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  • Hosford PTSA Presents: Social Media & Your Kids

    Hosford PTSA Presents: Social Media & Your Kids
    Jan 24 PTSA general meeting
    6:30 pm in the HMS Auditorium
    •  Social Media Overview - what kids are using, how they are using it
    • Harassment and other social media challenges
    • Impact of social media on the brain
    • Managing media at home
    • Q/A at the end

    Please join us for an evening of learning about different types of social media students are actively using, how they are using it and what you can do to manage their access. Topics will include: Bullying, sexual harassment, PPS policies and procedures and more!

    Presented by: Touk Keo, HMS School Counselor,
    Kim Anderson, HMS School Climate Specialist &
    Margie Suydam, HMS IT Specialist (and Husky-parent!)
     Click here for a Parent Resource Page and here for a Snapchat overview. Previewing this will help you familiarize yourself with what we will be discussing at the event.
  • Rep. Earl Blumenauer at Hosford!

    Recently Rep. Earl Blumenauer's office hosted an event at Hosford, and three of our students were able to welcome him to the stage. We're proud of our Huskies! Blumenauer visit 1
    Blumenauer 2
    Asher, Maralee, Rep. Blumenauer, Naiobi and Ms. Westphal with her son Diego
  • Rising 6th Grade Info Night!

    Rising 6th Grade Info Night, Feb. 7 (6:30 - 8:00 PM), Hosford Middle School
    Hosford welcomes all families of incoming 6th grade students (2018-2019) to learn about our school. The evening begins with an informational session in the auditorium, and includes tours of the school. We hope to see you there.
  • Principal's Message January 2nd

    Dear Hosford Families:

    All 6th grades students in Portland Public Schools attend Outdoor School for a week during the academic year. Hosford's dates were just recently confirmed; they are May 13 - 18, and May 20 - 25. Science teachers will be sending out additional information to families during second semester. In the meantime, if you are curious, you may want to check out the Outdoor School website.


    Kristyn Westphal

    Principal, Hosford Middle School


  • Principal's Message, Dec. 11

    Dear Hosford Families:
    In keeping with national events, we have noticed a need this year for some additional education of students around respectful conduct vs. sexual harassment. It is very important to us to maintain a safe and welcoming environment for all students. We are currently doing some additional training with staff around how to interrupt any inappropriate comments or behaviors they may observe, as well as reporting immediately to school administration for our follow-up. We will be doing education with students in advisory in the new year around this issue, and providing some evening events for parents through our counselors. 
    We encourage you to have conversations about sexual harassment and respectful conduct with your student, whatever their gender, as students at this age receive many conflicting messages from culture and entertainment, and often do not fully understand what is okay and not okay. 
    All students should know:
  • November 6

    Principal's Updates
    Veterans Day
    Thank you to all of our community members who have served in the armed services. We appreciate your service.
    Grades Recognition at Hosford
    Dear Hosford Families:
    At Hosford, we know that learners progress at different rates, and we believe it is important to recognize both academic excellence, and progress towards academic excellence. This year, students are recognized quarterly for their grades (Highly Proficient and Proficient) as well as their effort (the Student Responsibilities comments that you will see on report cards.). Students can receive commendation in either or both of these categories.

Principal's List and Honor Roll

  • 1st Quarter Principal's List:

