• Construction Updates

    Summer 2023 - Field Updates Near Completion

    Cardinal logo in the center of the new field with the school in the background
    See the latest Lincoln project photos here

    Phase 2 of the Lincoln High School replacement project is near completion.
    Wide view of the track & field with markings
    The Cardinal logo and all the field markings are now in place.
    Inner fencing surrounding the track
    The inner fence surrounding the field is in place.  
    Interior of field the field service building
    The exterior of the field service building is complete and interior work is nearing completion.
    Teen Parent Center outside play area
    Next door, the teen parent center is also nearly complete with the outside play area getting paint and playground equipment.
    Teen Parent Center all-wood interior and new lighting fixtures
    The beautiful all-wood interior is getting finished painting work and new lighting fixtures installed.
    New Grandstand with School buildings in the background
    The grandstand is essentially complete with finishing work continuing on the press box.
    Planting and landscaping is taking place across the phase 2 section of the campus.

    The project is on track to allow LHS athletic programs to start using the track and fields starting the first week of August. All facilities will be completed and open for the 2023-2024 school year.


    April 2023 - Phase 2 Field Updates

    structural steel for the bleachers is installed
    See the latest Lincoln project photos here

    Phase 2 of the Lincoln High School project, the track and field work is moving along quickly. Final grading for the track and field area is underway and site fencing and concrete walkways are progressing well. The structural steel for the grandstands is complete with seating and press box assembly comes up next. In the Field Service Building and Teen Parent Center, roofing is nearly complete, while mechanical and electrical rough-in is almost done.  Exterior finishes are progressing on the ticket building while interior upgrades of the existing concessions building are getting started. Landscaping is also progressing with Cedar trees are being planted along Salmon Street next to the field.   

    June 2022 - Finishing Touches Phase 1

    Finishing touches on front of the new Lincoln school
    See the latest Lincoln project photos here

    Phase 1 of the Lincoln High School replacement project is nearing completion.
    Landscape at the front of the school
    Landscaping is being put in place around the school.
    View of new theater from balcony
    The new theater seats have been installed
    Smaller gym with logo on back of the bleacher seats
    and the gyms are complete.
    The Green roof
    Solar arrays and the green roof are now in place. 

    This summer, final touches will be finished, including new furniture installation and the moving of curriculum materials over from the old school. In the Fall of 2022, a new multi-story school building will open on the west side of the existing campus for the 2022-2023 school year.

    There is a plaza adjacent to the student commons for outdoor activities and gatherings. The plaza connects the campus to the neighborhood through a pedestrian-friendly design that features student bicycle parking and water-efficient landscaping. 

    Phase 2 of the work is starting, which includes abatement and demolition of the old school to make way for a new track and field, staff parking area, teen parent center and field storage building. Phase 2 will finish during the summer of 2023 and is scheduled to open for the 2023-2024 school year. Construction activities will be separated by fencing, providing a safe environment for students and staff.

    April 2022 - In the final stretch

    6 story tower of the new Lincoln with red paneling and ample windows
    See the latest Lincoln project photos here

    The Lincoln High rebuild is rounding the corner to the finish line. Despite a global pandemic and supply chain issues, the project remains fully on schedule to open at the start of the 2022-23 school year.  
    New Media Center with new paneling and lights
    Finishing work is underway throughout many interior spaces with ceilings and lighting fixtures taking shape in the Library, Commons, and all circulation and flex space areas. 
    Hallway that connects the classroom wing to the gym
    The installation of reclaimed wood paneling is 80% complete in the Commons and first floor corridor.
    Nearly finshed reclaimed wood paneling in a hallway
    Musical instrument lockers and the field athletic storage system installation are underway.
    Musical instrument lockers
    The new wood floors are being finished in the gym and bleachers with LHS and Cardinal graphics are now installed in the auxiliary and main gym.

    full size Cardinal logo on the wall of the gym
    On the outside, concrete work on the SW 17th plaza is well under way. The pattern of textures and panels is designed to reflect the 19th century historical settlements in the surrounding neighborhood.
    concrete work on the SW 17th plaza is well under way
    Moving forward, rock ballast and final envelope tie in work will be completed on the roof in April and the last exterior panels are being shipped to the site to complete the cladding installation. 

