• DJ spinning a record

    Hip Hop Time Machine

    Courses The Art of Product Design
    Content Area(s) Social Studies, Music
    Grades 9,10,11,12

    Nathaniel Edumunds, Paul Peters

    Alliance HS @ Benson Campus

    Students explored music history by sampling and remixing recordings from a decade selected at random from the past 100 years. Once two songs are finished (under two different sets of criteria) the student is invited onto Mic Crenshaw's radio show on KBOO, a local community radio station, where we discuss the process and celebrate the results.
    Project Length
    10 Weeks

    Project Deliverables
    KBOO - Culture in Motion with Mic Crenshaw

  • Community/Industry Partner


    KBOO Radio Station

    Hosted students and their final project on the Mic Crenshaw radio show.