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Our richly-diverse community nurtures life-long learning to support all students
in achieving their very highest educational and personal potential.

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  • Roseway Heights News

    Vestal 5th - 7th Grade Families. PPS has created a website to keep you up to date on the planning for the opening of Roseway Heights in the Fall of 2018. 

    Upcoming Community Engagement Events


    Each school will hold monthly community meetings where families can learn about and participate in the process:

     Roseway Heights: A schedule of the meetings in which parents and families can receive updates, ask questions and help build the identity of the new middle school

    -- Soomaali
    -- Español
    -- Tiếng Việt

    Next event: Community meeting Tuesday, Dec. 12, 6-8 at Roseway Heights School, 7334 Northeast Siskyou. Hear updates and begin discussing opportunities for family and community members to shape the future of our school. Dinner served 6-6:30 p.m., meeting to follow.

  • Community News - December 7, 2017

    Hello Vestal community-

    It is so hard to believe that next week is our last before Winter shouldn't be that surprising as this week's cold weather has been a stark reminder, but I feel like it was just a week or two ago that we were painting the playground in sweltering heat!

    As we move into next week, just a reminder that our Vestal value is Kindness. Winter Break can means lots of different realities for different people. Be kind to everyone, as we never know the whole backstory. It is my belief that everyone is trying their best to live their best life. Please remind your children to be kind to others . We have been having some students say some unkind words to others and while we try our best to make repairs, it is a good time to remind kids that words really truly can hurt. Every day at Vestal, I also hear kids encouraging their friends, offering help to others, and being kind in small ways. We continue to celebrate each small kindness and use any opportunity we can to teach kindness. Thank you for your support of us!

    December 15th will be our Community Celebration. K-5 is at 1:00 in our beautiful auditorium, families are invited to sit up in the balcony!

    Looking forward to next many of you know Vestal will truly be saying good bye to our oldest students, as our 6-8th grade will move to Roseway Height Middle School! There will be many opportunities for families of current 5th-7th graders to earn more about this big transition. Please watch here for news about upcoming meetings...the district is now moving quickly ahead with logistics, staffing, planning, and all things middle school!

    For Vestal- I have exciting news to share (this will soon be public)...Vestal will be home to at least two Headstart classrooms in the Fall! Yippee! I am thrilled to welcome Headstart to our campus and community! I will be sharing details as I learn them and again this is very new NEWS!

    So, when we return in January, 2018, we will be mindful of these big transitions coming...saying a good-bye to our oldest students and preparing to welcome our youngest. Thankfully we will have the time and  people with whom to process and plan!

    I wish everyone a restful upcoming weekend.

    As always, I am so thankful of your trust and partnership as we support your amazing kiddos,

    Sabrina Flamoe

  • Community News - December 1, 2017

    Hello all-

    First, my is always my goal to get the Community Notes on Thursday, and well, I am aware it is Friday!

    This week has been very full and busy with so many wonderful things happening at Vestal- from our kindergarteners practicing and preforming an adorable play to our 7/8th grade leadership raising money and collecting toys!

    I am so impressed with both our teachers and our students being so engaged in meaningful, interesting learning! Thank you for supporting your kids and our school!

    We had about 15 principals from across the district come and participate in a Learning Walk here at Vestal. We shared with students that principals, just like students, are always learning and one way we learn is by watching teachers teach and student learn. The overwhelming feedback from the visiting principals was how calm and welcoming the school felt AND how engaged every class of students were-again from kindergarten through 8th grade.


    I am both proud of and thankful for the amazing teachers and students here at Vestal!

    Sabrina Flamoe


    PTA Notes

    Book Fair

    The Vestal Book Fair is December 11-15, the last week of school before winter break.  Book Fair hours will be 7:45-8:15am and 2:30-4:00pm each day.  But you can start shopping today!  The Online Book Fair runs from now until December 12.  Just follow this link to access the Vestal Online Book Fair homepage:

    Successful Fall Harvest Festival

    Thanks to everyone who attended the Vestal Fall Harvest Festival.  We had lots of fun and even raised some money for the PTA!  A special thanks to everyone who volunteered to help make the event a success!

