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Hosford News

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  • 2018-19 Bell Schedule

    Dear Hosford Families:

    As we begin the process of building our master schedule for next year, we want to make sure you understand how district changes at the middle school level will look next year in terms of your student's schedule and our daily Hosford bell schedule.

    Students take 6 classes per semester. They also have one lunch period. There is no advisory.

    The 2018-2019 bell schedule is as follows:

  • Spring HEAT registration is open!

    Classes begin the first week after Spring Break and run for 9 weeks. Most classes are held at Hosford unless otherwise noted.

    Sign up today!

    Flex your creative mind in Architecture: House of Cards with Jeff Hartnett, make some noise in Latin Percussion Basics with Hosford Spanish teacher Mr Agvanian, or learn a new language and culture in Japanese with native speaker Toyoko Becker.

    Check out Coding Club with Ms Suydam- for beginners and experienced coders!

    Start your day with Gentle Morning Yoga. Try Fencing with the Oregon Fencing Alliance. or join the 5th/6th, 7th or 8th Grade Volleyball Team- open to all boys and girls.

    Try out Sketch Comedy with the Portland Youth Performance Academy on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

    Get cooking with Beth Gates in Cooking Club- taught in the St David of Wale's kitchen.

    Hone your speaking skills with the famous Hosford Speech & Debate Team.

    HEAT classes are for everyone! Ask about scholarships and reduced rates.
    Register online here
  • HEART of Portland

    March 19th, 2018
    Dear Parents & Students of Hosford Middle School:
    I’m thrilled to announce that Scott Johnston and the Hosford music program have been invited to perform in The HEART of Portland: A PPS K-12 Arts Showcase at the Portland Art Museum in the Kridel Grand Ballroom on Wednesday, April 11th at 6:30pm. This evening reception performance will showcase music, dance and theatre in the main ballroom to kick off a two-week, 90-piece visual arts gallery hosted by the museum.
    In its fourth year, The HEART of Portland performance is an avenue for PPS to thank taxpayers for their generous support and investment in arts education. In addition, the show will bring ample amounts of exposure to your school’s music program and raise the profile of arts education in Portland. Attendees for the evening will include school board members, the superintendent and several keystone figures from Portland’s arts, media and political sectors.  The show is free to all who attend. Bring family and friends!

    From a logistical standpoint, you’ll receive a detailed itinerary for the night of the show that will give specific information about when your child needs to report for the show and general performance notes. You can expect to receive that next week.

    Again, congratulations on being accepted to perform in The HEART of Portland! I’ll be in touch soon.

    Warm regards,
    Kristen Brayson
    PPS Arts TOSA (Teacher On Special Assignment)
  • Student Protest for Safety: March 14

    Thank you to parent Melissa Toledo for providing pictures of our Student Protest on March 14. You can find more photos here.
    Hosford Student Walk-Out
  • Hosford Advanced Band invited to HEART of Portland!

    Dear Parents & Students of Hosford Middle School:

    I’m thrilled to announce that Scott Johnston and the Hosford music program have been invited to perform in The HEART of Portland: A PPS K-12 Arts Showcase at the Portland Art Museum in the Kridel Grand Ballroom on Wednesday, April 11th at 6:30pm. This evening reception performance will showcase music, dance and theatre in the main ballroom to kick off a two-week, 90-piece visual arts gallery hosted by the museum.

  • Principal's Message 3-5

    Dear Hosford Parents,
    We are excited to see you at Student-Led Conferences this coming Wednesday, March 7. Everyone should have a final appointment time set with their student's advisory teacher (we have sent home invitations and teachers have reached out via email/phone). If you still need an appointment, please contact your student's advisory teacher. Not sure who this is, or need other assistance? Contact our office at 503-916-5640
    At Hosford, our values are: Friendship - Learning - Commitment. During Student-Led Conferences, students demonstrate commitment to the importance of growing in their learning over time by sharing what they have learned with their families.This is an all-school learning event, and all students are expected to participate.
    Students have been preparing for their conferences in core content and advisory classes during February, and will be presenting their work from Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Science classes (many will also share elective work).
    There is no school on March 7 to allow for conferences all day.

