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  • School House Supplies 2021-2022

    schoolhouse supplies

  • 2020-21 Yearbook

    To purchase a yearbook for the 2020-21 school year: 

    (Please note, yearbooks will be distributed in the Fall.)


  • Annual Asbestos Notification

    For a downloadable PDF of PPS's 2021 Annual Asbestos Notification, please click here 

    From Portland Public School's Office of Risk Management:

    Date: January 21, 2021
    To: All Portland Public School Principals
    From: Risk Management Department, Environmental Health & Safety Section
    Subject: 2021 Annual Asbestos Notification

    Each year, as a requirement of the federally mandated Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA), the District must notify the community of the existence and location of the Asbestos Management Plan (AMP). This letter accomplishes that requirement. A description of the location, quantity, and condition of all asbestos-containing material (ACM) and presumed asbestos-containing materials (PACM) is in the AMP located in the main office and in the District database.

    Among others, asbestos is often present in the following building materials:
    ● Gaskets
    ● Ceiling tile
    ● Cement board
    ● Thermal system installation (TSI)
    ● Vinyl asbestos floor tile
    ● Spray-on textured ceiling
    ● Spray-on fireproofing
    ● Sound attenuation material
    ● Wall and ceiling material plaster
    ● Magnesite cementitious flooring

    Employees shall not disturb or damage these materials in any way unless expressly authorized. Any damaged ACM should be reported to Risk Management Department, Environmental Health and Safety Section immediately. In addition, it is required that the information in this letter be shared with the parents and faculty of the school by including it as agenda item for faculty, PTA, and safety committee meetings or other appropriate means.

    The Risk Management Department, Environmental Health & Safety Section is currently conducting a six month periodic surveillance of ACM. A copy of the results of that surveillance will be included in the AMP. In addition, a 3-year re-inspection was completed by EPA-certified inspectors in 2018. The next 3-year re-inspection is scheduled to take place this year in 2021. Thank you for your attention to this important regulatory compliance matter. If you have any questions or want additional information regarding the District’s asbestos management program, please feel free to contact the Risk Management Department, Environmental Health & Safety Section.

  • Digital Toolkit from PPS

    As previously announced, this year Seesaw will be the learning platform for grades PK-5 and Canvas will be the learning platform for grades 6-12. Google Meet and Zoom will be used as the live video meeting tool. Educators are expected to use these platforms for synchronous and asynchronous learning activities with students daily. Visit the PPS Digital Toolkit 2020/21 web page to learn more about all the applications that are available to students, teachers and staff. 

    PPS is continuing its partnership with Remind to support connection needs. Please know that the Remind sign-up email is not phishing and it's free to use the web version or mobile app. Resources for families are available on the Remind App for Students and Families page. Hosford will continue to send school wide messages via email and text, and teachers will primarily use Remind and email to contact families.

    As families are learning about technology, we want you to balance your learning with patience and grace for yourself and educators. We are all doing our best to learn and grow during a pandemic. Visit https://www.pps.net/familyresources to access a full set of orientation videos and other resources, translated into PPS district-supported languages. Here are some links if you are interested in digging in.

    PPS Password Portal

    Create your password manager account where you can change your password, and get access to all PPS learning programs with one sign-on. 

    Think of Canvas as your student's virtual school. This is where they will "go" to all of their classes--where they will find lessons and assignments, where they will complete and turn in assignments, and where they will access links to class meetings.
    How to get a pairing code for parent access to Canvas
    Nearpod is similar to Google Slides or PowerPoint, but is far more interactive. Teachers can engage students with interactive activities, collaborative discussions, and formative assessments.
    FlipGrid is a video-based discussion forum.
  • PPS Free & Reduced-Price Meal Program

    Meal Flyer

    Please click here for more information about the Free & Reduced-Price Meal Program 

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