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  • CSS Office Summer Update

    The CSS Office is closed for the summer. We will open again for inquires on August 16th.

    We wish you a happy and restful summer break!


    CSS Community

    We are all in this together and we are thinking of you!

    Find staff emails on the Teachers and Staff Page. Please continue to check your email for regular updates. Please stay safe.  




    Community Connection:

    If you would like to get connected with others in our community please check out the "Families & Community" tab towards the top of the page > "Resources" > "Get Connected"


    Creative Science School Lottery
    The PPS school choice lottery for 2021-2022 is now CLOSED.







  • A Note from Acting Principal, Andrew Dauch

    Dear CSS Community,  

    As I reflect on this year, I want to acknowledge the resilience of our students and their great work on many different levels. They’ve successfully adapted to online learning, hybrid learning, and took the appropriate measures to ensure their health and safety.  They’ve persevered and continue to be passionate about learning and caring for their friends and the CSS community.  They’ve been there to support one another during a year that has been like no other. 

    As this year comes to a close, I’m excited and looking forward to next year. We’re already starting planning and are awaiting more information from PPS  regarding how next year will look. I miss all of our students and hope that they will be able to see their friends and teachers in person. We will keep you informed of next year’s plans. 

    I want to thank the staff and the CSS community for all you have done to support our students. This was a year of many firsts, and I’m proud of the work our staff has done, and I’m grateful for the support and communication from our families. 

    I hope that the summer gives you an opportunity to rest and re-energize. Enjoy this special time with your family, and I look forward to seeing you in the Fall.

    Thank you,

    Andrew Dauch

    March 13th, 2021
    Dear CSS Families, 
    Thank you for your patience as we transition towards hybrid learning. As of now, we are still waiting to hear from PPS regarding a finalized instructional model. I am hoping that we will have more information in the coming week. 
    Once we have finalized information, I will be both sharing information and holding a CSS Community Meeting. 
    CSS K-8 Survey
    If you haven't done so already, please take a minute to complete the CSS K-8 Survey. Your feedback will help us determine what both hybrid and distance learning will look like. We will share a translated copy with families soon. I've extended the deadline to March 17. 
    Survey Questions
    I wanted to respond to some of the questions I've received from our families. Please know that my responses may change based on finalized agreements between PPS and the Portland Association of Teachers.
    When will hybrid, in-person instruction begin?
    This is being negotiated between  PPS and the Portland Association of Teachers. 
    • K-5 Proposed Date: The week of March 29
    • Mid-Level Proposed Date: The week of April 19
    Both dates are subject to change based on finalized agreements
    If I select hybrid, how many days a week will my child come to school? What does the schedule look like? 
    Please know that this is not finalized, but hope to have a better idea in the coming week. I will be working collaboratively with teachers this week  on potential models and schedules.  Final decisions on how many days per week  will contingent upon:
    • Number of students wanting hybrid, and COVID guidelines for maximum class capacity
    • Agreement between  PPS and Portland Association of Teachers
    Are we going to start at 8:00 AM?
    We are hoping to have the following start times:
    • Mid-Level - 8:45 AM
    • K-5 - 9:00 AM
    I will share finalized information with you once I receive it. 
    What will Mid-Level Quarter 4 Electives/Forecasting look like?
    Quarter 4 will begin on Monday, April 12.  PPS has proposed that mid-level is tentatively scheduled to return during the week  Monday April 19, but this date is not finalized.  To provide consistency for mid-level, students will continue with their Quarter 3 electives until we receive a finalized plan from PPS. Please know that this may change based on finalized agreements between PPS and the Portland Association of Teachers. 
    I understand that waiting for finalized information from PPS may be challenging. I am optimistic that we will receive more information this week. The staff and I are looking forward to seeing your children and providing them with a safe and successful learning environment. I am grateful for your patience and communication. Please continue to contact me at regarding any questions you may have.
    Thank you,
    Andrew Dauch, Acting CSS Principal 

    February 2021 Hello CSS, Please read this message from our Area Senior Director, Karl Logan, about the new CSS Principal survey and community session which will be held on Tuesday, March 9th at 6:15pm. Thank you.


