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  • Chelsea Harper Memorial Fund for Restorative Justice at Sabin School

    Chelsea Harper

    Chelsea Harper was essential in bringing Restorative Justice (RJ) practices to Sabin School. She spoke up for social justice and racial equity, and was a living model of how to address white privilege. Chelsea believed in the power of communication and accountability in our school community, both for adults and children. She spoke out about racial disparities in discipline, and the academic achievement gap between white students and students of color, and she actively sought solutions. Chelsea deeply wanted every child in our community to feel welcome, regardless of their skin color or background, and to have tools to help them work through social conflicts, build authentic relationships and feel empowered in taking learning risks.

    In 2016-2017 Restorative Justice coaches supported Sabin teachers in holding daily community building circles.  In 2017-2018 coaches will continue to support classroom teachers with community circles, as well as support students in advocating for their social-emotional needs.

    Chelsea was a dance movement therapist, counselor, author, and extraordinary mom to Eva Doherty. In May 2017, Chelsea died from complications due to Metastatic Breast Cancer. Her bridge building lives on in the Chelsea Harper Memorial Restorative Justice Fund.  Thank you for continuing Chelsea’s legacy by supporting RJ at Sabin. She is greatly loved by her community!

    Chelsea Harper Memorial Fund for Restorative Justice at Sabin School
  • Run for Sabin School, Thursday, October 26!

     Run for Sabin School Logo

    2017 Information Packet

    Dear Sabin families,

    We are excited to announce the second annual Run for Sabin School event on Thursday, October 26, 2017. This school-wide community event is being organized by the Sabin PTA with collaboration and support from school staff. Our goal is to raise $27,500 through the funds raised by Kindergarten to 6th grade students to promote educational excellence and support the success of all Sabin students.

    The Run for Sabin School raises funds for resources to meet the greatest needs at Sabin.  Each year, we work with staff to identify the best way funds from our Run for Sabin School will be utilized to promote educational excellence and we partner with the PTA to allocate these funds. All of our students benefit from investments to help every student perform at or above grade level.

    Last year, the money raised was used for a program called Reading Results an intervention program that provides reading coaches for 22 to 25 students in 1st to 3rd grades three times a week. On average, the Reading Result students saw an average gain of one grade level in reading. We also dedicated funds for reading coaches for students in 4th through 8th grades. These literacy programs helped individual students make significant strides and will continue this year thanks to a grant from Kaiser Permanente.

    This year, we plan to dedicate the funds to support two of our three key initiatives: improving school climate and supporting students in math. Funds will be used for Playworks, a program which creates a place for every student on the playground to feel included, be active, and build valuable social and emotional skills. According to studies by Playworks, their program helped teachers recover on average 19 hours of class time transitioning students from recess to learning. We also will target funds to improve student achievement in math. Our math data for last year reflects that 58.7% of our students met or exceeded standards on the state math assessment. We will use funds to support students through math interventions including professional development for teachers.

    Travel provides incredible opportunities for learning. New this year, the money raised by 7th and 8th grade students will go towards their trip to Washington DC. For students planning to attend the trip, half of their pledges will go towards their trip and the the other half will go to a scholarship fund for others on the trip. For students not going on the trip, 100% of their pledges will go towards the scholarship fund. Sabin families can support the scholarship with straight donations, or by pledging an amount for the collective number of laps run by all of the 7th and 8th graders. Our goal is to raise $2,500 to help students that are interested in visiting our nation’s capitol.

    We invite you to join us in supporting Run for Sabin School and all of our students by following these steps:

    1. Read through the attached materials.

    2. Talk to your student(s) about the event and our goal of making Sabin a great place for all students to learn and succeed.

    3. Help your student(s) gather pledges through the traditional paper forms and/or online.

    4. Consider pledging to support the MYP DC fund at tinyurl.com/MYPfund.

    5. If your schedule allows, sign up to volunteer at tinyurl.com/VolunteerRFSS2017- or even lace up to run! - at the event.

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this event and our commitment to educational excellence at Sabin School. We thank you in advance for helping to make Run for Sabin School a success and in turn supporting the success of all Sabin students.


    Reiko Williams John Brady Sarah Shine

    Sabin Principal Sabin PTA Co-President Run for Sabin School Coordinator 

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