    January 2022 - The gyms are getting wood floors

    Wide shot Lincoln gym
    See the latest Lincoln project photos here

    As the new year gets underway, great progress has been made at the Lincoln Rebuild construction site.  On the exterior of the gym, windows, weather barriers, and insulation were added in preparation for the placement of the cladding panels that began in early January.  Exciting changes are happening inside the gym too.  
    Lincoln new gym basketball hoops
    The basketball hoops, scoreboards and acoustic panels are in place and the wood floor installation is underway. The next steps will be the completion of the flooring and installation of the movable bleacher seats.

    Theater panels and paint
    Elsewhere inside the building, the theater is progressing nicely with painting of the interior walls now complete. These are not installed yet. The theatrical AV system rough in is continuing.
    Acoustic panels in music room
    In the new music room, acoustic paneling has been installed.
    Classroom with sinks, shelves
    In the classrooms of the 6-story tower building, final finishes are happening throughout, with the lower floors being the most complete. Casework, countertops, and teaching wall storage installation in the Science Labs are nearly done.
    Tile work in locker room
    Other notable signs of progress include

    • The entire roof is nearing substantial completion and soon solar panels will be installed.
    • Exterior paneling and window installation is nearing completion on major sections of the building, including the sawtooth windows with contrasting lighter colored panels. 
    • Electrical power and gas lines to the Lincoln building are now turned on. Previously, the building was on a temporary service by PGE
    • Sidewalk improvements on SW Salmon Street are underway.
    • Lighting is being installed throughout the building and turned on in the tower.
    • Flooring has been installed in the classrooms.
    • Tiling is complete in the tower restrooms.
    • Plumbing fixtures are being installed throughout the building.
    • Mechanical equipment startup has begun.
    • The locker rooms are being tiled up.

    November 2021

    Lincoln building exterior panels in place
    See the latest Lincoln project photos here

    Work on the new Lincoln building’s exterior continues to progress.  A glass curtainwall at the east stair is being installed as are windows and panels on the south side of the structure on both the first and second floors, including the new Gym.

    Exterior of gym finshing work

    All the roofing work is substantially complete and the building’s mechanical (HVAC) equipment has been installed. With this work completed a major project milestone was achieved in November, as one of the tower cranes was dismantled and removed from the site.
    Hallway with finished walls & paint

    Interior work continues on the first and second floor with wall finishes added to the career technical education, music and wrestling/dance spaces.

    acoustic ceiling paneling in music room

    Additionally acoustic ceiling paneling was installed in the music room.

    work on the new Lincoln Theater

    The Theater, Media Center, and Commons are all progressing as well.

    windows in gym looking at downtown

    Another milestone is expected by Thanksgiving when the building’s power will be turned on. On the site, work on the utility connections to the grandstand and other phase II buildings is now underway in the area where the practice field and pedestrian pathways will be built. The retaining wall reinforcement and grading for areas around the practice field is also underway.

    October 2021
    Lincoln exterior with panels going up

    The team has made good progress on the building exterior over the last month and had weather protection in place to beat the first big rainstorm of the year. The finish panel installation has continued with a lot of the red and white panels now visible.

    Panel work on the North side
    Exterior curtainwall work continues. In particular, the personnel lift on the east side of the classroom tower has been removed and the team is working on the enclosure in that area.
    Interior work continues on the first and second floor CTE classrooms, the Theater, and in the Commons. Network rooms are being prepared for gear installation.

    Exteroir work on the East side

    September 2021

    North side of Lincoln wiith new paneling

    As each month passes more progress can be seen both inside and out of the new Lincoln High School. Late summer has been a busy time on the project.  Various activities are happening throughout the site as certain areas are in different stages of construction.

    Plumbing and ductwork rough-in is taking place on the first two levels of the south section of the building in and near the Music, Health, PE, and Culinary Arts classrooms. Duct insulation is being installed on the 6th floor of the classroom tower.

