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  • Chief Joseph School Supply List

    Chief Joseph School Supply List

    Thank you in advance for supporting our programs.  We understand that supplying all the items on the list may cause hardship for some families.  If that is the case, we will find alternative funding sources for the materials.

    Your child will not need a backpack- you will be given a canvas bag with your child’s name on it at the Popsicle Social on September 2nd at 5 pm.
    Bring supplies on your child’s first day, if possible. There is no need to label.

    If you prefer, you can bring us a check for $40 made out to Chief Joseph Elementary School instead of supplies.  You can also pay online, using School Pay; there is a link from the Chief Joseph Elementary School webpage.

    • 4 boxes of Crayola crayons, 24 count
    • 6 large glue sticks
    • 24 count Ticonderoga brand pencils
    • 1 set of Crayola watercolors, 16 colors
    • 1 box colored pencils
    • 1 box of washable Crayola markers (jumbo size)
    • 5 pen-style colored highlighters (variety pack)
    • 1 pack fine tip pen-style, low odor, black Expo dry erase markers
    • 2 regular black Sharpies
    • 2 containers of disinfecting wipes
    • 2 boxes of tissues
    • 1 pair of headphones (no earbuds), labeled, for computer use. These will be returned to you in June for use next year.
    • 1 water bottle, labeled, 16 oz. max, with a tight lid so it is hard to spill.
    • $7.00 for Weekly Reader Magazine  (Please make checks payable to Chief Joseph Elementary School.)

    Please remember-- no backpacks. We will all be using the supplied canvas bags. 

    Ms. Cooper 

    Ms. Larsen 

    Ms. Pearson


    First Grade Supply List

    Individual supplies:  Please Label with your child’s name

    1 three-pack of glue sticks

    1 box Crayola colored pencils, 12 count

    1 box Crayola crayons, 16 or 32 count

    1 box of 10 colored markers

    1 or 2 pencil sharpeners with container for shavings

    2 pink erasers

    4 black Expo markers- large size

    1 wide ruled spiral notebook

    1 composition book, wide-ruled if possible

    1 pair of small scissors

    1 Large (8.5 x 5.5) plastic pencil/supply box      

    1  highlighter pen-any color

    1 black sharpie

    5 two-pocket folders (no prongs) 1 red, 1 green, 1 blue, 1 yellow, 1 purple

    *Please provide a backpack to carry from home to school each day

    *Please provide a water bottle to keep at school-They will be sent home on Fridays for washing

    Wish List

    hand sanitizer 

    Disposable masks

    Flair pens any color but especially black

    Water color paper

    2nd Grade Supply List

    Individual Supplies Not Sharing with class:  please label these supplies below

    1 Large (8.5 x 5.5) plastic pencil/supply box                       

    2 Undecorated BLACK composition books (for science/health and math)      

    1 Pair of scissors                                 

    2 The BIG Pink eraser                             

    2 Pocket folders

    1 Package of 12 or 24 Ticonderoga pencils (keep half at home)

    1 Box of 8 or 10 Crayola Markers

    1 Box 18 or 24 Crayola Crayons

    1 box Crayola colored pencils, 12 count

    4 Highlighters  

    1 package of glue sticks 4 pack

    1 personal Pencil sharpeners with container for shavings

    1 Black sharpie

    1 wide ruled spiral notebook

    Community Supplies:SHARING:  please do not label

    1 Container of disinfectant wipes

    1 Box of tissues

    1 bottle of hand sanitizer 

    1 pack colored low-odor Expo dry erase markers (4 total)

    1 Sharpie

    Please don’t forget a water bottle to keep at school

    3rd Grade Supply List

    If you prefer, you can bring us a check for $40 made out to Chief Joseph Elementary School instead of supplies. You can also pay online, using School Pay.

    Please do not label supplies with student names. 

    We will use some supplies communally and label others in class.

    16 oz. or larger hand sanitizer

    24 Ticonderoga or Dixon brand #2 pencils

    2 packs large post-its (3x3”)

    1 pack popsicle sticks (regular size, not jumbo)

    1 pack Crayola crayons (24 count)

    1 pack Crayola colored pencils (12 count)

    1 pack of Sharpie permanent markers

    1 pack low heat glue sticks for glue guns (skinny sticks)

    2 packs college ruled notebook paper

    4 spiral notebooks: red, yellow, blue, green (1 subject)

    4 pocket folders: red, yellow, blue, green

    8 Elmer’s Glue sticks 

    1 bottle Elmer’s glue sticks

    1 pack colored low-odor Expo dry erase markers (4 total)

    1 pack pink or white erasers

    1 pack washable markers (any size)

    Small pencil box or pouch 

    3 boxes tissue

    Ziploc Bags:

    Last Name A-G: 1 box of gallon-sized Ziploc bags

    Last Name H-O: 1 box of quart-sized Ziploc bags

    Last Name P-Z: 1 box of sandwich sized Ziploc

    2 boxes or large bags of healthy snack (low sugar & fat: ex. popcorn, baby carrots, pretzels, Goldfish, Cheez-its, granola bars, bags of fruit, string cheese)  

    Last Name A-G: Please bring snacks on first day of school

    Last Name H-O: Please bring snacks on first day of school following winter break

    Last Name P-Z: Please bring snacks on the first day of school following spring break

    1 Reusable water bottle, sealable, 16 oz maximum size (Very Important!)

    • If you prefer, you can bring us a check for $40 made out to Chief Joseph Elementary School instead of supplies.  You can also pay online, using School Pay.