    Kristyn Westphal
  • Principal's Message 2-12-18

    February 12th, 2018 
    Dear Hosford Families:
    Student-led conferences are coming up on March 7. You will be receiving a printed invitation next week, backpacked home from your student's advisory teacher, and teachers will finalize appointment times with families later this month. At Hosford, our values are: Friendship - Learning - Commitment. During Student-Led Conferences, students demonstrate commitment to the importance of growing in their learning over time by sharing what they have learned with their families. This is an all-school learning event, and all students are expected to participate. Students are preparing in core content and advisory classes during February, and will be presenting their work from Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Science classes. Conferences are hosted through advisory teacher. We will continue to send reminders throughout February, as we want all families to participate. There is no school this day to allow for conferences all day.
    Kristyn Westphal
    Principal, Hosford Middle School
  • 8th Grade End of Year Events

    Here are the tentative dates for the end of the year events for our 8th grade class:

    1 8th grade Celebration Dance 5-7 PM (Cafeteria)

    4 Staff/Student Kickball Game, 4 PM

    4-5 Locker Cleanout

    5 Quarterly Recognition Assembly

    7 Yearbook signing (blacktop)/Clap Out

    7 2nd Promotion practice at CHS, 2:15 PM

    7 Promotion at CHS, 7-8:30 pm

    8 Oaks Park Field Trip (8th graders) 9:30 - 3:30 PM
  • Principal's Message 1-28

    Dear Hosford Families:

    Monday, January 29 is a teacher planning day; no school for students. The HMS Office will be closed, as it is also a district training day for all classified staff (secretaries, paraeducators, and others).

    Exclusion day for state required immunizations is Wednesday, February 21, 2018. Students who are not current will not be able to attend school until their records are complete. Letters will be mailed the first week of February to parents whose children are incomplete and will be excluded if not updated by February 21, 2018. Please arrange for your child to receive needed immunizations so that they can remain in school.

    If you need assistance in locating a health care provider or clinic site, please contact your school nurse.

    Kristyn Westphal

    Principal, Hosford Middle School
  • Rep. Earl Blumenauer at Hosford!

    Recently Rep. Earl Blumenauer's office hosted an event at Hosford, and three of our students were able to welcome him to the stage. We're proud of our Huskies! Blumenauer visit 1
    Blumenauer 2
    Asher, Maralee, Rep. Blumenauer, Naiobi and Ms. Westphal with her son Diego
  • Principal's Message January 2nd

    Dear Hosford Families:

    All 6th grades students in Portland Public Schools attend Outdoor School for a week during the academic year. Hosford's dates were just recently confirmed; they are May 13 - 18, and May 20 - 25. Science teachers will be sending out additional information to families during second semester. In the meantime, if you are curious, you may want to check out the Outdoor School website.


    Kristyn Westphal

    Principal, Hosford Middle School


  • Principal's Message, Dec. 11

    Dear Hosford Families:
    In keeping with national events, we have noticed a need this year for some additional education of students around respectful conduct vs. sexual harassment. It is very important to us to maintain a safe and welcoming environment for all students. We are currently doing some additional training with staff around how to interrupt any inappropriate comments or behaviors they may observe, as well as reporting immediately to school administration for our follow-up. We will be doing education with students in advisory in the new year around this issue, and providing some evening events for parents through our counselors. 
    We encourage you to have conversations about sexual harassment and respectful conduct with your student, whatever their gender, as students at this age receive many conflicting messages from culture and entertainment, and often do not fully understand what is okay and not okay. 
    All students should know:
  • November 6

    Principal's Updates
    Veterans Day
    Thank you to all of our community members who have served in the armed services. We appreciate your service.
    Grades Recognition at Hosford
    Dear Hosford Families:
    At Hosford, we know that learners progress at different rates, and we believe it is important to recognize both academic excellence, and progress towards academic excellence. This year, students are recognized quarterly for their grades (Highly Proficient and Proficient) as well as their effort (the Student Responsibilities comments that you will see on report cards.). Students can receive commendation in either or both of these categories.