    Electrical work is happening on the first two levels of the south areas of the building. Security system and fire alarm wiring has started in this same portion of the building, and continues on Level 6 of the classroom tower.

    Building interior work includes elevator installation in the north area of the building. The elevators will connect all 6 floors of the classroom tower. Other interior work includes final drywall and plaster on the 6th floor of the classroom tower. Framing and drywall is also taking place on the 1st and 2nd floors in the south portion of the building and in the Auditorium. Painting is following close behind the drywall and plaster work in the classroom tower, as are ceilings and flooring. Casework which will provide space for curriculum and supplies storage is being installed in the classrooms as they near completion. 

    On the outside workers are adding the weather barrier at the exterior wall which faces SW 18th Ave as well as at the wall which faces the future pedestrian plaza on SW 17th Ave. Other exterior work including the lower roofing area, and wall insulation and supports for the remaining exterior panels. Those exterior finish panels are colored a deep red and are made of ultra-high-performance concrete (UHPC). They are now being installed on the exterior wall facing SW Salmon St.

    View the latest Lincoln photos here.

    May/June 2021

    Lincoln site overview

    Significant progress has been made in the last month on the Lincoln building’s roof and exterior walls. In the next few weeks, as exterior wall framing nears completion, the first finish panels will be installed. View the latest Lincoln photos here.

    Lincoln Tower Overview

    On the roof, the insulation and enclosure systems are nearly complete and the framework for the solar panel array is ready to receive the solar panels that will eventually generate sustainable power for the new school.

    Gym with Ductwork staging

    Inside the building, the Gym is taking shape and the mechanical ducts are being staged for installation.

    Wide main floor Stairway at Lincoln

    The main stairs from the Commons to the second-floor lobby for the Gym and Theater Auditorium have been completed. Plus, stairs which connect all six floors of the classroom tower are also complete.

    Catwalks in Theater

    Work continues on the theater interior welding is taking place on the technical stairs at the catwalk levels and acoustic wall framing is going up in the auditorium.

     Classrooms & Hallways drywalled

    Classrooms on a few levels of the tower are already getting final paint, doors, and interior windows installed. In the ground floor Library windows and interior framing are now installed.

    April 2021
    Lincoln gym framing

    LHS construction has made significant progress since the topping out ceremony. Crews are working on the building exterior, the mechanical systems, and on the interior framing and floor slabs. The gym, which is on the second floor of the building, now has its structural floor in place and the concrete floor will soon be poured.
    HVAC unit lifted by crane

    The building's mechanical and HVAC units arrived on site and the crane operator lifted them into place for final attachment on the roof.

    window installation & caulking

    Windows are installed in most of the classrooms and the glass enclosure (curtain wall) is being installed at the circulation and stair areas.

    welding in auditorium

    In the new auditorium the catwalks and rigging are being installed.

    framing and insulation in classroom building

    The six story classroom building is seeing framing, insulation and drywalling taking place at various stages depending on the floor.

    See the April 6th construction photos here.

    February 2021
    Topping Out Ceremony

    During January the steel framing work continued and was formally celebrated with a Topping Out ceremony on Friday, February 5th. More about the topping out tradition here. Once the steel structure is complete,  interior wall framing and the pouring of the concrete floors will follow.  See a video of the Lincoln Topping Out Ceremony here.

    Construction on the building exterior has progressed significantly. Hoffman Pacificmark is building the exterior walls by constructing modular panels of the wall framing, insulation, and weather membrane that are then lifted into place and connected to the steel structure. Once the panels are installed, the window units are fastened into place. The next steps for exterior wall construction include finishing the window installation and finalizing the connections between panels. The blue surface seen on the outside face of the panels is a "peel and stick" membrane material that is an important part of the engineered weather enclosure than enhances energy conservation.

    Lincoln construction Feb 5th

    Steel stairs are being built into the northwest corner of the building at SW Salmon and 18th, and on the east side of the building near SW 17th and Salmon. These stairs will be enclosed with glass walls and provide the main vertical pathway to and from Lincoln classrooms.

