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Levels: K-8

2225 SE 87th AvePortland, OR 97216Ph (503) 916-5700Fx (503) 916-2610

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Harrison Park


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  • HP Newsletters

    November 2017 
    Dear Families,
    Monday will be a bittersweet day for me. It is our last day
    for our Music teacher, Sasanna Botieff. (Read more...) BULLDOG COURIER
    October 2017
    Dear Families,
    As we near the end of the first quarter and move into
    November, the schedule gets a little broken up, with a
    number of days off due to Parent/Teacher Conferences
    and holidays. Please be sure to check the calendar for disruptions to
    the schedule. (Read more...) BULLDOG COURIER
    September 2017 
    Dear Families,
    The year is off to a great start. Despite the change to our
    morning routine, which I know has been major adjustment
    for you, it has gone relatively smoothly. (Read more...) BULLDOG COURIER

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