Principal's List & Honor Roll

  • 2nd Quarter Principal's List:

    Allabastro, Bronwyn I.
    Allen, William E.
    Amin, Hamdisa A.
    Amoni-Daro, Delphina F.
    Anderson, Samuel S.
    Anthony, Ryan K.
    Aregood, Jack M. IV
    Arkley, Una L.
    Arquit, Gavin O.
    Aulwes, Beatrice E.
    Axon, Henry W.
    Ayers, Jonah
    Baird, Zeke C.
    Baker, Gretta E.
    Balmer, Emmett A.
    Balmer, Luke M.
    Barnes, Griffin W.
    Bartell, Michael M.
    Bartlett, Alexander L.
    Basart, Lilah R.
    Beard, Hazel X.
    Beattie, Katherine H.
    Becker, Nicolette M.
    Beeaker, Finn C.
    Bettineski, Olivia L.
    Bieler, Sophia B.
    Biggs, Lydia A.
    Birk, Enzo B.
    Bisgard, Ella G.
    Bittar, Logan T.
    Black, Cassidy I.
    Blaha, Stella J.
    Bland, Alena M.
    Boghossian, Ramela R.
    Bohus, Frank P.
    Bokman, Alice L.
    Borrayo, Claire M.
    Bouillion, Orion H.
    Brauckmiller, Isabelle L.
    Brooke-Hodge, Margaret H.
    Brown, Elias B.
    Brown, Emmett D.
    Brown, Rylan T.
    Brunaugh, Adelae R.
    Brunaugh, Cyrus R.
    Buchanan, Emma J.
    Byhre, Madeline R.
    Callahan, Henry S.
    Campbell, Jun L.
    Carlson, Blue L.
    Carnes, Niko S.
    Cavanaugh, Case A.
    Cavett, Sitara J.
    Cervantes, Brisa A.
    Chan, Alvin J.
    Chau, Crystal
    Chau, Ya Jun
    Chen, Hui Shan H.
    Chen, Vincent
    Chin, Elsa R.
    Chong, Grace
    Christiansen, Lila L.
    Christy-Willingham, Remy J.
    Clegg, Madeline R.
    Collie Kavanaugh, Jamieson F.
    Cooper, Jackson B.
    Cornejo, Xiola B.
    Courcelle, Eleanor J.
    Cowan-Ruth, Tian B.
    Czinger, Natalia A.
    Dallas, Angus W.
    Daniell, Ceazar E.
    Davies, Payton C.
    Davis, Anli L.
    Davis, Colby S.
    Davis, Emily D.
    Dean, Hank Q.
    Dean, Violet C.
    Deweese, Madeline R.
    Dierickx, Liana X.
    Dopierala, Graham W.
    Dorn, Jago P.
    Doswell, Kamalei O.
    Douglas, Hannah N.
    Dryden, Emma L.
    Dryden, Nicholas
    Duckworth, Anne-Sophie M.
    Duckworth, Maxime A.
    Duncklee, Jeremiah W.
    Easlon, Grace M.
    Ebright-Jones, Marisa A.
    Elder, Sebastian E.
    Elfert, Amiel
    Elparin, Alex E.
    Emens-Lingley, Lucy J.
    Emrich, Lillian J.
    Engelmann, Isaac S.
    English, Bailey A.
    Estes, Jackson J. JR
    Falk, Jeremy R.
    Favre, Cole R.
    Ferguson-Pearson, Richard L.
    Fertig, Naomi L.
    Fisher-Cohen, Pascale A.
    Fong, Caleb R.
    Foster, Henry B.
    Friel, Liem J.
    Galm, Amalia S.
    Galvan, Alyssa M.
    Gibson, Lucas A.
    Gilbert, Ava M.
    Gilbert, Grace L.
    Gillespie, Kennidee S.
    Gillette, Lily M.
    Gilley, Keyan
    Gionet, Ren P.
    Golla, Evelyn M.
    Golomb, Vivienne B.
    Golomb, Zeqiel C.
    Gonzales, Flannery J.
    Goodrich, Darby R.
    Gosnell, Moso P.
    Gramlich, Breanna L.
    Graves, Jackson A.
