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Family Bulletin

  • Kelly Family Bulletin
    October 8, 2017
    TAG Parent Meeting
    Please join us for TAG Family Meeting on Tuesday, October 10th, 6:00 – 6:30, in the Kelly Library.  We will have a presentation about PPS and Kelly TAG programs. We will also discuss the Identification process, services available to TAG students, TAG plans, and more. Snacks will be provided.
    Kelly Running Club begins October 17th!
    What: Running club will be open to any students in 1st-5th grades (kindergarteners may join with an adult guardian present) that would like to participate in strength and endurance training by running laps around the field on the Kelly playground in the morning.
    Schedule :
    8:00 Check in, stretch, warm up
    8:05 Begin running laps
    8:20 Cool down and stretch
    8:30 Check out - student will enter the building with their classmates to receive breakfast
    When: Tuesday mornings from 8:00am-8:30.
    Volunteers: There will be 2 parent volunteers present every morning in addition to Coach Carly. These volunteers will be helping keep track of student laps as well as leading students to the building when running club is over. If you would like to volunteer also, please email Coach Carly (
    Transportation: No transportation will be provided or coordinated by Playworks to running club.
    Registration forms: registration forms must be turned into Coach Carly before your student will be allowed to participate in running club.
    How to Register:
    1. Fill out the Registration Form (must have a parent/guardian signature)
    2. Return Registration Form to your Coach Carly.
    Attendance Matters! 
    17% of Kelly students currently have chronic or severe attendance issues making them at risk to fall behind academically. Chronic late arrivals and early dismissal also have a negative impact on your child's education experience and impact the entire classroom community. The beginning and end of the school are vital times of the day where teachers set the tone for the day and wrap up the days events and solidify learning. Kelly has a Student Attendance Review Team that meets regularly to help students and families improve attendance. If you need assistance in improving your child's attendance, don't hesitate to reach out to one of our school counselors, Molly or Daina. 
    Fill out the to-date Volunteer Interest/Skills Form, so we can see more of you on campus!
    Interested in volunteering in your school and community? Please see fill out the linked survey so that we can help connect you with volunteer opportunities here at Kelly. 
    We are making an effort to consolidate the information we have on parent and community volunteers. If you have already filled out a form to be a volunteer at the school, we still please ask that you fill this out because it supersedes anything we've put out in the past. 
    If you prefer to fill this out on paper, you it should have made it into your child's backpack this Friday, and there are always more copies available at the SUN office.