    Bronwyn Allabastro

    William Allen

    Hamdisa Amin

    Kiki Anderson

    Ryan Anthony

    Jack Aregood

    Una Arkley

    Bea Aulwes

    Henry Axon

    Jonah Ayers

    Gretta Baker

    Emmett Balmer

    Luke Balmer

    Griffin Barnes

    Alexander Bartlett

    Hazel Beard

    Katherine Beattie

    Nicolette Becker

    Olivia Bettineski

    Lydia Biggs

    Enzo Birk

    Ella Bisgard

    Cassidy Black

    Stella Blaha

    Alena Bland

    Mei Mei Boghossian

    Alice Bokman

    Claire Borrayo

    Elias Bouneff

    Magz Brooke-Hodge

    Elias Brown

    Rylan Brown

    Adelae Brunaugh

    Emma Buchanan

    Madeline Byhre

    Jun Campbell

    Niko Barnes

    Case Cavanaugh

    Sitara Cavett

    Alvin Chan

    Ya Jun Chau

    Hui Shan Chen

    Vincent Chen

    Elsa Chin

    Grace Chong

    Lila Christiansen

    Madeline Clegg

    Jamieson Collie Kavanaugh

    Eleanor Courcelle

    Tian Cowan-Ruth

    Rachel Cowley-Garcia

    Evelyn Cox

    Natalia Czinger

    Payton Davies

    Anli Davis

    Georgia De Thomas

    Favin Dentler

    Madeline Deweese

    Liana Dierickx

    Jago Dorn

    Kamalei Doswell

    Hannah Douglas

    Emma Dryden

    Nicholas Dryden

    Anne-Sophie Duckworth

    Jeremiah Duncklee

    Grace Easlon

    Madison Easlon

    Marisa Ebright-Jones

    Eli Eisman

    Amiel Elfert

    Angel Elparin

    Lillian Emrich

    Lily Emrich

    Jackson Estes

    Cole Favre

    Naomi Fertig

    Pascale Fisher-Cohen

    Eiman Fnu

    Liem Friel

    Amalia Galm

    Alyssa Galvan

    Lucas Gibson

    Ava Gilbert

    Lily Gillette

    Keyan Gilley

    Ren Gionet

    Evelyn Golla

    Vivienne Golomb

    Zeqiel Golomb

    Flannery Gonzales

    Darby Goodrich

    Jackson Graves

    Marissa Graves

    Stella Greenvoss

    Simone Guite

    Johnny Hale

    Piper Harmon

    Collin Harrington

    Ansel Harris Crowne

    David Hartnett

    Gavin Hartwig

    Finian Havens

    Luca Haverty

    Cooper Headrick

    June Healy

    Cody Ho

    Dang Ho

    Kaylee Ho

    Lucille Hoberg

    Amy Hoefer

    Fiona Holton

    Chloe Houlette

    Ellie Howard

    Avery Hubatch

    Eleanor Hudson

    Jillian Hunzeker

    Thomas Hurley

    Victor Huynh

    Joshua Inman

    Sophie Jacqmotte-Parks

    Lily Jaquiss

    Maxwell Jensen

    Chloe Jones

    Sophia Jordan

    Jiajia Joslin

    Rachel Kaufman

    Rachel Kertzner

    Iris Khatra

    Ming Kim

    Murenda Kim

    Tyler Kirkman

    Alexander Kishel

    Josaphine Knowles

    Georgia Knutson

    Julia Knutson

    Elijah Kohler

    Auden Koeneke

    Thoreau Kohles

    Victoria LaCourse

    Matilda Lally

    Peyton Lamberth

    Matthew Lannigan

    Marci Rose Lapsley

    Aria Lavenue

    Amelia Le

    Alessandra Lee

    Anders Lee

    Casey Lee

    Sean Lee

    Griffin Leese

    Aria Lee-Varan

    Vela Lehrkind

    Gianna Leider

    Celia Leitch

    Ada Leong

    Naomi Lewin

    Xiyuan Liang

    Sophie Locker

    Finn Lomas

    Emmanuel Lopez-Guerrero

    Mason Loveland

    Rita Lui

    Kyra Ly

    Shanelle Ma

    Tessa McFarlan

    Heinrich Madden

    Raymond Makinica

    Angelina Maldonado

    Naw Say mar

    Mar’Isha Martinez

    Ellie McAllister

    Owen McNary-Sprague

    Hector Mendoza Soto

    Cregan Millard

    Evangeline Miller

    Lincoln Miller

    Lirit Miller

    Owen Mills

    Aidan Moellering

    Eliza Mohan

    Wah Ri Moo

    Fergus Moore

    Estelle Morgan

    Madeline Murff

    Kalysta Nacoste

    Mickayla Neal

    Tibor Nelson

    Elizabeth Oakley

    James Oakley

    Thomas Oh

