Kate Sullivan                 

    School:           Mt. Tabor        



    Course Title:  Compacted Year One                            


    Grade Level:7th

    Is high school credit an option for this course?  




    Course description:  This is the 1st year of a two-year accelerated math curriculum. It covers the district's required 7th grade curriculum and part of the 8th grade curriculum. It is aligned with the Common Core State Standards.  It covers the following strands:

    • Proprtional Reasoning
    • Number System
    • Algebraic Reasoning

    • Geometry

    • Statistics

    There is an emphasis on conceptual understanding of topics, critical thinking and application.  Students will be asked to justify their thinking, generalize relationships, make connections between ideas and reverse thinking to solve problems


    Schedule of topics/units covered:

    • Proportional Reasoning: Ratios & Proportional Relationships; Scale Factor

    • Number System: Operations with Positives & Negatives; Order of Operations, Converting between Fractions, Decimals & Percents

    • Algebraic Reasoning: Linear Expressions & Equations. Combining Like Terms, Distributive Property, y = mx + b, Solving One and Two Step Linear Equations and Inequalities

    • Geometry & Measurement: Pythagorean Theorem, Triangle & Angle Relationships, Congruence & Similarity, Geometric Transformations, Volume

    • Statistics & Probability: Bivariate Data Represented in Scatter Plots & Two Way Tables, Line of Best Fit to Generalize Trends and Make Predictions.

    District adopted materials:

    MidSchool Math

    Differentiation/ accessibility strategies and support (TAG, ELL, SpEd, other):

    • Group work (Norms & Roles)

    • Test Revisions

    • Visuals

    • Graphic organizers

    • Pre-teaching vocabulary

    • Breaking task into smaller pieces

    • Study team strategies (pairs check, dyad, huddle, etc.)

    Final proficiencies: Students will be proficient in the seventh grade common core standards and the first half of eighth grade standards.

    Essential skills to be 

    taught or assessed:

          Read and comprehend      

          Write clearly and accurately     

          x Listen actively and speak clearly      

          x Apply mathematics  

          x Think critically         

          x Personal management and teamwork

          x Use technology

          Civic and Community Engagement           

          Global Literacy           

    Assessment/evaluation/grading policy: Please refer to the Proficiency Grading Page above.

       Assessments at a Close to Proficient (CP) or Developing Proficiency (DP) may be revised once.

    Behavioral expectations:  

    ATTENDANCE:  If a student is absent, they will need to check in with the teacher upon the day they return to see what they have missed and what they will need to make up.  Students will be given a new due date for work missed due to absence.

    RULES: Students are expected to come to class prepared, use class time productively and behave in a manner that is both positive and productive.



    Safety issues and requirements: