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  • Welcome Back Falcons!

    Welcome Back Falcons!

    We are so excited to welcome you and your student(s) back to school this year. While school will look a little different this year, we are committed to offering a joyful and  student-centered learning environment for your child in the safest environment possible. 


    Q: Who is my child’s teacher?

    A: Class Assignments were emailed and mailed home at the end of last week. If you did not receive this information, please call the main office to update your addresses and find out.She will be reaching out to you in the coming days and weeks to get to know your family better and answer any questions you may have before the first day of school. Our teachers use email, phone, and Remind to connect with families.  


    Q: What time does school start?

    A: School is from  8:00 AM - 2:15 PM and we begin welcoming students into the building at 7:53 AM. A light breakfast will be offered to students at the door as they enter if needed and will be eaten in the classrooms.


    Q: Will I be able to drop my child off at the classroom door?

    A: While walking our children to the door on the first day feels like a right of passage for many families, at this time we are not allowing non-essential visitors to enter in an attempt to limit COVID exposure to our students. The exception is our Kindergarten classrooms who all have external doors to allow for direct drop off and pick up. You can connect with teachers in-person, masked and socially distanced outside during pick-up on the back playground. Below are the entrance doors for each grade level. 



    1st and 2nd Grade

    Main entrance on Smith Street

    3rd Grade

    Entrance near the library on Reno Ave. 

    4th and 5th Grade 

    Entrance near the staff parking lot on Smith Ave


    Q: What supplies does my student need?

    A: Please make sure your student brings in a backpack, mask and water bottle to school everyday. All other materials are provided by the school, though you are welcome to make a suggested donation of $10-20 dollars which goes towards community supplies.  


    Q: What is the plan for breakfast and lunch? 

    A: All students at Sitton receive a free nutritious lunch, though families are welcomed to bring their own lunches. For the first six weeks of school, students will be eating lunch outside. Students will be socially distanced and sitting in assigned seats only with their classes. Breakfast will be provided as an option at the entry door. Students will eat breakfast outside before entering the building as per district requierment. 


    Q: When and where do I pick up my child?

    A: Classes will gather on the upper playground during dismissal and teachers need to visibly see the designated pick-up person before releasing each student. Teachers will be connecting with each family regarding the “pick up plan” ie: bus, family member picking up, or walking home. Please know that we can and will only release students to individuals who are registered in our database. 


    Q: How can I arrange for my child to ride the bus?

    A: Students will have assigned seats on the bus and will be required to wear masks and remain socially distant on the bus. Kindergarten students wear a yellow bus tag and must be met by an adult to be released from the bus. Please see the following routes/times. 


    Bus Number

    Pick Up 

    Drop Off 1

    Drop Off 2


    8760 N Bank St.

    7:30 AM

    8760 N Bank St.

    2:27 AM



    8738 N Bank St

    7:37 AM

    8738 N Bank St. 

    2:26 PM

    4430 N Trenton



    Bus Number

    Pick Up 1

    Pick Up 2

    Pick Up 3

    115 (AM)

    N Columbia & Polk


    10000 Burr Ave


    Fessenden & Tioga



    Drop Off 1

    Drop Off 2

    Drop Off 3

    134 (PM)

    N Columbia & Polk 


    10000 Burr Ave


    Fessenden & Tioga



    Q: Are masks required? 

    A: Masks are required for all individuals within our school building. Please send your child with a back-up mask if desired and know that we have extras as needed. Studentsare now required to keep their mask on while playing outside at recess. Children are at all levels of understanding, ability, and stamina for mask wearing. We respect that many children will be learning how to wear a mask all day and we will use a variety of teaching strategies and supports to encourage proper mask wearing including the “why” behind keeping each other safe at school.  


    Q: What should I do if my student is ill? 

    A:Students are to be kept home if they display any of the primary symptoms of COVID-19 including cough, fever, sore throat, chills, loss of taste or smell. Please reach out to the main office immediately if your child develops any of these symptoms and keep them home. We have rapid-testing available here on site for any symptomatic students. If you have more questions about our layers of safety mitigation, please see the PPS COVID Health and Safety website.


    This can be both an exciting and anxious time for your family as we return to full-time in person learning. Please  reach out with any questions, worries, or wonders you may have. 



    Becky Berry, Principal   

    (503) 916-6277


  • Kindergarten and First Grade Ramp Up- September 2021

    Dear Kindergarten and First Grade Families, 

    We are so excited to be welcoming you and your child to the PPS family! Kindergarten is a special time for families, children, and schools.  This year, we are designing the start of school year to focus on welcoming our youngest learners, knowing that many of our first grade students have yet to experience a "first day" in person. Along with all other PPS elementary schools, we will start both Kinder and First grade in half-groups so that students can get used to a full school day in a smaller group of students. 