    Maximilian Ohotto

    Hay Oo

    Audrey Opsahl

    Mattias Osterberg

    Ella Ostrin

    Ellery Ott

    Aung Oway

    Riley Patlak

    Htee Moo Paw

    Ravit Pearlman

    Sarah Pender

    Audrey Peters

    Addison Pierce

    Beatrix Pike

    Matilda Pike

    Ariah Piper

    Makeda Polk

    Emily Powell

    Dyllon Prevost-Valik

    Elizabeth Pritchett

    Sabrina Pritchett

    Echo Ramirez

    Johanna Ritter West

    Penny Robertson

    Sophie Rodriguez-Brahms

    Xanthe Rollins

    Sadie Roraback-Meagher

    Solomon Rosenblatt

    Flannery Ross

    Devin Rounseville

    Zoe Rosewski

    Mia Ruhoff

    Hazel Saydak

    Aidan Schauer

    David Schauer

    Jacob Schroedel

    Wade Schroedel

    Ava Schroeder

    Oscar Seminario

    Alice Serchuk

    Vivian Sexton-Sayler

    Mya Shannon

    India Sharp

    Pearl Shetterly

    Aliyah Silverman

    Anika Sirois

    Zinnia Sirokman

    Callum Smeller

    Kelsey Smith

    Samantha Smith

    Ian Song

    Joshua Sonnichsen

    Gunnar Sorenson

    Isabel Sowieja

    Oliver Spain

    Zachary Stalcup

    Daniel Suhr

    Will Susak

    Anna Suydam

    Tucker Swinth

    Sydney Tall

    Helen Tenney

    Asher Tenud

    Silas Tewfik

    Calvin Thompson

    Elijah Tinker

    Stella Tinker

    Eric Toothakcer

    Eric Tran

    Stephen Treat

    Julian Ungar

    Kiona Vandenhooff

    Zoe Vanderwal

    Nathanael Vitorino

    Frances Vollert

    Keenan Wadnizak

    Stella Wadnizak

    Lila Wagner

    Meagan Wagner

    Say Doh Wah

    Elliot Walker

    George Ware

    Marley Ware

    Chloe Watters

    Noelani Weber

    Alexander Webster

    Emma Wei

    Jackson Weinberg

    Lucy Weinberg

    Leo Wheelock

    Hattie White

    Nora Whittaker

    Amelia Williams

    Piper Winder

    Andrew Wong

    Gabriella Wong

    Samantha Wong

    Sophia Wynn

    Jackson Yan-Moore

    Dashiell Yardumian

    Zoe Yasenchak

    Kiley Yuen

    Mandy Zhan

    Daisy Zlatnik


    1st Quarter Honor Roll:

    Laylah Arguelles

    Sheri Austen

    Ivy Baril

    Michael Bartell

    Charlotte Bayer

    Elizabeth Brauckmiller

    Emmett Brown

    Cindy Canul-Chan

    Stephan Carlock

    Blue Carlson

    Niko Carnes

    Jaeden Chen

    Connor Clarson

    Frank Connor

    Jackson Cooper

    Tian Cowan-Ruth

    Gillian Cuddihy

    Linus Cullins-Shaver

    Danny Danh

    Violet Dean

    Graham Dopierala

    Lucy Emens-Lingley

    Henry Foster

    Grace Gilbert

    Nathania Gonzalez-Maltos

    Amelia Haas

    Andreas Hampel

    Eamon Haverty

    Lauryn Ho

    Terence Holton

    Say Htoo

    Zidane Indarta

    Naomi Isenberg

    Tenzin Jamyang

    Peter Kohler

    Mia Kritzer

    Holly Lee-Dickman

    Quinn Leese

    Kevin Lui

    Aidan Macdougal

    Caleb Mast

    Vivian McMurray

    Giovanni Mederos

    Harry Moore

    Ketdaranee Mounsaveng

    Diego Moylan

    Naobi Neal

    Shea O’Brien

    Finbarr O’Connell

    David Okeley

    Julia Ormiston

    Mason Patrick

    Aidan Patterson

    Sabitra Pokhrel

    Mateo Posada

    Charlie Poulton

    Hadley Prevost-Valik

    Jordan Price

    Helen Pytynia-Hillier

    Robin Ramsdell

    Sylvie Rich

    Maiti Riley-Belew

    Ulises Rodriguez-


    Joseph Rogerson

    Freya Rozell

    Randy Ry

    Abigail Ryczek

    Sean Scafati

    Elsie Shinault

    Owen Steves

    Mary-Elizabeth Sturges

    Conor Suhr

    Penelope Sullivan

    Audrey Surbaugh

    Ingrid Szwaya

    Daniel Tran

    Elijah Urbaitel

    Saw Chri Wah

    Cyd Whitman

    Isaiah Wolochow


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