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  • School Fundraiser

    Dine Out for Hosford!
    There are two opportunities to support Hosford by eating at our delicious neighborhood restaurants:
    • December 18th at Por Que No?
    • February 10th-11th at Pastini Pasteria. 

     Mark your calendars -- dinner out for a good cause! 

  • Hosford Robotics Announcement

    Hosford Robotics recently competed in the 2018-2019 FIRST LEGO League Into Orbit Challenge. The challenge saw teams program their robots for a series of missions related to long term space travel. They were also tasked with finding a solution to a problem affecting the physical or mental health on long term space missions. The program took some great steps forward this season. Not only did the school compete well in the tournament part of the season, but made some lasting connections across schools and the community at large. Both Hosford and Winterhaven schools were mentored by the Cleveland High School robotics team Pigmice. All teams interacted and worked together at a pre-tournament scrimmage organized by Pigmice and hosted by Hosford. We also got to compete with the Winterhaven team Frozen Pigeons at the regional tournament as well as the state tournament. One of the highlights of the year was connecting the teams to two former NASA employees, both members of the community and one a Hosford graduate. Thanks Kathie and Jim!

    Hosford robotics found great success in the 2018 Into Orbit Challenge. Both teams competed in a Regional Tournament in December at Concordia University. Rock ‘N’ Robots placed 4th in the robot competition and had a great design for an astronaut compression suit to minimize bone and muscle loss.
    Cumulus robotics was given the Champions award for the strongest overall team at the tournament. They were second in the robot competition and developed a space based aquaponics system to help feed astronauts in space and keep them connecting to and caring for living things. They were also given an invitation to the Oregon State Championship where they competed well in both the robot competition and project judging.
    Another important success this year was providing the program virtually cost free for students. Participation on these teams can sometimes cost up to $200 per student. Team registration and expenses were mostly covered by a grant from the Boeing Corporation and we had the help of many parents and volunteers along the way. The program was also able to add Mr. Nally, a Hosford staff member as mentor and coach thanks to a generous grant from the Hosford PTSA.
    If you are interested in getting involved in or supporting the Hosford Robotics program, please contact Mark Wadnizak at mwadnizak@pps.net.

  • Support our School Library

    Hello Hosford Families! 
    This year, instead of fundraising through a book fair, we are cutting out the middle man (and the cheap erasers!) and doing an amazon registry. This way, you can buy us books directly off our list, and they will be sent to the library and put directly in the hands of students who desperately want them! Books on our wish list range in price, and you can also purchase a gift card within your budget. Search "hosford library" in the amazon registry department, or follow the link below.
    Thanks to all of the folks who have already donated through school pay and made the purchase of so many wonderful books possible. 
    Link: https://www.amazon.com/wedding/share/hosfordlibrary
    Thanks for your support of our library!
    Em Winokur and Kate Fleming
    Hosford Library

  • Student Health Centers

    PPS partners with Multnomah County Student Health Centers (SHCs) to keep students healthy and focused on school. There are 10 SHCs throughout Multnomah County. The SHC is like having a doctor's office in your school. The center serves K-12 students and does not have any out of pocket costs for the student or family. 

    Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRqjPHG74ys  

  • Support Ms. Sayler's Class Through DonorsChoose.org

    Hello Hosford Community!  
    My name is Laura Sayler and I am writing on behalf of my position as an 8th grade math teacher. I applied for a teacher grant through DonorsChoose.org to get classroom whiteboard tables. This past summer I painted my own classroom tables with whiteboard paint and the kids are LOVING it! Something about it being non-permanent is really supportive for kids with anxiety around math. I’ve also found it’s great for problem solving and brainstorming! 
    The only problem is that DIY tables have to be redone each year or so and can’t withstand the amount of work my kids are putting into them! I am asking for your support to help all of my students each year have access to a writable table to help them work through their math and thinking.  
    Any little bit helps and I thank you so much for even considering this! Please use this link to spread the message to anyone you know who is able and interested in supporting students’ math growth in this way! 
    Link to DonorsChoose Donation Page 
    In addition to our appreciations and learning, you will receive handwritten thank you and pictures of our work as our heartfelt thank you! 
    Thank you for your time, 
    Laura Sayler

  • Google Info for Parents/Guardians

    Parents/Guardians:Click here for info about Google Classroom, a tool used by many Hosford teachers!
    Other links for parents:

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