    On the building interior the primary structure in the theater is nearing completion and interior framing of walls is progressing on the upper floors. The team recently reviewed a classroom mockup to confirm how teaching technologies will be installed. Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing (MEP) systems are being roughed in at all levels of the classroom tower. These systems include HVAC ductwork, plumbing, fire sprinklers, and electrical wiring. This will be followed by interior wall framing which is now taking place on Level 2 and 3 of the classroom tower.

    December 2020
    Lincoln framing theater connection

    Steel framing continues at the new Lincoln with connections to the concrete enclosure to the theater seen in this view from the corridor which connects the band and choir classrooms to the theater on the ground floor. The second floor classrooms in this view include Health and Culinary Arts Career Technical Education classroom that will have windows looking out over SW 18th Ave. In the background the six story classroom tower is visible.

    Lincoln 6 story framing
    Seen from the sidewalk on SW 18th and Salmon, the corner of the classroom tower is framed for installation of the stair. The floor decking is also in place for floors 1 through 6.

    Lincoln Gym Masonry work.jpg

    The  work for the gym enclosure and support also continues. Now the South wall for the gym has reached its full height and workers have moved to the east-facing wall which will feature large windows looking out toward the track and field. The sequencing of the concrete masonry work and steel framing requires careful coordination by the contractor so that connection points for the steel will be ready at the right time.

    Lincoln commons columns and steel work

    The concrete columns in the Commons are seen in this view which shows the theater walls to the left and the steel framing for the second floor classrooms above.

    October 2020

    Steel work at on the newLHS

    The last several weeks have been very busy at the LHS site as the school continues to rise up out of the ground toward its eventual six story height. Steel erection started in late September and will continue for a number of months.

    Steel frame of the first three floors of the new LHS building

    The structural steel system features a SidePlate connection system for the seismic force-resisting joints in the frame. This design and construction approach is very efficient both for how quickly it goes up in the field, as well as for the long-term flexibility of interior spaces in the school.

     Gym wall and tilt up theater walls

    The concrete tilt-up walls for the theater, that had been poured a few weeks earlier were lifted into place by a large crane during the first week of October. Tilt-up walls are an efficient system for enclosing large and tall spaces like the theater.

     close-ups of the engineered bracing

    This photo shows close-ups of the engineered bracing which is used to stabilize the panels as they are secured in place.  The LHS project team are using this system to reduce the construction time. The concrete panels are first poured and allowed to cure for a few weeks prior to lifting into place.

    photos show the "mules" which are equipment being used by the masons to maintain safe social distancing between workers and t

    Construction of the CMU (concrete masonry unit) walls on the southeast side of the campus continues and is now up at the second-floor level. These CMU walls form the enclosure to the new gym. The photo above shows the "mules" which are equipment being used by the masons to maintain safe social distancing between workers and to keep the overall speed of production on schedule.

    Working attaching steel beams

    In the coming month there will be more steel framing visible on the second floor, with structural connections to the theater and gym walls. The steel decking will also be installed on the upper floors of the structural frame. This work will provide connection points for utility supports for the mechanical and electrical systems in the building.  To see the latest photos click here.

    September 2020

    Lincoln SW Wide Aug 2020

    Lincoln Rebuild Project has made significant progress on the foundation and in ground utilities in preparation for when structures will start rising up from the ground. 

    Concrete buffing Lincoln aug 2020

    Finishing concrete work with the buffing machines is occurring in the Dance / Wrestling room. 

    Lincoln Library foundation Aug 2020 In the Northwest corner of the site the foundation of the library is well developed and ADA ramps have gone in.

    July/Aug 2020

    Lincoln framing wide

    Lincoln Rebuild Project is beginning to take shape with significant foundation work underway and several structures rising up from the ground. Over the last month there has been much activity to complete the foundation and subgrade waterproofing to make way for the completion of school’s ground floor concrete floor slab.

