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    June 8, 2018


    Dear Beach Families and Community,


    At our final staff meeting for the 2017-18 school year this past Tuesday, teachers all chose an “artifact” to bring and share with each other-- an object that represented our work and learning together this year, or a special learning outcome or moment with a child.  I was really touched by all that was expressed and captured, and a teacher afterward said to me, “If our community could hear what was shared in that staff meeting, they would be so inspired by the passion and excellence and depth of care our staff brings to our students and our whole community every day”.  In thinking about a short but meaningful way to bring closure to this school year with you as we head into our last day tomorrow, I offer you a few examples. I didn’t capture teacher’s actual words, which were incredibly powerful, but this gives you a little snippet...


    *A third grade student’s bridge representing depth of learning and engagement during that unit of study

    *Posters demonstrating QTEL (Quality Teaching for English Learners) strategies

    *What students had shared as their “Rose” or “Thorn” from the school year… a specific and special community circle

    *A plant that grew over the course of the year, like student learning!  Specifically, how much students are learning and demonstrating as they write their own screenplay for “The Youngest Marcher”

    *A clay animal to symbolize all that students learned during their animal habitats unit, and how proud they were to share about their learning with each other and families during their habitat gallery walk

    *A kindergarten student’s “Star of the Week” book

    *word detective badges 1st graders earned to symbolize the depth of engagement and excitement students experienced during that reading unit… and that each and every student is ending the year loving reading and believing in him or herself as a reader!

    *A sorry note written to one of our teachers... a picture of her with our “Give Me Five” visual coming out of her mouth!

    *A 2nd grade student’s book release poster, representing all the effort, perseverance, creativity and growth mindset that went into this child’s published book

    *A class book containing each students’ writing and art piece, representing learning and insight about the important actions and contributions of Ruby Bridges

    *A student portfolio of meaningful, high quality, creative art projects

    *a talking piece representing the deep level of relationship and community the class has developed

    *A student chair, representing decisions made from the lens of what is best for each and every child


    Thank you so much for sending your wonderful children to our wonderful school!  Have a fantastic summer (don’t forget to read and talk about reading with your children every day!) and see you at our Welcome Back Potluck on August 23.  




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