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    Please view the PPS/PTA Volunteer Celebration slideshow for 2019-20 at pps.net/volunteer

    Thanks to Abernethy PTA for all you do to help our students be prepared for their next learning experience! 



    We are pleased to announce that the meal service we have provided for students since the closure of school on March 16 will continue during the summer. Although we will lose two sites, Harrison Park and Rigler, due to construction, we are adding a new site, Faubion, to bring our total to 14 schools where students can receive breakfast and lunch Monday to Thursday, from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.  Please note the start time has shifted from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  Faubion will start Monday, June 15.  Breakfast and lunch will continue to be free for all PPS students and all children in the community ages 1-18 years.  Children do not need to be present to receive a meal.  Pantry services in partnership with Oregon Food Bank and SUN will also continue into the summer, along with the food boxes with Pacific Coast Fruit Company.

    PPS also is partnering again with Portland Parks & Recreation to provide meals at 13 additional parks throughout the city starting June 22. 

    Whitney Ellersick, Senior Director, Nutrition Service

  • Abernethy School Temporary Hours Spring 2020

    Abernethy School is working remotely Monday through Thursday and closed on Fridays. Our school building is physically closed at this time. Thank you for your patience. 
  • Text YES to 68453

    Reminder, to receive text messages from the school you need to text "Yes" to 68453. By doing this you will receive all of the text messages we send out – usually concerning late busses.

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  • Register for Kindergarten Online!

    If you have a child who will be 5 years old by September 1, please register for kindergarten! To register, go to pps.net/kinderenroll. The process takes 20-30 minutes and school staff will follow up with you later in the summer. With schools closed, online registration is the easiest option, but paper options will be available soon. You don’t need to register if your child attends a PPS Head Start or Pre-Kindergarten program. Children with IEPs need to register using a paper form. 

    Click here to access this blurb translated into the 5 supported languages

    Paper registration packets will be available in multiple languages at meal sites starting Wednesday, May 27th.

    Coming soon: The Early Learner Programs team is developing a family-centered kindergarten transition plan. We know families are worried about the start to school, especially kinders. We’re planning on a slower, more family-friendly approach this year. Early registration will ensure that families stay in the loop on updated plans for the start of school.

  • Incoming Kindergarteners for 2020-2021

    Hello Parents of Incoming Kindergarteners, 

    UPDATE:  On April 8, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown ordered that all in-person classes will be canceled for the rest of the 2019-20 school year. Find more information and updates here: https://www.pps.net/coronavirus. While it is disappointing to hear we will be unable to return this school year, as stated below, we are confident that registration can continue via the online format. Please see below for details. 

    You are receiving this email because you attended Abernethy's Connect to Kindergarten in February or submitted an online or paper registration form for your child. As you are aware, in March, Portland Public Schools and other districts announced school closures through April 28th, following an executive order from Oregon Gov. Kate Brown, in response to the coronavirus pandemic. While these closures include Abernethy's office, lots of work continues to happen behind the scenes, from our homes, in a different capacity. Being in charge of enrollment, I am able to complete many of my tasks from home and will continue to work on registering your incoming students during this time. The districts move to online registration this year, could not have come at a better time - as I'll be relying on this tool significantly during this school closure. 

    As you know, we are asking parents to complete the online registration (https://www.pps.net/Page/14787) as well as physically turn in up-to-date Immunization Records and a copy of your child's Birth Certificate/Current Passport. However, during this time, in order to move forward with online registration, IF YOU HAVE NOT already submitted Immunization Records & Birth Certificate, I will ask that you email these two proofs to colsen1@pps.net. (Here are instructions on how to convert photos to a PDF from your phone/ipad: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TP2IyO4wACbPS4s8tL-HeI4FC8lbfeyS68A0AOddRx4/edit?usp=sharing

    While PPS will still require a hard-copy of these documents once school re-opens, by receiving valid proofs via email, I will be able to complete your students online registration. See my Q & A below to hopefully answer other questions you may have. 

    Q. I have completed all of the steps required for registration, but I have not received a confirmation that my child's registration has been accepted/complete. Is there something else I need to do at this point?

     A. At this point, I have a number of registrations pending. If you have submitted Immunization Records/Birth Certificate prior to school's closure, look for a confirmation email later this week. There was a significant delay due to employee's being unable to access school files until late last week. 