    February 2021 Please read an Important Message for Our CSS Community Here


    CSS News

    February 2021

    Dear CSS Community,  


    There are still many unknowns about Limited In-Person Instruction and possibly hybrid instruction in the spring.  What we do know is that we will start bringing in small groups of students (10-20 total out of 465 students at CSS) to provide support in person and in the building around the first of March.  We will call this Limited In-Person Instruction or LIPI for short.  The goal for our initial LIPI is to provide academic support to students struggling with distance learning and not showing proficiency.   The Instructional Leadership Team, made up of CSS staff, are meeting this week to determine the criteria for students invited to participate in LIPI.  Our first group of students will be less than 20 students, and they will come in for 2  hours per week in the afternoon. LIPI is optional for students and voluntary for staff.  During LIPI, all students will continue to access their current classes online and schedule.  LIPI instruction would be in addition to the core content instruction. 


    We know that coming back to in-person school and seeing students is exciting, and it can also be nerve-wracking for students, families, and our staff. Our goal by starting small is to ensure we are doing all we can to reduce any risk, have every recommended safety protocol in place, and support students who need it.  We will start small and slowly add more students focusing on students needing academic support and social-emotional learning support.


    We will be contacting families who qualify for limited in person directly.  We will send more information about LIPI at Creative Science on Friday, February 12.  Please email me if you have questions at

    Thank you, 


    Meisha Plotzke

    Principal at Creative Science

    Find the link to CSS News here

    September 2020

    Find the CSS News here


    March 2020


    Hello CSS Community,

    I hope you are doing well.  I will speak for the staff when I say, we all miss you and hope you are healthy and cared for during this unprecedented time. 

    Today CSS team members came together for a virtual staff meeting.  This week teachers are engaging with online professional development that covers new learning platforms and virtual learning for students.  

    Virtual Learning
    Virtual learning for students will begin Monday, April 6.  Over the next few days, teachers will begin to reach out to families to share the plan for the coming weeks.  Next week the plan is that teachers provide instruction for math and English language arts in grades K-5. Middle school students will receive instruction for math, humanities, and science.  Things are constantly evolving. There are going to be ideas that work beautifully and others that do not go as planned. We will be working hard to determine our new normal for our community.  Thank you in advance for all of your support.

    Needs Survey
    Please fill out this form to help us better understand the realities within our community AND update your email address, if needed: 

    Office Hours
    To help answer questions, Andrew and I will be having office hours.  I will be available Monday-Friday from 1:00-2:00 pm to answer questions.  It will be a drop-in conversation. To access the google chat click the following link (it will be the same link for the duration of our school closure) or call in.


    Join Hangouts Meet via chat:

    Join Hangouts Meet over the phone: (‪US‬)‪+1 402-809-1204

    You’ll need this PIN to access the meeting: ‪507 680 671#‬

    If you have sensitive matters you’d like to discuss, email me at and we can set up a time to connect in private.

    Andrew’s office Hours: 9:00-11:00 AM and 1:00-3:00 PM. Please try to email Andrew (  a day in advance with your preferred date and time to speak. He will send you an invitation from Google Chat. 

    Thank You
    Thank you for your continued flexibility.  Hang in there, we are all in this together.  Tyler, our school counselor, made a video for our community.  Check it out here:

    Take Care,

    Meisha Plotzke

    Principal at CSS


    February 2020

    This month's newsletter will focus mostly on safety.

    Thank you to those who were able to join me at this month's community meeting that focused on school safety. I appreciate the feedback on my communication and will be more specific while adhering to the privacy of students. Here is the slide deck from the presentation.


    There are a few safety concerns that have arisen this year. I want our community to know, I would never put your student in danger. If there is any question that the school would not be a safe place, I will take the appropriate measures. I want your kids to come home to you at night. I want my staff to be with their people at the end of the day, and I want to go home to my family.


    As always, please email me with questions that you may have, I am here to help. I want to ensure that you and your student(s) feel safe.


    We only had 140 adults respond to the family survey! We have 467 students at CSS!

