checklist (PDF)
    Kindergarten Registration Checklist (Doc)

    EspañolTiếng Việt中文РусскийSoomaali

  • 2019-20 PPS School Year Calendar

    PPS 19-20 calendar
    First day of school for 1st to 5th grade: August 28, 2019 
    First day of of school for kindergarten: September 3, 2019 
  • Connect to Kindergarten!

    Connect to Kindergarten

    February 12th - 6:00pm-7:30pm. Limited childcare and Vietnamese interpreter.
    February 21st - 6:00pm-7:30pm. Adults only please. 
    Connect to Kindergarten is an opportunity for your family to learn about your school and its kindergarten program. You will meet staff and parents, learn about the curriculum and classroom routines, and register your child for school.
    Find out more information here. 
  • Volunteer Background Check

    Don't forget to fill out your background check for volunteering and field trips!
    Follow the steps in the yellow highlighted link here. If your student is going to be at a different school next year, don't forget to add that school!
  • Oregon Battle of the Books!


    Calling all RCP Readers in Grades 3 – 5 who seek a literary adventure!

    Join the epic Battle of the Books for the 2018-2019 school year.

    The Oregon Battle of the Books is an exciting tournament of reading. Students will form teams and among them, they will read from a list of 16 OBOB books. The tournament will begin in January, 2019 at RCP. Battles will be held until only one team remains in the field!

    The team that wins the title of Champion of the Books will then move on to compete against other schools in Multnomah County at Regionals.

    May the best team become Champion of the Books!

    • You may pick your own team of 4-5 players. If you can’t find a team, sign up anyway, and we’ll help you.
    • Each student must read at least 6 of the 16 books. The more you read, the stronger your team!
    • Each team will have a Parent Coach. If you have a team but cannot find a coach, we’ll help you!
    • All teams will battle at least twice in the preliminary round, with any luck we’ll convince your teachers and principal to form a team and you can battle them (ah ha ha!)
    • If you wish to join this amazing adventure, fill out the form below and/or pick up the contract/team form from your teacher. Forms are due on Nov. 15th!
    • Questions? Need more info? Contact monika@hipcooks.com

    Both Students & parents must sign a contract to join & register a team—No Exceptions!

    Invitation to Participate
    Student-Parent Contract
    Team Registration Form
    Volunteer and Donation Opportunity

    Check the calendar for OBOB battle dates!

  • Upcoming Events

    Ngày 16 tháng 8, 2018

    Xin chào gia đình Rose City và các bạn,

    Một tuần trôi qua rất bận rộn tại trường học! Việc chuẩn bị và sửa chữa trường đang trong giai đoạn cuối cùng. Chúng tôi đã có nhiều nhân viên làm việc trong tuần này để thiết lập các lớp học và các văn phòng.

    Dưới đây là một số thông tin về một số sự kiện sắp tới:

    • Ngày Chăm sóc cộng đồng: Chúng tôi đang lên kế hoạch cho Thứ Bảy ngày 29 tháng chín
    • Kem đá trong công viên: Chủ Nhật ngày 19 tháng 8 tại sân chơi trường Rose City Park cho lớp 4 và lớp 5 từ 6:00-7:30 tối
    • Mẫu giáo định hướng: Thứ Năm ngày 23 tháng 8 lúc 5:30 chiều
      • Hãy đến gặp gỡ nhóm mẫu giáo và đăng ký để kiểm tra trình độ các em
    • Tham quan trường: Thứ Năm ngày 23 tháng 8 từ 5:30-6:00 tối
      • Bạn và gia đình của bạn được chào đón để tham quan các không gian chung của trường. Rất tiếc thời gian này các lớp học sẽ không sẵn sàng cho việc tham quan.
    • Ngày tụ trường cho lớp 1-5: Thứ Hai ngày 27 tháng 8 lúc 8:00 sáng
    • Ngày tụ trường cho lớp mẫu giáo: Thứ Năm ngày 30 tháng 8 lúc 8:00 sáng
    • Ngày khai trương trường và picnic: Thứ Năm ngày 30 tháng 8 lúc 5:30 chiều đến 7:00 tối
      • Đây là lễ khai trương chính thức của trường chúng tôi!  Gặp gỡ chúng tôi tại mặt trước của trường (đường 57th) cho buổi lễ và sau đó chúng ta sẽ Picnic với nhau tại sân chơi đàng sau của trường. Chúng tôi sẽ cung cấp thức ăn, bạn mang theo chăn. mền…

    Chúng tôi rất vui mừng để gặp bạn!

