January 31st, 2022

Principal's Message


This week will begin Black History Month. This is a time for our community to celebrate and honor the achievements of African Americans throughout history. This month our equity team has organized a Black Lives Matter week of action activities for grades K-8. Below is more detailed information about the activities during the week of action.

Additionally, our PTA has generously supplied funding to purchase all staff their own copy of “This Book is an Anti-Racist Journal,” by Tiffany Jewel. On Monday, our staff will get to dive into these journals collectively. Finally, our counselors are continuing their school wide anti-racist lessons with all students. Below you will find more information about the topics that will be covered in the upcoming week and resources to support engaging with students at home.


We appreciate your partnership as we continue to celebrate and honor our African American community.


Garden Education: In partnership and collaboration with our PTA, our school is excited to announce the return of our Garden Education program for K-5 students. Beginning this February, all K-5 students will get a monthly lesson in the community garden with our garden educator Sable. Please see below for additional information about the garden program. I want to offer our appreciation for our PTA for the fundraising efforts and partnership that made this programming possible.


COVID Protocols: Many of you have received the district communication about changes to COVID protocols. The changes with the most significant impact to our school are the decrease of isolation days to 5, the limiting of contact tracing to unmasked extracurricular activities, and the discontinuing of the test to stay protocol with the exception of students and staff that exhibit symptoms during the school day. Please rest assured that we are continuing to implement layered health and safety measures with social distancing, masking, disinfecting and increased ventilation in common areas.

Chinese New Year: This Tuesday is Chinese New Year. A tradition during Chinese New Year is to give a red envelope to friends and family. This tradition, known as 紅包, hóngbāo, is a way of wishing others good luck in the year ahead. This week, our staff will give students red envelopes on Tuesday as a symbol of good wishes for the coming year.


Thank you for your continued support and service to our community.



Dr. Kristy Mize