    Q. We have missed the online registration deadline of March 20th, can we still register our child?

    A. Yes, please complete the online registration as soon as possible (https://www.pps.net/Page/14787). 

    Q. I filled out my child's paperwork by hand and delivered it directly to the office prior to school's closure. Is there something else I need to do at this point?

    A. At this point, sit tight. If you are missing documentation, I will reach out individually to let you know what is still needed and ask you to email those documents still needed.

    Q. My child did not complete the Pre-Kindergarten Screening that was due by March 20th. What should we do?

    A. Once school re-opens, we will resume the screening's. The Pre-Screening is a 5-10 minute meeting that is very low pressure and fun. Also, look for Kindergarten Assessments that will be scheduled in mid-August. These Assessments are with your child's teacher and run 30 minutes in length.

    Q. What if School does not not re-open this school year? Does this impact my Kindergartener's enrollment? 

    A.  Assuming we have all of your child's documentation in order, there is no reason their enrollment will be impacted. At this point, PPS has received no indication from the Governor that schools will remain closed for the remainder of the year. If anything changes with regards to this, we will reach out to you to talk about next steps. Be sure to continue to monitor pps.net for all updates regarding the Covid-19 situation and how it relates to school information.

    Q. When do we find out who my child's Teacher is?

    A. Teacher assignments are mailed to families mid-August.

    Q. What is the best way to reach the school if I have questions?

    A. You can email myself at, colsen1@pps.net or our Principal Secretary, Elise Darling at edarling@pps.net. If you are on Facebook, find us here for school updates and news:   https://www.facebook.com/PPS-Abernethy-ES-341408246019365 

    Thank you so much for your patience as we navigate through these uncharted waters. Feel free to email me with any further questions you may have.


    Christine Olsen

    Secretary, Abernethy Elementary

Principal's Message

  • May 2020

    Dear Abernethy Families,

    PPS Administrators and Teachers believe over the past year and a half, we have worked to reimagine a district where every student is prepared well for their next learning experience in order to reach their greatest potential as a result of strong foundational learning experiences. Our theory of action is truly as important and relevant today as it was seven weeks ago at the beginning of the COVID-19 Crisis. With this in mind and an eye on the present and the future, PPS is working to preserve resources. Resources which are saved now can better serve our students when classes resume in the 2020-2021 school year no matter what format is required by ODE (online, hybrid, or traditional classroom). 

    Current cost cutting measures including purchasing restrictions, travel bans, and a hiring freeze are in place. These cost saving measures along with PPS participating in the Work Share program preserves precious resources for next year. Work Share is an Oregon unemployment benefits program that offers an alternative to laying off employees by reducing work hours. Eligible staff whose hours and wages are reduced receive a portion of their regular unemployment insurance benefits to compensate for the lost wages. In the Work Share program, funds are saved by reducing eligible employees’ hours and PPS pay by 20% as a result of reducing their work schedules by 20% per week or 1 day each week. These Furlough days begin tomorrow, Friday, May 8, 2020 and end on July 31, 2020.  In order to minimize the loss of instructional time for students, three additional teaching days have been added to the end of this school year.  Our new last day of school is now Wednesday, June 10, 2020. (Families with 5th grade students please stay tuned for information coming out soon regarding a celebration activity that morning at approximately 10-noon). 

    Please be aware that class meetings, 1:1 conferences, and assignments will be scheduled for Monday-Thursday only. There will be no classes, conferences, posting of assignments or commenting on student work on Fridays. We encourage you to use the materials provided during the week to maintain a learning structure and routines for your students and family on Friday however you think is best. Friday can also be a fun day to interact with the online materials which have been provided by our PE, Music, and Library Specialists. We have noticed several of these lessons by the Specialists have not been widely used so please feel free to add them into your Friday schedule. Also, don’t forget to interact with Coach Jake’s weekly activities posted to our Facebook site. Your teachers and staff are here to support you and your students each day to the very best of our ability and using the best resources possible. Please reach out if you have any needs, questions or concerns. We want to be of service and support!

    Lastly, a huge ATTA WAY to the Abernethy Teachers and Staff. This week we want you to know how much we appreciate who you are, your determination in moving from a classroom model to an online home based learning model. We cannot thank you enough for all that you do each day for each of the Abernethy students. Abernethy Quarantine Teachers ROCK! Thank you for making distance learning doable and meaningful.  Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to the staff and families alike. Together we are making great things happen each day and tomorrow will be brighter. We are truly stronger together. 


    Stay safe and take care,

    Dr. Christie M. Petersen

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