    Successful Schools Survey Shape the future of your student's education!

    What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the phrase “successful schools?” I believe that successful schools are safe, healthy and welcoming learning spaces that are inclusive for all students. But I want to hear your thoughts. Our commitment is to continue listening about the experiences, needs, and perceptions of our students, families, and personnel to be better equipped to support our school communities. Please be honest and thoughtful, I value your feedback!


    Campus Safety

    Reminder about Dogs on Campus

    PPS school grounds are public property and are used for many different kinds of play, from soccer to jogging during non-school hours. Dogs on leash are welcome visitors as long as owners scoop the poops. EXCEPT during school hours, 7:00 am-6:00 pm.


    Dogs off-leash are not allowed on PPS school grounds at any time. We are hopeful that the school communities will help to inform visitors of these rules as we continue to work toward keeping our schools clean and safe for our students and the community.


    Before and After School Play

    Students are not allowed in the garden before or after school unless there is an adult present. Lately, we have had students not using the space appropriately.

    Pick up and Drop Off

    Curbside Pick-up and Drop-off

    Please pull forward along the sidewalk when you are waiting for your student(s) to arrive. Over the past 6 years, I have watched people unsuccessfully parallel park (sometimes even running up over the curb towards students). If everyone pulls forward we will stop the need to parallel park.

    Blocking the Driveway

    The driveway must remain unblocked for visibility purposes and to allow people to exit the parking lot.


    Friendly Reminders:


    • No parking along the curb in front of the school during the hours of 8:00 am-9:10 am and from 2:45-3:45.
    • Use the crosswalk when crossing the street. Jaywalking is illegal, unsafe and a bad example for our students.

    Did You Know? Internet Safety.

    DANGEROUS Social Media Trend – Electrical Outlet Coin Challenge

    If you have not heard or experienced the newest trend in social media, we would like to alert you to a new and dangerous “challenge”. If imitated it can be extremely dangerous, as it can spark an electrical fire and create electrical shock danger.

    The popular trend encourages youth to slide a penny or other metal object behind a partially plugged in charger cube so that it contacts the metal prongs. This then completes the circuit causing sparks, electrical system damage, and in some cases fire (on the wall covering or behind the wall itself.

    - Reported by Oregon School Safety Officers Association


    APP Hiders

    A popular app called the Calculator Vault hides other apps or pictures. People can use this app to cover an app that they may not want others to see.

    Big picture

    Social Media and Internet Safety

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation has a lot of Cyber Tips for staying safe online. Click here to visit their website.

    The website is powered by the National Cyber Security Alliance and has a lot of great resources for parents, students, and teachers.



    Did you know that teachers can monitor student's Chromebooks usage in their class from their computer? VISION Software allows staff to view each student's screen from their computer. We want to help ensure that students are making good decisions when using technologies

    Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum Overview

    Common Sense Media is dedicated to improving the lives of kids and families by providing the trustworthy information, education, and independent voice they need to thrive in a world of media and technology. Common Sense Media includes reviews (apps, games, movies, etc.), videos, online training, K-12 curriculum, and much more.

    These are excellent resources from Common Sense Media that are designed to help provide cyberbullying and online relationships guidance to parents. Use them to empower yourselves with the knowledge and tools you need to guide your kids toward making safe and smart choices in their digital lives. Trend Micro runs Internet Safety video contests every year. Click here for the home page and to view the winning entries from 2010 onward—really great resources for video.

    Cyberbullying resource for parents:

    What's Your Story?
    Digital Harassment:
    Cyber Bullying PSA:

    Internet Safety Resources for parents:

    OnGuard Online | Your Safety Net provides practical tips from the federal government and the technology industry to help you be on guard against Internet fraud, secure your computer, and protect your personal information. All resources are available in English and Spanish as well.


    PTA Announcements

    FunRaiser at The Goodfoot on March 13, 2020

    I look forward to seeing you all at The Goodfoot on Friday, March 13th, at 6:00 pm. This fundraiser will support many programs at our school that include music and garden for K-5, Fieldtrips for Midlevel, and much much much more!!!