    Trân trọng,

    Jeremy Cohen                    Anh Nguyễn-Johnson
    Hiệu Trưởng                       Trợ lý chính Hiệu Trưởng


    August 16, 2018


    Hello Rose City Families and Friends,

     It has been a very busy week at school! The building is in the last stages of preparation and we have had many staff working this week to set-up their classrooms and workspaces.

     Here is some information on some upcoming events:

    • Community Care Day: RCP is NOT doing it this weekend. We are scheduled for Saturday, September 29
    • Popsicles in the Park: Sunday, August 19 at Rose City Park School playground for Grades 4 and 5 from 6:00-7:30pm
    • Kindergarten Orientation: Thursday, August 23 at 5:30pm
      • Come meet the Kindergarten team and sign-up for the Kinder Assessment
    • School Walkthrough: Thursday, August 23 from 5:30pm-6:00pm
      • You and your family are welcome to walkthrough the common spaces of the school. We are still getting the classrooms ready so they will not be available during the walkthrough.
    • First Day of School for Grades 1-5: Monday, August 27 at 8:00am
    • First Day of School for Kindergarten: Thursday, August 30 at 8:00am
    • Rose City Park School Grand Opening & Family Picnic: Thursday, August 30 from 5:30pm- 7:00pm
      • This is the official Grand Opening celebration of our school!  Meet us at the "front" of the school (57th) for a ceremony and then we will picnic together on the back play area!

    We’ll bring the food, you bring the blanket...

    We are so excited to see you!


    Jeremy Cohen                     Anh Nguyen-Johnson
    Principal                                 Assistant Principal

  • Rose City Park: Kinder Connect Slides

    Here are the slide shows from Kindergarten Connect:
  • Rose City Park Frequently Asked Questions

    Check out the new FAQ from Principal Cohen.
  • Are you a Beverly Cleary family headed to Rose City Park next year?

     Invite image
    Come meet your new principal, Jeremy Cohen!

    Friday, February 23, 9-10 a.m.
    Fernwood Campus of Beverly Cleary School
    1915 NE 33rd Avenue

Principal's Message

  • (archives of older messages)

    Principal’s Message 7/10/18

    July 10, 2018


    Hello Rose City, let's circle up!                                                                                    

    I want to welcome everyone to our new website, our new school, our new configuration and some of our new folks--both staff and students!  I am calling this writing “Cohen’s Circle” because I want to draw on the powerful image and history of community circles as places where people come to share success, problem solve, study and create relationships.  Ancient cultures around the world have sat in a circle and many continue to practice versions of circling up.

    In the final weeks of the last school year our leadership team met to create some of the underlying ideas and practices that will guide our school and at the center of that process was the community circle.  As a community that puts great value in relationship, restorative practices, collaborative problem solving and team generated solutions it is important that we recognize the circle as a tool to make all members valuable, seen and on even ground.  As I type this message, the vast majority of our staff are taking a course from Mindful Schools on creating a mindful practice, which is the first course towards bringing mindful practices into the classroom.  When we start this new school year, we will have a staff ready to take care of students by making sure they are taking care of themselves as well.  Our social-emotional curriculum is consistent with circle practices and mindfulness, and our overall approach to engaging our students, families and community is through relationship building--both literally and metaphorically circling up. 

    Right now there are crews inside Rose City Park working to get the school ready for the new year--moving walls, adding class space, updating bathrooms, abating hazards.  If all goes well we will have a “new” old building to welcome in the year with.  In the meantime, there are opportunities to get to know some of your classmates at some community events--there will be a PTO presence at the two Rose City Park Park concerts in the park (July 21 and July 28, 6pm) and there will be a series of “meetups” by grade in August.

    • Kinder/1st--August 5, 6pm Rose City Park Park Playground
    • 2nd/3rd--August 12, 6pm Rose City Park Park Playground
    • 4th/5th--August 19, 6pm Rose City Park School Playground (it should be ready!) 

    We also are planning an “open house” to see the building during the week before school starts (August 20-24) but we need to wait to see about construction before picking a date.  Finally, we are having a “Grand Opening” celebration/picnic the evening of Thursday, August 30.  We will have a planned ceremony to open the school and then have a picnic to build our new community.

