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    Dear Families,                                                                                              February 5, 2018


    Our staff and PTA has continued the process of thinking together and revising drafts of our school mission statement. Our mission will convey our school values and priorities. Our whole community will be able to use our school mission as criteria for guiding us in behaving and making decisions according to our values, so the words we choose are very important. Then, it will be important that we use our mission to help us improve our school for all-- a mission is a catalyst for action.


    We want all of our students, families and community to be part of the revision process the whole way through, so we ask you to read our current draft as a family and send back your feedback.  Please help us get a wide range of feedback… if you know people who don’t always find the school newsletter, please share this with them. Additional copies of our newsletter are available on the office counter.  Please email your thoughts to your child’s teacher or me ( or revise right on this paper and send or bring it back to school!  Thank you.

    Beach Mission Statement draft


    Our inclusive and caring learning community celebrates the strengths of every child and listens for what each child has come to teach us.

    We value effort, growth, relationships, collaboration, engagement, thoughtfulness, curiosity, resilience

    and meaningful, joyful learning experiences.

    We teach children strategies that allow them to shape their own character and become independent learners.

    We seek and embrace challenges, believe in ourselves and encourage each other.

    Whatever a person’s culture, race, language, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity, each person contributes value to our community.

    We succeed together. 


    This shorter version of our draft (below) is simpler and more action oriented; our staff likes that we could use it for talking with our students.  For example, we could ask a child “Did he feel included when you said that?  What could you do to show him you want to include him?  If he wants to play differently than you imagined playing, what could you do to work that out?” etc. This helps us ensure our mission will be alive in our work with students, not just a statement on our website or walls.


    We include everyone.                                              

    We value engagement and effort.

    We seek and embrace challenge.

    We believe in ourselves.

    We are thoughtful and curious.

    We celebrate and find joy.

    We succeed together.


    We also decided we want to nestle some specific words that have come forward as particularly valued and important to our community (from staff, student and parent feedback) into our “4 Bs” to help ensure that the 4Bs represent the values we collectively want to nurture.  The words don’t necessarily fit neatly into any of the 4Bs as listed-- in many cases they fit into several.  We like the flexibility this allows us in our work with children.  Please suggest words and values you think should also be included, or moves you think make sense.  Thank you!


    Be Kind

    • To each and every person, to all cultures and perspectives
    • Build caring, healthy, rewarding relationships with diverse individuals and groups
    • Celebrate strengths, successes, and diversity
    • Encourage each other
    • Be joyful


    Be Respectful

    • Self-Awareness
    • Persevere
    • Learn together (collaborate)
    • Honor differences
    • Care about learning
    • Believe in yourself


    Be Responsible

    • Self-Management
    • Listen to understand
    • Try to hear
    • Understand the purpose
    • Contribute


    Be Safe

    • Social Awareness
    • include each other
    • Show care for yourself and others
    • Everyone succeeds together


    Once we have our final draft, we will make posters (in Spanish and English) that have the full mission on one side and the shorter version plus the 4Bs, on the other.  We want the posters to have a child-centered, eye-catching and colorful artistic element.  We’d love your ideas on what our final product should look like, too!  Thank you so much for your contributions to our school. In particular, thank you for your most important contribution-- your child. We are honored to serve your child and your family each day at Beach.



    Lisa Hawking, Principal


    Proyecto Declaración de la Misión en la Escuela Beach




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