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    Rose City Rising

    Content Area(s)
    Grades 9,10,11,12

    Mic Crenshaw

    Alliance HS @ Kenton Campus
    Alliance HS @ Meek Campus

    Rose City Rising was a collaborative effort between PPS Artist in Residence Mic Crenshaw, Outside the Frame, Friends of Noise and The Oregon Symphony to provide students with the opportunity to submit content for a concept album that gave voice to their experience during the summer of 2020. Students worked with professional artists and musicians to record their music. Additionally, 5 students were chosen to create music videos with Outside the Frame. This project gave students the agency and audience to express their lived experience and the impacts of systemic racism.
    Project Deliverables
    Last Dayz, January, Rose City, Animal Control, My Dismay, PDX Monthly, Southeast Examiner

  • Reflections
    Working with students on this project has been fun, inspiring and insightful. I get to live vicariously through their excitement and joy as they are introduced to new levels of technical, social and creative support and potential. There is magic that happens when youth discover in their own creative practice deeper purpose and possibility.