    Graves, Marissa K.
    Greenbaum, Joseph O.
    Guite, Simone W.
    Hale, John I.
    Hall, Hattie C.
    Hampel, Andreas W.
    Harmon, Piper M.
    Harrington, Collin C.
    Harris Crowne, Ansel
    Hartnett, David
    Hartwig, Gavin D.
    Haverty, Eamon M.
    Haverty, Luca W.
    Headrick, Cooper C.
    Healy, June P.
    Herring, Liam P.
    Ho, Cody G.
    Ho, Dang N.
    Ho, Hui Zhi K.
    Ho, Kaylee H.
    Ho, Lauryn E.
    Hoberg, Lucille K.
    Hofstetter, Jazmine M.
    Holton, Fiona B.
    Holton, Terence O.
    Howard, Ellie X.
    Hubatch, Avery J.
    Hudson, Eleanor E.
    Hunzeker, Jillian J.
    Hurley, Thomas R.
    Huynh, Victor V.
    Isenberg, Naomi M.
    Jacqmotte-Parks, Sophie J.
    Jamyang, Tenzin
    Jaquiss, Lily G.
    Jenkins, Jessica S.
    Jensen, Maxwell C.
    Johnsen, Benjamin J.
    Jones, Chloe M.
    Jordan, Sophia A.
    Joslin, Jiayan K.
    Kaufman, Rachel S.
    Kelleman, Julie L.
    Kertzner, Rachel R.
    Khatra, Iris G.
    Kim, Murenda M.
    Kin, Lucy S.
    Kirkman, Tyler D.
    Kishel, Alexander J.
    Knowles, Josaphine X.
    Knutson, Georgia R.
    Knutson, Julia C.
    Koehler, Elijah N.
    Koehler, Elsie L.
    Koeneke, Auden A.
    Kohler, Peter L.
    Kohles, Thoreau N.
    Korin, Amaya R.
    Kritzer, Mia P.
    Lally, Matilda Q.
    Lamberth, Peyton S.
    Landis, Dalton J.
    Lannigan, Matthew J.
    Lapsley, Marcia R.
    Lavenue, Aria E.
    Le, Amelia S.
    Leavenworth, Jeremiah D.
    Lee-Dickman, Holly L.
    Lee-Varan, Aria K.
    Lee, Casey S.
    Lee, Hyun-Chan
    Lee, Sean D.
    Lee, Yebin
    Leese, Griffin W.
    Leese, Quinn M.
    Lefferts, Tristan J.
    Lehrkind, Vela K.
    Leider, Gianna R.
    Leitch, Celia L.
    Lemus-Pineda, Hilary J.
    Lewin, Naomi J.
    Liang, Xiyuan
    Liu, Dafu
    Locker, Sophie R.
    Lomas, Finn O.
    Loveland, Mason R.
    Lui, Rita S.
    Ly, Kyra R.
    MacFarlan, Tessa X.
    Madden, Heinrich P.
    Makinica, Raymond Floyd S.
    Mar, Naw Say
    Martinez, Mar' Isha M.
    Martinez, Maralee M.
    Mast, Caleb N.
    McAllister, Ellie G.
    McKell, Bryant A.
    McMurray, Vivian L.
    McNary-Sprague, Owen G.
    Miller Suarez, Yeimy L.
    Miller, Evangeline J.
    Miller, Lincoln J.
    Miller, Lirit M.
    Mills, Owen M.
    Mills, Payton R.
    Mishler, Franklin F.
    Moe, Nolan D.
    Moellering, Aidan H.
    Moo, Wah Ri
    Moore, Fergus W.
    Morgan, Estelle R.
    Murff, Madeline L.
    Narciso, John Francis O.
    Nelson, Tibor J.
    Nolan, Orion L.
    O'Brien, Shea C.
    O'Connell, Finbarr J.
    O'Connor, Aidan P.
    Oakley, Elizabeth C.
    Oakley, James J.
    Oh, Thomas Y.
    Ohotto, Maximilian A.
    Okeley, David A.
    Oo, Hay M.
    Opsahl, Audrey R.
    Ormiston, Julia X.
    Ostrin, Ella F.
    Ott, Ellery D.
    Oway, Aung S.
    Owens, Jackson C.
    Padulo, Edie E.
