• SPED Learning Environments- $13,400,000

    Bond funds will provide the resources to equip or update the current SPED learning environments in the District with furniture and fixed equipment aligned with PPS standards and identified by SPED leadership as high priority investments. The District currently supports 82 focus option SPED classrooms; many of these classrooms are overcrowded, so some allowance for expansion is accounted for here. Beyond furniture and equipment aligned with PPS standards, this option includes an allowance for classroom modifications. These modifications include acoustic baffling, replacement of fluorescent lights with dimmable LEDs, and built-in casework, to name three important examples. Other SPED Learning Environment improvements may include adaptive playground equipment or other site-based improvements.  Combined, the addition of district standard furniture and equipment with classroom modifications and targeted site improvements will support both the instructional requirements of special education staff and the sensory needs of our students.

    More program details will be available in the coming months.