    Lincoln shotcrete

    Concrete foundation walls at SW 18th and along the South property line area we created this month with shotcrete.  A construction technology that literally blows concrete into pre-framed walls. Additional foundation work includes concrete slabs at the theater orchestra pit and seating area, as well as the locker rooms.Concrete work is also starting to take shape in the form of support for the gym; it can be seen at the wall in the South half of the building.

    Lincoln foundation pour

    Other site infrastructure work that happened this month included:

    ·      The utility connections have been installed.

    ·      The radon mitigation system is being constructed; it includes layers of rock and piping that are installed below the ground floor concrete slab.

    ·      A vapor barrier was put in place at the library, main floor offices and school entrance in preparation for the concrete slab pour.

    June 2020

    Lincoln formwork

    Hoffman Construction has completed the deep foundation work on the augercast piers, the foundation for the orchestra pit, and the enclosures for the elevator pit. The construction team is now building the walls around the orchestra pit and at the classrooms along the South and West edges of the site while they work to complete the augercast pile caps.

    Augercast piles are a deep foundation system made of reinforced concrete piles or piers that are cast in place with steel reinforcement. The construction photos show the pile cap work that is now underway. Each pile cap includes a large concrete pad and rebar connections that will be used to secure the foundation system to the building frame. 

    Lincoln tower cranes

    Along with the progress on foundation work, the construction team installed two tower cranes which will be used to maneuver large building elements. The team is looking forward to erecting the structural steel starting later this summer with the cranes. They will also be used to lift the exterior wall panels and mechanical units into place.

    The pedestrian protection canopies are being installed along the sidewalks on SW 18th and SW Salmon. They will be complete before the end of this month and then the construction fence location will be adjusted in order to open the sidewalks to the public.

    March 2020

    Lincoln Aggregate pier work

    Early spring sunny weather has provided construction teams to move along briskly so mass excavation is complete and the building footprint is now visible on site. Foundation work is proceeding on schedule with shoring walls complete and the aggregate pier installation over half way done. Much of the deep underground utilities work including electrical, gas, and plumbing piping is being completed in advance of the aggregate piers work.

    Aggregate piers are columns of highly compacted stone that are installed in groups to increase the weight bearing pressure of the building’s foundation and to prevent later settling. Special equipment is used to compact the stone in the holes to make the piers.

    The project team is working closely with neighbors and LHS to monitor impacts from construction activities through frequent in-person conversations at the project site, as well as by gathering data from vibration monitoring equipment installed at numerous surrounding properties.  View the March construction pictures here.

    Lincoln underground utilities

    January 2020

    The Lincoln project is now underway and big changes are already visible on site. Over the holiday break, the Hoffman Pacificmark team mobilized, setting up the construction fence and moving in some construction equipment. The complex of trailers, which will be the project team’s base of operations throughout construction, are in the process of final assembly. The reconfigured staff parking lot is in place providing safe access to LHS.

    Hazardous materials abatement for the grandstand, press box, and two small storage buildings under the grandstand was completed in December; those structures have now been demolished. With the site area is cleared of structures, it is being leveled using trucks and heavy equipment. The turf field removal is complete.

    Lincoln construction site

    To build the work area, Hoffman Pacificmark used 10,000,000 pounds of recycled concrete saved from a local project site for the leveling fill and rock substrate. This recycled material will remain in place to provide support for the future track and field. This recycling effort kept a significant amount of material out of the waste stream providing both material and cost efficiency for PPS.

    The construction entrances and exit, on SW 17th and Salmon and SW 17th near Jefferson respectively, have been established. The protective canopies over the sidewalks on SW 18th and SW Salmon adjacent to the future Lincoln are in the process of installation. The next major construction activities will be final site preparations and the start of foundation work.

    Groundbreaking for a new Lincoln

    Lincoln Groundbreaking shovels  

    A groundbreaking celebration for the rebuilding of Lincoln High School took place on December 14, 2019. Festivities included a Native American Land Acknowledgement and speakers that included Lincoln students, notable alumni and community leaders. The Lincoln rebuild includes a new multi-story building with performing arts spaces, a student commons, an expanded gymnasium facility and state of the art classrooms.

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