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    Syllabus Template


    School Year             2023-2024 




    School:           Mt. Tabor       

    Course Title:  Compacted Math Year Two                            

    Grade Level(s):8th

    Is high school credit an option for this course? 




    Successful completion of Compacted Math Year One

    Course description:  This is the 2nd year of a two year accelerated math curriculum. It covers the district required 9th grade Algebra curriculum and the last part of the 8th grade curriculum. It is aligned with the Common Core State Standards.  It covers the following strands:

    • Algebra
    • Statistics
    • Geometry


    There is an emphasis on conceptual understanding of topics, critical thinking and application.  Students will be asked to justify their thinking, generalize relationships, make connections between ideas and reverse thinking to solve problems



    Priority Standards:

    Unit 1: One Variable Statistics

    Unit 2: Linear Equations, Inequalities & Systems of Equations

    Unit 3:  Two Variable Statistics

    Unit 4: Functions

    Unit 5: Exponential Functions

    Unit 6: Quadratic Functions

    Unit 7:  Quadratic Equations

    Practice Standards








    District adopted materials:


    Illustrative Mathematics



    Differentiation/ accessibility strategies and support (TAG, ELL, SpEd, other):

    • Group work (Norms & Roles)
    • Test Revisions
    • Visuals
    • Graphic organizers
    • Pre-teaching vocabulary
    • Breaking task into smaller pieces
    • Study team strategies (pairs check, dyad, huddle, etc.)





    Final proficiencies: Students will be proficient in the eighth grade common core standards relating to geometry and statistics.  They will also be proficient in ninth grade common core standards for mathematics.



    Assessment/evaluation/grading policy:  Please refer to Proficiency Grading page above.


    Grades on report cards will be marked as Highly Proficient (HP), Proficient (P), Close to  Proficient (CP), and Developing Proficiency (DP).



    Assessments at a Close to Proficient (CP) or Developing Proficiency (DP) may be revised once to a Proficient (PR).  

    To earn high school credit students must earn a PR or higher as report card scores for all four quarters. One A - C grade for the year will contribute to their high school GPA:





    Behavioral expectations:  

    ATTENDANCE:  If a student is absent, they will need to check in with the teacher upon the day they return to see what they have missed and what they will need to make up.  Students will be given a new due date for work missed due to absence.


    RULES: Students are expected to come to class prepared, use class time productively and behave in a manner that is both positive and productive.



    Safety issues and requirements: