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  • Community News - January 19, 2018

    Hello wonderful Vestal Community-

    It is hard to believe we are wrapping up the 2nd quarter of school already...half way! A few weeks ago, I shared some school wide behavior data that shows our focus on positive behavior expectations is working well and that we are responding to students who need additional support. 

    This weeks notes will focus on our academic realities in READING. As of our most current data, we have about 35% of our students, K-8, who are below grade level  in reading....this calls for action! If you have questions about the support your child/ren is receiving, please ask the classroom teacher for more details.

    Below you will see the support/intervention plan for different grade levels-

    K-2- Reading Intervention comes through guided reading during workshop, Reading Results, Project Read and ERI.

    3-5- We will begin a 6 week, additional 30 minute intervention called Read for Real (non-fiction, comprehension based program) for our 3-5th graders. If your student will be a part of this, their teacher will let you know. This will involve 7 adults (myself included!) teaching small groups of students 4 days/week from 1:45-2:15.

    6th grade- Interventions will occur within the LA class period

    7th/8th- We will be INVITING 7th/8th graders to participate in a 2nd semester Enrichment course that will be both Read for Real and cooking! Ms. Miller will teach this course 6th period. These students and families will need to accept the invitation in order to be included. I see this as an urgent, essential support for our oldest students to receive before moving on to either High School or Roseway Heights Middle next year!

    As we move forward each and every day, we are working to strengthen our community of Safe, Kind, Learners! Thank you for your on-going support of our work!

    Thank you, as always, for sharing your awesome kids with us!

    Sabrina Flamoe



    Vestal Community Art Night is POSTPONED!

    PTA Movie Night

    Friday, February 16 is Vestal Family Movie Night.  Mark that evening in your calendars and keep an eye out for more details including this year's movie selection.

    Rock, Paper, Soiree!

    Planning is underway for the March 17 Rock, Paper, Soiree fundraiser to support the Playworks program.  There are many ways you can help make this year's event a success:

    1. Mark the date (March 17) in your calendar and purchase tickets when they become available (more on that in 2018).

    2. Make sure your families, friends and neighbors do the same.  This event is open to the broader Vestal Community.

    3. Join the planning committee.

    4. Make a donation for the silent auction.  Are you a good cook? Donate a dinner for four.  Skillful knitter or woodworker? Contribute something you've crafted. Have tickets to the Blazers or Timbers? Offer a few up for bidding.  Whether it's a talent you have or an experience you can share, consider supporting this year's fundraiser!

    Contact us at for more information!


    Talented and Gifted (TAG) Program update:

    The second Vestal TAG information night was held on Thursday, January 11, 2018.  Several interested families participated, along with two teachers (Anna DeVille, Kindergarten, Morgan Whitney, 1st Grade).  Vestal's TAG Plan was discussed and a plan was made to create a TAG Steering Committee.  If you would like to volunteer for this committee, please email Diana Kruger, Vestal's TAG Coordinator (  The TAG Steering Committee will work to decide on educational events that will serve Vestal and it's TAG students.  Please also note that there will be a TAG Family OMSI Night on April 2, 2018 from 6:00 - 8:00 PM.  OMSI will be open for an evening of fun and exploration for PPS TAG students and their families with free admission and free parking for TAG students and families.  No sign up or check in required.  For any questions about TAG please reach out to Diana Kruger at  

  • Community News - January 12, 2018

    Hello to all on this gray, rainy January day! Next week is full and busy and has a few unusual events, so please take a look below:

    Monday- NO SCHOOL*** MLK Jr. Day

    Tuesday-SUN School starts and PTA Mtg. with Sen. Denbrow, please come support Vestal by sharing who we are and what we need! Day Care provided.

    Wednesday- Late Start- School begins at 10:00

    Thursday-PTA ART Night 

    Friday-Hopefully just a nice, calm day:)

    Upcoming date to note- Jan. 23rd is our next Community Dinner...we had a great turn out last time (But we did run out of food...this time we will have MORE!) I hope many can attend!

    As always, it is our pleasure to teach and care for your amazing kids every day at Vestal! Thank you for trusting us:)

    Just a reminder...if you have questions, concerns, door is always open!

    Sabrina Flamoe

  • Community News - January 5, 2017

    Hello Vestal Community~

    It has been so lovely to have everyone back at school-I have not been able to take pictures (having phone issues!) BUT I can guarantee you I have been seeing reading, writing, math, and community building happening all across the school! It was delightful to visit each classroom on Tuesday. Literally EVERY class full of students was busy and back in the swing of the school day!

    January always brings interesting weather...this week has been pretty cold out. We love to get the kids outside for Playworks, garden, and recess whenever possible, so please make sure your kiddo brings warm clothing for being outside. If warm clothes are needed, please let me know and we will supply!

    Behavior check in---our staff took some time this past Tuesday at our staff meeting to look at our behavior data from the beginning of the year through to the end of December. We were very excited and pleased to see that our data matches the goal for any school community. The goal is to have about 80% of students in Tier 1, meaning 80% of students respond well and successfully to the behavior taught and reinforced school wide. For Vestal, that means our SKL's or Safe, Kind, Learner expectations. The goal is to have around 8%-12% in what is called Tier 2. This is when about 8%-12% of students need some additional teaching and support to be successful at school. The expectation for Tier 3 is that about 5-10% of students will need individualized support plans of some kind in order to be successful at school. Again, I am happy to share that Vestal data shows that we have:

    84% in Tier 1.....9% in Tier 2....and 7% in Tier 3

    Our staff will continue to focus on supporting safe, kind, behaviors. Thank you for your support at home, as well!

    Mark your calendar- our next Community Dinner is Jan. 24th---a change of date from the paper school calendar. Please try to come! It is a fun and interesting way to connect with our community. Child care and dinner is provided!

    As always, we the Vestal staff, are thankful for entrusting your kiddos to us every day!

    Sabrina Flamoe

  • Community New - January 2, 2018

    Welcome to 2018, Vestal Community!

    We are so looking forward to seeing your kids in the morning.

    This January, our Vestal Value is we will be talking, teaching, and learning about sticking with something even when it is difficult. Please support our work by talking with your child/ren about when you notice them sticking with a project even when it is hard and sharing a time you have had to persevere through a challenge. Sometimes, even getting up and to school each day requires perseverance!

    I would also like to extend an invitation and reminder to please be in contact with your child/ren's teacher...especially if this winter break has brought challenges or changes to your family, or if your kiddo struggles with the transition back to school. We want o be able to support each student the very best we can!

    It looks like we will begin the year with dry, sunny weather (Yeah!) so please make sure to send your kids with jackets for recess!

    With peace and hope for a terrific 2018,

    Sabrina Flamoe


  • Hello families and welcome to the beautiful Vestal community-


    Vestal is an ethnically, linguistically, economically diverse school community.

    We are committed to school being a center of our neighborhood community.

    Every student and staff member at Vestal is committed to being a safe, kind, learner each day.

    We value the learning process of every human being…no matter their age.

    We invite you to join us in our on-going learning!


    Sincerely, Sabrina Flamoe

    Vestal K-8 Principal

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