    Patlak, Riley D.
    Patrick, Mason W.
    Patterson, Aidan J.
    Paw, Htee Moo
    Pearlman, Ravit Y.
    Pender, Sarah D.
    Peters, Audrey N.
    Pham, Jenna
    Pierce, Addison M.
    Pike, Beatrix
    Pike, Matilda L.
    Piper, Ariah E.
    Polk, Makeda G.
    Posada, Mateo N.
    Powell, Emily G.
    Prevost-Valik, Dyllon R.
    Prevost-Valik, Hadley M.
    Price, Jordan K.
    Pritchett, Elizabeth M.
    Pritchett, Sabrina L.
    Pytynia-Hillier, Helen M.
    Raggett, Hugh C.
    Ramos, Jakob Z.
    Rich, Sylvie L.
    Ritter West, Johanna L.
    Roberts, Rowan L.
    Robertson, David H.
    Robertson, Penny H.
    Rodriguez-Brahms, Frida S.
    Rogerson, Joseph M.
    Rollins, Xanthe E.
    Roraback-Meagher, Sadie M.
    Rosenblatt, Solomon L.
    Ross, Flannery B.
    Rounseville, Devin A.
    Rozell, Freya A.
    Rozewski, Zoe J.
    Rueangdetnarong, Veerachit
    Ruecker, Fitz T.
    Ruhoff, Mia M.
    Ry, Randy D.
    Santos Valerio, Jonathan
    Saydak, Hazel B.
    Schauer, Aidan J.
    Schauer, David B.
    Schroedel, Jacob H.
    Schroedel, Wade J.
    Schroeder, Ava G.
    Seminario, Oscar F.
    Serchuk, Alice M.
    Sexton-Sayler, Vivian K.
    Shannon, Mya M.
    Sharp, India
    Shaykin, Sergio O.
    Shee, Abdallah A.
    Shetterly, Pearl M.
    Shi, Katelyn
    Shilling, Selena G.
    Silverman, Aliyah P.
    Simpson, Charlotte
    Sirois, Anika R.
    Sirokman, Zinnia O.
    Smith, Kelsey E.
    Smith, Samantha D.
    Song, Ian Y.
    Sonnichsen, Joshua W.
    Sorenson, Gunnar P.
    Soto, Guillermo M.
    Sowieja, Isabel J.
    Spain, Oliver S.
    Sprando, Anthony J.
    Stalcup, Zachary A.
    Steves, Owen T.
    Sturges, Mary-Elizabeth T.
    Suhr, Daniel T.
    Sullivan, Penelope G.
    Surbaugh, Audrey M.
    Susak, Will J.
    Suydam, Anna K.
    Swinth, Tucker J.
    Tenney, Helen M.
    Tenud, Asher L.
    Thompson, Calvin C.
    Tinker, Elijah J.
    Tinker, Stella C.
    Titus, Addisen M.
    Tonn, Kelsi N.
    Toothaker, Eric C.
    Tran, Daniel A.
    Tran, Eric T.
    Treat, Stephen W.
    Tugdul, Dorjee A.
    Ungar, Julian D.
    Urbaitel, Elijah
    Vanderwal, Zoe I.
    Venneri, Luciano E.
    Vitorino, Nathanael J.
    Vollert, Frances M.
    Wadnizak, Keenan J.
    Wadnizak, Stella J.
    Wagner, Lila J.
    Wah, Say Doh
    Walker, Elliot C.
    Walsh, Sebastian E.
    Ware, George H.
    Watters, Chloe S.
    Webster, Alexander G.
    Wei, Emma W.
    Weinberg, Jackson J.
    Weinberg, Lucy A.
    White, Hattie S.
    White, Oliver G.
    Whitman, Cyd X.
    Whittaker, Nora F.
    Williams, Amelia R.
    Winder, Piper M.
    Wong, Andrew K.
    Wong, Gabriella L.
    Wong, Nathaniel B.
    Wong, Samantha C.
    Wynn, Sophia E.
    Yan-Moore, Jackson R.
    Yardumian, Dashiell T.
    Yasenchak, Zoe R.
    Yuen, Kiley S.
    Zhan, Mandy
    Zhen, Jia Qiang