    Please come if you are able. If you can't attend, you can also donate gift cards or money toward the event. Every contribution will make a difference for CSS students.


    JANUARY 2020
    Hello CSS Community, I hope you had a wonderful winter break. I have enjoyed checking in with families and students and hearing about your time off.

    I hope everyone is on the mend if your family was struck with illness. In the last week of school, we averaged 30% of our student population out sick. Anywhere from 110-150 students. We have about 475 students total at CSS. I thought I had escaped being sick once break started but on Christmas night I found myself with strep and both my girls were sick and had ear infections. But we are on the mend and found ourselves continuing to recover through last week.

    I also want to share my appreciation for the Amazon gift card. I am grateful for the thoughtful gift and am honestly surprised I have not spent it yet. I appreciate you and am thankful to be apart of this community.

    As we enter through the coming months there are many activities and some small changes coming up. I ask that you read this entire newsletter. I try not to give you information that is not valuable or needed. Let me know if you have any questions. Happy New Year!

    School Safety

    Early Release Protocol

    Emergency Early Release:

    The School is informed about the early release due to weather or other circumstances.

    Parents are informed via PPSCOMMS and school messenger.

    Teachers are informed via email and phone. Teachers are to remain with students in their classrooms and continue teaching to the greatest extent possible.

    Taking into consideration that students will be leaving. Kate/Lacy will get out attendance rosters to everyone -

    • Teachers need to record on a roll sheet how students leave campus.
    • K-5 Teachers will record their homeroom class.
    • Midlevel will record the class that they are with at the time of dismissal.

    All parents picking up students must check into the office to get their students. Students will be called to the office or an office support staff member will get the student. Parents will not go down to the classroom unless they have checked in as a visitor.

    Meisha will send a message through School Messenger to families:

    We will give a 30-minute window for walkers to released. The school messenger says, “Attention Creative Science parents and guardians, the school will be released early today. We will be releasing students who walk home in 30 minutes. If you do not want your child walking home at this time, and would like to pick them up instead, please email *(Lacy or Kate)

    Students that typically walk, will be permitted to walk home. Students who do not usually walk, will not be able to do so without parental permission.

    If students are still at the rooms by the normal 3:15 dismissal time then they will be brought to the office to wait for their parent/guardian. Parents should be contacted again. Admin will decide the next steps for the students that remain. Andrew or I will stay at school until all students are connected with their family. Please plan accordingly.

    Do you have a neighbor or friend, grandparent that you might send to pick up your student if you cannot come to school at the early dismissal time? I so, PLEASE ensure that they are on your emergency list. You can add someone by coming into school or by sending Kate and Lacy ( and an email with their name, phone number and relation to the student.


    New security cameras and protocol for entering the school

    Our school's front doors have remained unlocked while we keep the rest of the perimeters locked at all times. Starting this week, the front doors will be on a schedule that will have times that the doors are unlocked and locked. This will take some adjustment as we move forward and with all of our community/evening activities.

    Tentatively the schedule will be:

    • 8:30-9:05 front door unlocked
    • 9:05-3:15 front doors locked
    • 3:15-3:45 front doors unlocked

    If you or your student needs to get into the building while the doors are locked. There is a call button with a camera on the right-hand sidewall. Students and visitors will push the bottom which calls into the office. We are able to see who is at the door and open it.

    I am asking that all after school enrichment instructors walk students to the front of the building to be released to their parent there.

    I am working with Campfire to come up with a plan as well on Monday. Campfire will communicate with their families how this will work.

    I understand that this is a change for our school. This safety upgrade is happening around the district. We will continue to get additional cameras and a large monitor in the office to be able to see more on the outside of campus.

    The buzzer system is also at the back of the school through the main entrance.

    Thank you for your patience as we determine what will work best for our school and community. Things may change but I will keep you informed of any further changes.


    Community Meeting 1/28 6:30-8:00

    Interested in learning more about the safety procedures, policies, and resources for PPS? Join me and Kyle Olsen from PPS Security Services on 1/28 at 6:30 in the library from 6:30.

    Some of the topics I will be covering are:

    * emergency drills

    * secondary location for family reunification

    * threat assessments

    * SafeOregon

    * Importance of emergency contacts on your student's file.