    December PTA Meeting

    Please join us at the next PTA meeting on Tuesday, December 5th at 6:30pm.  The items on our agenda include a Harvest Festival recap, Book Fair coordination, Middle School updates and discussion of upcoming events and fundraisers.  We hope to see you there!

  • Community Notes - Thursday, November 9

    Hello all-

    Thank you so much for coming to conferences! It is so wonderful to see so many families here at school!

    This week we have taken our Wellness Room(used to be the counseling office) to the next level. The Wellness Room is a purposeful, proactive break space for one or two students at a time. We will start with a small cohort of students to pilot the use of this space; you will receive a letter if your student will be invite to  participate in the small cohort.

    We have an ask...if you have a plant you would like to donate to our Wellness Room, we would love it and you can bring it to the office.

    This past week we had our PTA mtg. It was so terrific to have a big group! I am appreciative of all of the support our students receive from their families! We are continuing to build a menu for possible ways to be involved with Vestal, as I am very aware that attending PTA meetings doesn't work for everyone. If you have ideas for how you would like to be involved, please let me know.

    SITE Council Update- Vestal has a wonderful SITE council with members of our staff and parent representatives. We have worked this Fall to establish Vestals Comprehensive Action Plan (CAP). Our mission, vision and four specific goals are below:

    Mission- Our richly diverse community nurtures life long learning to support all students in achieving their very highest educational and personal potential.

    Vision- The Vestal community- Students, staff, families,and community- are ALL SAFE, KIND, LEARNERS

    Goals that guide our work-

    * The school's principal and staff work together to create a safe, respectful, culturally-inclusive environment with consistent school rules and expectations. 

    * School staff ensure families have the opportunity for meaningful involvement in the school.

    * All instructional staff at the school use assessment data in planning and delivering differentiated, standards based instruction. 

    * School leaders actively promote a shared vision for equity, cultural competence, and high expectations. 


    I hope everyone enjoys this long weekend and we very much look forward to having a full week with your kiddos!


    Sabrina Flamoe

    PTA Notes

    Fall Harvest Festival 

    Friday, Nov 17 - Dinner at 5:30pm, Festival at 6pm in the gym and play court.

    • The theme is "Harvest Moon" - we will have moon facts and cultural traditions that celebrate the moon
    • Bake Sale and Popcorn
    • Apple Tasting
    • Game room in the Play Court 
    • Decorated Pumpkin Design
    • Art by Vestal Students 
    • Showcasing Calaveras created by Vestal students.  Alter (ofrenda) we display them and invite the community to bring a photo or an object that reminds them of a loved one they would like to honor.

    And so much more...  We hope to see you there!


    Vestal Catalog Fundraiser

    Each Vestal child was given three catalogs selling various items to raise money for the Vestal PTA.  If you're looking for additional items, such as home goods, wrapping paper, chocolates, and candles:  Once you have your selections (item #, and quantity/description order), please email Gary McIntosh and he will place your order. 


    Pottery Fun

    Looking for some fun Friday, Nov 10 when school is out? Come to Pottery Fun (7821 SE Stark St. Portland 97215 ph. 503-253-8070) as they will be donating 10% of the day's sales to Vestal PTA.


    Kim's Tae Kwon Do

    Kim's Tae Kwon Do offering 50% of your month's tuition (Nov & Dec) will be donated to Vestal (new students only). Come get your kicks with us! Just four blocks from Vestal.…/8390338-Kim-s-TKD-Montav…/.

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  • Hello families and welcome to the beautiful Vestal community-


    Vestal is an ethnically, linguistically, economically diverse school community.

    We are committed to school being a center of our neighborhood community.

    Every student and staff member at Vestal is committed to being a safe, kind, learner each day.

    We value the learning process of every human being…no matter their age.

    We invite you to join us in our on-going learning!


    Sincerely, Sabrina Flamoe

    Vestal K-8 Principal

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