    1st Quarter Honor Roll:

    Arguelles, Laylah A.
    Austen, Sheri N.
    Bass, Martin A. JR
    Batiste-Wyatt, Tevian
    Bayer, Charlotte A.
    Beattie, Alexander J.
    Bernert, Mea J.
    Bouneff, Elias C.
    Bowser, Emma J.
    Carlson, Olivia Y.
    Chen, Jaeden M.
    Cox, Evelyn M.
    Cruz-Quijada, Jordan A.
    Cuddihy, Gillian B.
    Cullins-Shaver, Linus R.
    Danh, Danny
    Davis, Astarte V.
    De La Cruz, Frida A.
    De Thomas, Georgia B.
    DeMoss, Jonathan C.
    Dentler, Favin A.
    Douglas, Camilla N.
    Dunn, Marlow M.
    Fox, Logan P.
    Frantz, Beatrix M.
    Gerber, Nathan S.
    Gonzalez-Maltos, Nathania Y.
    Haas, Amelia A.
    Haynes, Kamrin D.
    Hoefer, Amy E.
    Houlette, Chloe R.
    Htoo, Say K.
    Indarta, Zidane
    Johnson, Charles H.
    Jorgenson, Bailey P.
    Kennedy, Roman J.
    Lego, Nadia J.
    Lopez-Guerrero, Emmanuel J.
    Lui, Kevin Y.
    Maldonado, Angelina K.
    Mederos, Giovanni
    Medford, Logan M.
    Miller, Richard I.
    Morin, Victoria J.
    Moylan, Diego
    Neal, Mickayla V.
    Neal, Naiobi N.
    Nixon-Ingram, Kaliyah Y.
    Nong, Roman L.
    Obrezha, Samuel D.
    Pokhrel, Sabitra
    Poulton, Charlie J.
    Ramirez, Echo O.
    Ramsdell, Robin K.
    Richard, Rochelle S.
    Richter, Adin M.
    Ryan-Fisch, Sean R.
    Ryczek, Abigail R.
    Scafati, Sean A.
    Simmons, Zackary I.
    Sliter, Quinn M.
    Smeller, Callum J.
    Smeller, Connor J.
    Sterling, Mackenzie D.
    Suhr, Conor J.
    Swanson, Robert M.
    Talasow, Ibrahim D.
    Tall, Sydney A.
    Tillis, Jon'na R.
    Tupou, Taniela
    Vandenhooff, Kiona C.
    Vuong, Phuong T.
    Wagner, Meagan T.
    Wah, Saw Chri
    Wang, Kailai
    Ware, Marley J.
    Weber, Noelani C.
    Wolochow, Isaiah D.
    Zlatnik, Daisy A.


    2nd Quarter Growth Nomination Recipients:

    (Students are nominated by teachers for their phenomenal academic and/or social growth during quarter 2)

    AVID: The WHOLE Class!
    Anthony, Ryan
    Bartleson, Ruby
    Batiste-Wyatt, Kambrian
    Batiste-Wyatt, Tevian
    Beattie, Alexander
    Beckstead, Asia
    Bland, Alena
    Callahan, Henry
    Crisafulli, Kiana
    Cullins-Shaver, Linus
    Davis, Astarte
    Dean, Hank
    Diaz Correa, Alexza
    Estrada Gomez, Jonathan
    Gramlich, Breanna
    Huang, Takara
    Knowles, Josaphine
    Lefferts, Tristan
    Lego, Asher (received 2 teacher nominations!)
    Mast, Caleb
    Mendoza, Hector
    Miller Suarez, Yeimy
    Moe, Nolan
    Monroe, Miles
    Nolan, Orion
    Obrezha, Samuel
    Pokhrel, Sabitra
    Poole, Keturah
    Prentice, Mya
    Shee, Abdallah (received 3 teacher nominations!)
    Sirokman, Zinnia
    Soto, Guillermo (Memo)
    Talasow, Ibrahim
    Thach, Andrew
    Wolochow, Isaiah
    Wong, Gabby
    Zhen, Jia Qiang

District News

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  • PPS central office reorganization

    Español| Tiếng Việt| 中文| Русский| Soomaali

    Dear PPS community,

    Six months ago, the Board of Directors and the Portland community entrusted in me the privilege and responsibility to help build and transform a public school system that guarantees equitable access, opportunity, and outcomes for all of our students. With your support and leadership, we are on a forward mission to build a system that is equity-focused and student-centered. Our challenge is to ensure that every student in our district receives an outstanding educational experience, one that prepares them to work, live and thrive in our incredible city. 

  • Sports update: Multiple PIL players earn All-State basketball honors

    The Portland Interscholastic League’s strong run in the state basketball tournaments was reflected in the Class 6A All-State teams. Three PIL boys and two girls were chosen to the first team in a ballot of the state’s coaches, as compiled by The Oregonian/OregonLive.

  • Message on April 20 student walkouts

    Español| Tiếng Việt| 中文| Русский| Soomaali

    Dear PPS Community,

    Please know that in collaboration with school administrators, district leadership actively monitored the hundreds of mostly middle and high school students who walked out of our schools today as part of a national demonstration against violence in schools. I am pleased to say that, by all reports, this was a peaceful and respectful event with no serious incidents. While these actions were not district-sponsored activity, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all who helped keep students safe, starting with the students themselves who remained organized, calm and intentional throughout. Others who helped include Portland police, PPS security, and other PPS staff. Thank you all.

  • New principals roundup

    Español| Tiếng Việt| 中文| Русский| Soomaali

    The following new principals for the 2018-19 school year have been announced. New principal announcements will be posted on our leadership page as they become official.