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  • Principal Selection Meeting

    The Irvington community communicates, collaborates, and connects to reach each

    student's potential. Everyone teaches, everyone learns, everyone cares.

    Irvington Vision Statement

    Dear Irvington Staff and Community,

    Irvington will have a new principal next year. We want to invite staff, parents, and students to attend a Community Meeting to understand the process for selection of next year’s principal and to get your ideas and input; they are important!

    Community Meeting for Selection of Next Year’s Principal

    Date: Monday, June 19th       
    Time: 6:30 to 8:00 p.m.             
    Location: Irvington School Library

    Child care will be provided.

    The community meeting is one of the first steps taken in our principal hiring process.  John Blanck, from Human Resources, and Karl Logan, your Senior Director, will come to your school and meet with teachers and parents together.  The purpose of the meeting is to hear what you think is special about your school. We want to know about your programs, demographics, parent involvement, special projects, etc., and about the type of person you would like to have as your permanent Principal.  This information helps us select candidates that have qualifications that support those elements.

    At the meeting we will also take time to explain the full hiring process.  We will explain two main possibilities: a) how the Community Meeting information may be used with the Senior Director to place a current Principal because of a great match between the school and that Principal, or b) if a match is not selected by the Senior Directors, applicants chosen will go through a rigorous process to be selected for interviews.

    If you cannot attend that evening, I will have other ways to provide information (on-line and paper surveys
    Link to Community Input Survey, emails, etc.)  If you have questions, please feel free to contact me – Ann Marie Wentworth – - 503-916-3818.
    Estimados miembros del personal y la comunidad de Irvington,

    El próximo año tendremos un nuevo director/a Irvington. Deseamos invitar al personal de la escuela,  a los padres y a los estudiantes a asistir a una junta de la comunidad para que puedan comprender el proceso de selección del director/a para el próximo año y nosotros conocer las ideas y aportaciones de todos ustedes, que ¡Son importantes!

    Junta de la Comunidad para la Selección del Director/a para el próximo año

     Fecha:  Lunes 19 de junio        
    Hora:       6:30 p.m. a 8:00 p.m.     
    Lugar:       Irvington  Library

    La junta de la comunidad es uno de los primeros pasos del proceso de emplear un nuevo director/a.
    John Blanck, del Departamento de Recursos Humanos y Karl Logan, Director Ejecutivo, vendrán a nuestra escuela a reunirse con los padres y maestros. El propósito de esta junta es escuchar sus opiniones acerca de las características especiales de su escuela.

    Deseamos conocer acerca de los programas que tiene la escuela, la composición demográfica, la participación de los padres, los proyectos especiales, etc.; y  además acerca del tipo de persona que les gustaría tener como director/a permanente. Esta información nos ayudará a seleccionar a los candidatos cuyas calificaciones apoyen estos aspectos.

    En la reunión también tendremos tiempo para explicar el proceso de contratación total. Explicaremos dos posibilidades importantes: a) cómo la información de la reunión de la Comunidad se puede utilizar con los administradores regionales para elegir a un Director(a) actual, debido a una afinidad entre la escuela y el director, o b) Si un candidato no es elegido por los administradores regionales, los candidatos seleccionados pasarán por un proceso riguroso para ser seleccionados para las entrevistas.

    Si usted no puede asistir esa noche, tendrá otras maneras para proveer información (encuestas en línea y papel, correos electrónicos, etc.)     Si usted tiene preguntas, por favor no dude en ponerse en contacto conmigo – Ann Marie Wentworth – - 503-916-3818


  • Dear Irvington Families,

    Welcome to the 2016-17 school year! Irvington has a number of exciting things going on that I’d like to share with the community.

    SWIFT Grant

    Irvington is in its fourth year as part of the Schoolwide Integrated Framework for Transformation (SWIFT) grant. This is a $25 million grant funded by the United States Department of Education and being overseen by the University of Kansas. Irvington is one of 64 schools in the nation chosen to be part of this exciting opportunity that guides schools in combining resources more wisely in order to meet the needs of all students. For more information feel free to visit the national SWIFT website at Irvington has a Leadership Team composed of teachers, students, parents and administrators that meets twice a month and oversees implementation of our school plan called the Comprehensive Assessment Plan (CAP). This summer Irvington’s work was nationally recognized and our school was featured in two videos produced by videographer Dan Habib. I will be sharing more information about this program at monthly Principal’s Coffee meetings.

    Successful Schools Framework

     Successful Schools Framework


    Irvington has been doing racial equity training using Courageous Conversations protocol for the past seven years. Racial disparity in academic achievement, discipline, and graduation rates is a national concern and is unfortunately reflected in Irvington’s data. While our disciplinary disproportionalities have been decreasing, we are continuing to work on raising academic achievement for all students. Each of the following initiative areas are focused on supporting all students in being successful, but with focused attention on decreasing gaps based on race and ethnicity.

    Quality Instruction and Assessment

    This year we have a number of initiatives designed to support quality instruction and assessment in Irvington classrooms:

    • lessons aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), including lesson objectives written in student friendly language
    • curriculum designed in grade level teams based on student data 
    • teacher participation in Learning Walks 
    • staff development around CCSS, differentiation, and culturally responsive instruction
    • strategic scheduling to allow greater differentiation in classrooms
    • participation in the Learning in Depth program.

    Learning in Depth is a research- based program for all ages that was developed by Dr. Kieran Egan consortium at Simon Fraser University. Last year over 300 students in all grades participated in this extracurricular program.We also have some schools in British Columbia that would like to partner with us, so students will have opportunities to communicate with fellow researchers studying the same topic. More information about this research-based program will be shared in September and is available at

    Professional Learning Communities

    Teachers meet in grade level teams once a week to review data, design lessons, and share best practices. Administrators and other support personnel attend these meetings twice a month. K-5 teachers meet during specials, and middle level teachers meet after school.   

    School Climate

    Irvington has been doing training in Culturally-Responsive Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (CR-PBIS) for the past five years. We have a School Climate team that reviews disciplinary data on a monthly basis in order to design more effective interventions and/or provide more structure where needed. For more information about PBIS, feel free to visit the national PBIS website at

    School-Family Partnerships

    Irvington has a history of having strong partnerships with the community. We are working to make our family and community partnerships even stronger through our Parent Teacher Association (PTA), Courageous Conversations parent group, Families of Students of Color group and Latino Families Group, which is now hosting English as a Second Language classes for families twice a week. In addition, two business partners- Arnerich Massena and The Maurice Lucas Foundation- provide valuable resources for many of our students. We hope to continue fostering these positive relationships during the 2016-17 school year.

    Thank you for your continued support. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

    Kathleen Ellwood
    Irvington Principal

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