    September 1: First full day of school for all students in grades 2-5

    September 1: Warm Up Day (8:00-2:15) for First Grade Students with last names starting with A-M. These students will not attend school on September 2. 

    September 2: Warm Up Day (8:00-2:15) for First Grade Students with last names starting with N-Z. These students will not attend school on September 1. 

    September 3: First day of school for all First Graders 

    September 3: Warm Up Day (8:00-2:15) for Kindergarten Students with last names starting with A-M. These students will not attend school on September 7. 

    September 7: Warm Up Day (8:00-2:15) for Kindergarten Students with last names starting with N-Z. These students will not attend school on September 3.

    September 8: First day of school for all Kindergarten Students

    During the week of August 23rd we will be mailing home teacher and room assignments to every student. Should you need to know sooner, you can call the main office starting the week of August 16th.

    When teachers are not with students, they will be reaching out to families to connect and learn about all of the talents and gifts your students are bringing with them to school. We can't wait to meet our newest falcons! 


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  • Día de introducción a kinder y primer grado- septiembre 2021

    Estimadas familias de kínder y primer grado,

    ¡Estamos muy emocionados de darle la bienvenida a usted y a su hijo a la familia de PPS! El kínder es un momento especial para las familias, los niños y las escuelas. Siempre es importante para nosotros a brindar apoyo a las familias que ingresan al kínder. Este año, estamos diseñando el inicio del año escolar para enfocarnos en dar la bienvenida a nuestros estudiantes más jóvenes, sabiendo que muchos de nuestros estudiantes de primer grado aún no han experimentado un "primer día" en persona. Junto con todas las demás escuelas primarias de PPS, comenzaremos tanto en kínder como en primer grado en grupos pequeños para que los estudiantes puedan acostumbrarse a un día escolar completo en un grupo más pequeño de estudiantes.

    1 de septiembre: primer día completo de clases para todos los estudiantes en los grados 2-5

    1 de septiembre: Día de introducción (8:00-2: 15) para estudiantes de primer grado con apellidos que comienzan con A-M. Estos estudiantes no asistirán a la escuela el 2 de septiembre.

    2 de septiembre: Día de introducción (8:00-2: 15) para estudiantes de primer grado con apellidos que comienzan con N-Z. Estos estudiantes no asistirán a la escuela el 1 de septiembre.

    3 de septiembre: primer día de clases para todos los estudiantes de primer grado.

    3 de septiembre: Día de introducción (8:00-2: 15) para estudiantes de kínder con apellidos que comienzan con A-M. Estos estudiantes no asistirán a la escuela el 7 de septiembre.

    7 de septiembre: Día de introducción (8:00-2: 15) para los estudiantes de kínder con apellidos que comienzan con N-Z. Estos estudiantes no asistirán a la escuela el 3 de septiembre.

    8 de septiembre: primer día de clases para todos los estudiantes de kínder.

    Durante la semana del 23 de agosto estaremos enviando por correo el maestro asignado para su hijo y las asignaciones de salón a cada estudiante. Si necesita saberlo antes, puede llamar a la oficina principal a partir de la semana del 16 de agosto.


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    Welcome to Sitton! 

    We are an amazing, diverse community serving 400 talented students! 

    We offer a well-rounded program grounded in the belief that when students and teachers are engaged in work that is challenging, adventurous and meaningful, learning and achievement flourish.  A few important elements of our school’s model include:

    - Our use of Expiditionary Learning Curriculum in grades K-5 to provide an integrated Reading, Writing, Social Studies and Science approach.

    - Our use of standards-based mathematics instruction, Ready Math. 

    - Our philosophy and support for inclusion of students with identified special needs

    - Our dual language immersion program in Spanish in grades K-5

    - Our partnerships with families and the community including SUN Community After School and YEP (Youth Empowerment Program). Every First Friday we hold a community celebration and farmer's market highlighting student performances, tables from a variety of Community & School Partners as well as our Food Bank and Clothing Closet Resources. 

    - Our commitment to engaging enrichment activities including Library, Physical Education, Visual Arts, and Music. 

    We communicate with families through various means including our weekly family newsletter in English and Spanish; our Facebook page (please click on the Facebook tab); through text messaging; and more.  Should you have any questions, worries, wonders, or ideas, please do not hesitate to connect, come to Principal’s Coffee on the second Friday of the month, PTA on the first Thursday of the month, or Site Council & Family Leadership Team on the third Wednesday of the month.  Our updated calendar can be found on the calendar tab of this website.

    Thank you for sharing your amazing students with us every day!


    Becky Berry, Principal