    Ms. Michels

    Mr. Wolfe 

    4th Grade Supply List

    #2 Ticonderoga Pencils (At least 24) 

    1 pack Colored pencils

    1 Sharpie

    1-2 Highlighters


    4 packages of small post-it notes (2x2)

    5 pocket folders

    3 Wide Ruled Spiral Notebooks

    1 Graph Paper Composition Book (or spiral)

    4 Glue sticks 

    1 box of tissues

    Big eraser OR pencil-top erasers (whatever they prefer) 

    4 dry erase markers-black

    Pencil box/pouch (optional- but HELPFUL)

    1 Package Index Cards- lined

    Reusable water bottle! 

    Wish List:

    Extra Dry Erase Markers

    Disinfectant wipes

    Watercolor Paints

    Watercolor Paper



    Hand Sanitizer

    5th Grade Supply List

    Personal Supplies

    Lots of Ticonderoga pencils (at least 24)

    4 spiral notebooks 

    5 folders


    Personal pencil sharpener with lid

    Supply box, pencil pouch, etc.--whatever your child prefers

    Either a pink eraser or a few pencil top erasers--whatever your child prefers



    Colored Pencils

    Wish List of Classroom Supplies

    Black Sharpies

    Bottles of  glue

    Glue sticks

    Boxes of tissue



    Extra Ticonderoga pencils

Principal's Message

  • Dear Families,

    Welcome to the 2021-22 school year. As a staff, we eagerly look forward to reconnecting with our community and building new relationships. It is our hope that through these turbulent times, you were able to both strengthen your ties with loved ones and work to heal the inequities that exist in our society. 

    As has been true for the past eighteen months, there is uncertainty about exactly what the months ahead will look like. We are still planning to re-open school in-person, full days, five days a week. You can find information about the district safety plans at As we get closer to the first day of school, you will receive more specific information about our building plans, including entry and exit procedures. 

    The first day of school for grades 2-5 is Wednesday, September 1st. School doors will open at 8:37, and school will begin at 8:45, dismissing at 3:00 pm. Kindergarten and first grade are on a staggered start and will be notified by mail regarding their start date.

    Many people are curious about staffing. We have one new teacher joining us this year. Ms. Jinnet Powel is our new 5th grade humanities teacher. This year, both 4th and 5th grades will be departmentalizing, with one teacher focusing on the math, science and health portions of the content and the other teacher focusing on reading, writing and social studies. This change allows teachers to strengthen their expertise by narrowing the content bands they are required to teach. It will also allow students diversity in their teachers and begin preparing them for middle school.  

    We have had a few shifts in positions; staffing for the 2020-21 school year is as follows:

    Kindergarten:  Ms. Cooper, Ms. Larsen, Ms. Pearson

    1st Grade:  Ms. Peake, Ms. Pinder

    2nd Grade:  Mr. Brown, Ms. Ferguson

    3rd Grade:  Ms. Michels, Mr. Wolfe

    4th Grade:  Ms. Shutt, Mr. Ibrahim

    5th Grade:  Ms. Brislin, Ms. Powel

    PE: Ms. Nguyen

    Music: Ms. Schrepping 

    Media: Ms. Hall (½ time)

    Art: Ms. Castillo-Harding

    Counselor: Ms. Spiers

    Social Worker: TBD

    School Climate Coach: Ms. Whitaker

    Learning Center: Ms. Lopez (½ time)

    Speech Pathologist: Ms. LeMeune

    ELL: Ms. Routtenberg

    Reading Intervention: Ms. Bush, Ms. Lopez (½ time)

    Math Intervention: Ms. Hall (½ time)

    Paraeducator: Ms. DeRuiter

    Educational Assistant: Ms. Newton, TBD

    Library Assistant: Ms. Woodward

    School Secretary: Ms. Holm

    Principal’s Secretary: Ms. Pettit

    Custodian: Ms. DeWeese, Mr. Moore


    School Supplies

    The supply lists for in person learning are available on our website here. If you need support in getting supplies, please contact Ms. Spiers at

    Free and Reduced Lunch

    For the 2021-22 school year, all students are eligible for breakfast and lunch at school, at no charge. However, by applying for meal benefits, families may become eligible for additional benefits, such as reduced fee waivers for school related fees, child care discount and low cost internet. You can apply at: If you’re having difficulty with the process don’t hesitate to call nutrition services at (503) 916-3399, or call us.

    I am extremely excited for the upcoming year and look forward to continuing to build community, advance social justice issues and improve learning.

    Amber Gerber
    Principal, Chief Joseph Elementary School

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