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    Lincoln High School is one of 3 PPS high schools being modernized or rebuilt through the May 2017 Bond. It was master planned as part of the 2012 School Building Improvement Bond. Lincoln High School construction is slated to begin in early 2020 and be fully completed in 2023.  Learn more about Lincoln High School here.


  • Construction Updates

    Lincoln DAG & MPC Meeting minutes and presentations have been move to here.

    July/Aug 2020

    Lincoln framing wide

    Lincoln Rebuild Project is begining to take shape with significant foundation work underway and several structures rising up from the ground. Over the last month there has been much activity to complete the foundation and subgrade waterproofing to make way for the completion of school’s ground floor concrete floor slab.

    Lincoln shotcrete

    Concrete foundation walls at SW 18th and along the South property line area we created this month with shotcrete.  A construction technology that literally blows concrete into pre-framed walls. Additional foundation work includes concrete slabs at the theater orchestra pit and seating area, as well as the locker rooms.Concrete work is also starting to take shape in the form of support for the gym; it can be seen at the wall in the South half of the building.

    Lincoln foundation pour

    Other site infrastructure work that happened this month included:

    ·      The utility connections have been installed.

    ·      The radon mitigation system is being constructed; it includes layers of rock and piping that are installed below the ground floor concrete slab.

    ·      A vapor barrier was put in place at the library, main floor offices and school entrance in preparation for the concrete slab pour.

    June 2020

    Lincoln formwork

    Hoffman Construction has completed the deep foundation work on the augercast piers, the foundation for the orchestra pit, and the enclosures for the elevator pit. The construction team is now building the walls around the orchestra pit and at the classrooms along the South and West edges of the site while they work to complete the augercast pile caps.

    Augercast piles are a deep foundation system made of reinforced concrete piles or piers that are cast in place with steel reinforcement. The construction photos show the pile cap work that is now underway. Each pile cap includes a large concrete pad and rebar connections that will be used to secure the foundation system to the building frame. 

    Lincoln tower cranes

    Along with the progress on foundation work, the construction team installed two tower cranes which will be used to maneuver large building elements. The team is looking forward to erecting the structural steel starting later this summer with the cranes. They will also be used to lift the exterior wall panels and mechanical units into place.

    The pedestrian protection canopies are being installed along the sidewalks on SW 18th and SW Salmon. They will be complete before the end of this month and then the construction fence location will be adjusted in order to open the sidewalks to the public.

    March 2020

    Lincoln Aggregate pier work

    Early spring sunny weather has provided construction teams to move along briskly so mass excavation is complete and the building footprint is now visible on site. Foundation work is proceeding on schedule with shoring walls complete and the aggregate pier installation over half way done. Much of the deep underground utilities work including electrical, gas, and plumbing piping is being completed in advance of the aggregate piers work.

    Aggregate piers are columns of highly compacted stone that are installed in groups to increase the weight bearing pressure of the building’s foundation and to prevent later settling. Special equipment is used to compact the stone in the holes to make the piers.

    The project team is working closely with neighbors and LHS to monitor impacts from construction activities through frequent in-person conversations at the project site, as well as by gathering data from vibration monitoring equipment installed at numerous surrounding properties.  View the March construction pictures here.

    Lincoln underground utilities

    January 2020

    The Lincoln project is now underway and big changes are already visible on site. Over the holiday break, the Hoffman Pacificmark team mobilized, setting up the construction fence and moving in some construction equipment. The complex of trailers, which will be the project team’s base of operations throughout construction, are in the process of final assembly. The reconfigured staff parking lot is in place providing safe access to LHS.

    Hazardous materials abatement for the grandstand, press box, and two small storage buildings under the grandstand was completed in December; those structures have now been demolished. With the site area is cleared of structures, it is being leveled using trucks and heavy equipment. The turf field removal is complete.

    Lincoln construction site

    To build the work area, Hoffman Pacificmark used 10,000,000 pounds of recycled concrete saved from a local project site for the leveling fill and rock substrate. This recycled material will remain in place to provide support for the future track and field. This recycling effort kept a significant amount of material out of the waste stream providing both material and cost efficiency for PPS.

    The construction entrances and exit, on SW 17th and Salmon and SW 17th near Jefferson respectively, have been established. The protective canopies over the sidewalks on SW 18th and SW Salmon adjacent to the future Lincoln are in the process of installation. The next major construction activities will be final site preparations and the start of foundation work.

    Groundbreaking for a new Lincoln

    Lincoln Groundbreaking shovels  

    A groundbreaking celebration for the rebuilding of Lincoln High School took place on December 14, 2019. Festivities included a Native American Land Acknowledgement and speakers that included Lincoln students, notable alumni and community leaders. The Lincoln rebuild includes a new multi-story building with performing arts spaces, a student commons, an expanded gymnasium facility and state of the art classrooms.

Lincoln Project Images

Lincoln Construction 7-14-20