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School Grade Levels: K-8

Fernwood Campus: 1915 NE 33rd AvePortland, OR 97212Ph (503) 916-6480Fx (503) 916-2626

Hollyrood Campus: 3560 NE Hollyrood CtPortland, OR 97212Ph (503) 916-6766Fx (503) 916-2635

Rose City Park Campus: 2334 NE 57th Ave Portland, OR 97213Ph (503) 916-6765Fx (503) 916-2636

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    There are several new and exciting after school classes coming up for Winter: Music, art, and yoga!   Also some community activities as well.  Check them out under the community tab at the top of this page.  They fill up quickly so sign up soon!

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    Beverly Cleary Hollyrood:

    Kindergarten - First bell 8:35, in class 8:45-3:00

    Beverly Cleary Rose City:

    1 & 3 - First Bell 8:35, in class 8:45-3:00

    Beverly Cleary Fernwood bell schedule:

    2, 4, 5 - First Bell  8:45,  in class 8:55- 3:10

    6, 7, 8 - First Bell  8:37,  in class 8:45-3:15



    Dear Parents,

    Outdoor School

    All of our 6th graders successfully returned from ODS this afternoon.  Lots of smiles everywhere!  I would like to thank all of the parents for helping to unload the buses.  The process goes much faster when we all work together.



    Many parents have been asking questions about what conferences look like.  I would like to provide you with a little bit of information.

    Grades K-5

    Teachers provided conference sign up sheets at Back to School Night.  If you did not sign up for a time, please contact your child’s teacher ASAP to get on the schedule.  I warn you that times will be limited at this point.

    Middle School Grades 6-8

    Our middle school teachers will be doing arena conferencing in the cafeteria.  What this means is that all of the teachers will be in one room and lines will form to talk with each teacher.  The teachers strive to keep the conversations down to five minutes per family but sometimes they run long.  My wife and I used to divide up the task and stand in line for two different teachers at the same time to help speed up the process.

    There will be three sessions each day for the middle school conferences and they are as follows:

    • 8:30-12:00

    • 1:00-4:30

    • 5:30-8:00

    What I have noticed for arena conferencing is that the slower times tend to be mid morning and mid afternoon.  The busier times are usually right at the beginning and end of each session and the evening times so you might want to plan accordingly.


    Emergency Early Release Information (Grades K-5)

    Last year all of you did a fantastic job of filling out the survey of what should your child do if we have an early release due to severe weather conditions or some other catastrophic event.  And with the NOAA forecast for this year, we just may need this information!  Since everyone is a year older and we have many new families I am asking that EVERYONE fill out the survey and you must fill it out one survey for each child grades K-5.  I am also asking that only one parent fill out the information for each child.   Last year for some children, both parents filled it out and not all of the information matched up.  The link is below (you will need to copy and paste the link into your browser):


    Nutrition Services

    The Nutrition Services position at Hollyrood has been posted.  If you are interested in working 3-4 hours a day preparing lunches for our kindergartners, please feel free to contact Anya Friday ( for more information.


    Parents of Diverse Learners

    The first meeting of the BCS Parents of Diverse Learners will be Thursday October 26 from 6:30-8pm in the Fernwood library. Each of us has unique skill sets, unique challenges, and unique gifts. Some are great readers, and some will never read without struggling. Some are visual learners, some need a hands-on experience, and some can't learn when the environment is too loud. By supporting and engaging our diverse learners, we can build a stronger community and enrich the educational experience for all BCS students.



    Spookarama is just around the corner on Friday, Oct 27th. Not only does Spookarama create memories that last a lifetime for your kids, but it's PTAs fall fundraiser that helps fund this year’s operational expenses and teacher grants. This fall we have received requests for books (OBOB, mindfulness, and building diversity libraries), classroom supplies, teacher materials, whiteboards, recess equipment, privacy shields, and so much more! Show your spirit by attending the event and volunteering for an activity.

    Spookarama Details:

    Friday, Oct 27th, 5:30-8pm

    K-2 early start at 5:30pm, Grades 3-8 start at 6pm.

    Wristbands will cost $8 per person and will cover games, activities and entertainment. Wristbands will be on sale after school at all three campuses on Oct 25-27.

    Food will be available for sale during the event.

    As we did last year, we will provided wristbands if you and your student need any financial assistance with attending Spookarama. The BCS PTA is committed to providing every student the opportunity to attend, be apart of the evening’s activities, and build those memories. Please let your teacher or counselor know what you need and we will take care of your wristbands.

    Volunteers are needed to make this a fun event for all! Please signup here:

    Adult volunteers:

    If you have further questions, please contact Kecia Classen ( or John D’Avolio (


    Have a great weekend!

    John Ferraro


Elective Forecasting



    Beverly Cleary Middle School ONLINE Elective Forecasting Directions 2017-18

    Please complete by: April 28th

    BEFORE YOU START you will need three things:

      1. A current and valid email address that can be accessed by a computer.
      2. Parent Approval of your elective choices. Your parents are required to sign your form upon completion of your forecasting survey, before you return it to the main office.
      3. Internet access - The survey can be completed online, with computers or mobile devices, but parents, or students, will need email access to print the attached form that will be generated and sent to you via email.


    Please review and consider your elective choices before you start the survey. PLEASE CHOOSE YOUR ELECTIVES CAREFULLY, as we will not be making schedule changes in the Fall.

    (It is suggested that students complete their forecasting survey at home, with parent support. If this is not possible, students may have access to school computers before and after school, or during lunchtime, to take the survey and/or print their forms.)


    Sign in to the survey using your Apps for PPS account.

    ● Complete and Submit the survey.

    Note that some questions will require an answer. This is to assist in processing and decision making. Please answer accurately.

    ● After completing the survey, an email will be sent to your submitted parent email address, with an attached PDF document containing your forecasting information.


    ***World Language is no longer a required course for 7th and 8th Grade.  If you want your student in Language, they need to take it as an elective   
    *We are excited to start a 6-8 band program.  These are year long electives

    *Study Hall can be taken multiple times throughout the year


    6th Grade Elective Registration:

    *Current 5th graders choose from Elective: Course Description

    *Current 5th graders choose 6th Grade Forecasting 2017-18


    7th Grade Elective Registration:

    *Current 6th graders choose from Elective: Course Description

    *Current 6th graders choose 7th Grade Forecasting 2017-18


    8th Grade Elective Registration

    *Current 7th graders choose from Elective:  Course Descriptions

    *Current 7th graders choose  8th Grade Forecasting 2017-18


    ***If you are having trouble with accessing your emailed forecasting form, the forecasting survey, or need any other support in completing this process, please contact the Bevery Cleary Fernwood office. We will work to assist you in submitting your information accurately.

    Thank you for your participation and support!

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