    With many upcoming celebrations and culminating events, it is important that you set aside extra time to check into the office. If you have never visited or volunteered at school we will need your government ID to log you into the system. This takes a moment to scan. Once your information has been saved to our system then you can come and sign-in from the computer quickly.

    * If you do not have a government-issued ID we can have a conversation to see what other options are available to add you to our system.

    School staff is trained to either ask visitors without badges for you to come back to the office to check-in or to call the office and have an administrator ask for them to come back and sign in.


    NO Dogs on Campus

    Under the proper conditions, animals can be an effective teaching aid. Additionally, there are situations when federal and state statutes allow people with disabilities to bring their service animals onto District premises. Portland Public Schools recognizes that there are medical and physical risks associated with animals, both wild and domesticated, in the classroom and/or on school property.

    I ask that you do not bring your dog(s) on campus or into the building. I have had community members express concern for allergies, fear and being uncomfortable. Thank you for following this and taking care of our community.


    School Information

    Interested in being on CSS's SITE COUNCIL?


    What is Site Council?
    The duties of a 21st Century Schools Council shall include but not be limited to:

    -The development of plans to improve the professional growth of the school staff;
    -The improvement of the school instructional program;
    -The development and coordination of plans for the implementation of programs under this chapter at the school; and
    -The administration of grants-in-aid for the professional development of teachers and classified district employees.

    Parents and guardians express interest and must be voted on by their peers to serve in this role.
    There are three open positions and it is a 2-year commitment. We meet one Tuesday a month from 3:30-5:00. Please Click HERE if you are interested in joining this teacher, parent group.


    Lunch Accounts

    We had an EXTREMELY GENEROUS DONATION. On Friday, I was going to share with the community that CSS students currently owe $3,000 dollars in school lunch debt. We had a community member that does not have students at our school come and PAY OFF all student lunch debt! This was beyond generous. We plan to do a big thank you for this community member. If you'd like to personally take time to write a thank you letter, contact Veronica in the lunch services and she can provide you with the person's name and address.

    Free and Reduced Lunch

    I know many families do not apply because they don't need assistance. I ask that if you know you may qualify but have not applied that you do. We are just missing the thresholds for getting grants and other financial supports for CSS based on our Free or reduced lunch numbers. This can translate to thousands of dollars of savings on programs that we contract with. For example VIBE, GrowPortland, etc. It can also mean extra staff allocation for our school or grant funding. Four years ago we qualified for an extra $30,000.00 dollars by our free and reduced meal numbers increasing by about 5%.


    A message from the district:

    While the Nutrition Services department has processed thousands of applications for free/reduced price meal benefits for families this fall and many others were directly certified (eligible) because they received SNAP benefits, we are finding that families who were eligible last year may not have reapplied this school year. On October 10, all families who were eligible last school year (2018-19) and did not reapply this school year, switched from free/reduced status to paid status. It is not too late! You can still encourage families to apply at any time. If a family’s financial situation has changed midyear, they can still apply throughout the school year. Please note that the USDA Child Nutrition Programs are not subject to the “Public Charge” and will not jeopardize anyone’s immigration status:

    From the US Citizenship and Immigration Services Website: Any benefits not listed not in the rule are excluded from consideration. Notably, the rule does not include consideration of emergency medical assistance, disaster relief, national school lunch programs, foster care and adoption, student and mortgage loans, energy assistance, food pantries and homeless shelters and Head Start.

    Please contact our department for further support: or 503-916-3402


    Upcoming Dates to Know from the school (this doesn't include all PTA events)

    1/5/ * Happy Belated Birthday, 3rd grade Katie

    1/13 Parent Coffee 9:00 am

    1/14 Karin, 8th grade Spanish Teacher's Birthday

    1/20 No School

    • Rawl's Birthday (7th and 8th grade Math)

    1/24 2nd Quarter of School Ends

    1/27 No School for Students, Teacher's Report Card/Planning Day

    1/28 Community Meeting: School Safety 6:30-8:00

    • Storyline assembly

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