    I am excited to get this new year going and I am excited to have Anh Nguyen-Johnson as our Assistant Principal helping make sure things are going well.  She is an amazing addition to our team and I know we will all benefit from her experience, attention to detail and passion for great education.  As always, if you have questions, please reach out to me directly.  Don’t talk about me, talk to me. I’ll see you all soon!

    With respect for all you do for our students,

    Jeremy Cohen
    Principal, Rose City Park K-5



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Rose City Park - FAQs

  • Who gets to go to Rose City Park?
    Because of the boundary changes, there are three groups of students who are going to be “assigned” to Rose City Park.  1. Students in grades K-4 currently at Roseway Heights, will automatically become grades 1-5 at Rose City Park.  2. Students in the section of Beverly Cleary School that has been assigned into the Rose City Park area grades K-3.  3. Incoming new students to PPS who are either Kindergarten or older living in the NEW Rose City Park Boundary.

    Do I have to go to Rose City Park?
    If you are in the boundary for Rose City Park and new to PPS (including Kindergarteners) you can apply for the lottery to a Focus Option or Immersion School.  If you are a current Roseway Heights student and live in the boundary for a different feeder school (Lee, Vestal, Scott) you can apply for a transfer (it is guaranteed) to that school.  If you are a BCS student who has an older sibling who will still be at BCS next year you can apply for a transfer to stay at BCS.  

    Who is going to Roseway Heights?
    Roseway Heights will open as the 6-8 grade middle school for students from Rose City Park, Jason Lee, Scott, and Vestal.  Students are Roseway Heights will then feed into Madison High School.

    What is happening to the Vietnamese program currently at Roseway Heights?
    The Vietnamese Dual Language Program is moving to Rose City Park.  Next year it will be Kindergarten-4th grade, and the year after we will have a fully articulated program that will feed into Roseway Heights and Madison H. S.  

    Will there be enough room at Rose City Park?  I heard it is going to be over-enrolled.
    We think there will be enough room at Rose City Park.  Depending on some construction decisions and how many students choose to accept and/or reject the “grandfather” placement, our numbers could change from the projections.  We are very flexible thinkers, and we know that education happens in all types of settings--we will provide the very best education regardless of challenges a building brings.

    Who will the teachers be at Rose City Park?
    The teachers initially assigned to Rose City Park will be the K-5 staff from Roseway Heights.  This is because of an agreement between the teacher union (PAT) and PPS about how to staff the new school.  If there are additional openings, the administration will consider any available teachers that are interested in working at Rose City Park.  This may include Beverly Cleary teachers.  Of course, as is the case in any school, teachers are always free to apply for and accept jobs at other schools--so we won’t know exactly who is going to be teaching at Rose City Park until the staffing process is completely done in early summer.  

    What are Rose City Park school hours?
    Rose City Park will serve breakfast starting at 7:40am.  The doors will open for all students at 7:50 and class will begin at 8am.  School will end at 2:15.  Our offices will be open from 7:30-4 each school day.  

    Will there be aftercare? 
    Yes.  We don’t yet know the specific provider, but there will be an aftercare program at Rose City Park.  It will be contracted through PPS in the same way the Hand in Hand is at Roseway Heights and Campfire is at Beverly Cleary--which is to say it is fee based.  

    Will the building be worked on this summer?
    Yes.  There are plans currently to increase the accessibility of the ground floor (where the gym and cafeteria are) and address other accessibility concerns.  There is also some interior work that will be done in order to get the school ready to open as a neighborhood school.  We should know more specifically what will be done soon.

    Will there be a PTA at Rose City Park?
    There will be Parent organization.  The board members of Roseway Heights PTA and Beverly Cleary PTA are engaged in meetings to figure out the best way to proceed and how to create a shared group that supports the teachers and school.  

    Where can I get the most up to date information?
    We will be updating the “Rose City Park” tab on the Roseway Heights webpage (pps.net/rosewayheights) until we get a Rose City Park webpage of our own.  Additionally, we will send information out through Roseway Heights and Beverly Clearly School email lists.  If you use Facebook, there is an “official” Rose City Park Elementary page that will also be updated.  

    Who do I contact if I have more questions?
    If your questions are about what school you will attend, contact Enrollment and Transfer at 503-916-3205.  If your questions are about what will be at Rose City Park, contact Jeremy Cohen (Principal) at jcohen@pps.net or by phone at 503-319-3245.