• Mt. Tabor Middle School PTA

    We support MTMS by funding classroom grants, teacher reimbursement of classroom supplies, library activities, band activities, and other school programs. We coordinate Staff Appreciation Week, Restaurant Partners, Trail Blazers outings, decorations for 8th grade promotion, and help with the holiday drive for families in need. We design school spirit wear for the school community to purchase. We do whatever we can to support teachers, staff, and students. We meet four times a year. We recruit volunteers to help with MTMS and PTA activities. We sponsor special programs during the year to strengthen the MTMS community. As a PTA, we work with local, state, and national organizations to advocate for children.

    Check out our latest newsletter on our webpage https://mtmspta.com/.

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    Contact the PTA with questionsmtmspta@gmail.com.

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    PTA General Information


    Joining the PTA allows us to keep up the support for classrooms, teachers, students, activities, and special events at MTMS. Membership is $15 per person per school year. Please register as a member and pay membership dues through SchoolPay. SchoolPay can be accessed at https://www.schoolpay.com/pay/for/PTA-Membership-Fee/SbGfd2v. You can also use the following QR code to access SchoolPay for PTA membership.




    We have opportunities large and small throughout the year. As you can imagine, the pandemic, social distancing, and restricted activities at school have impacted many of the usual fundraising activities of the PTA. As the PTA board works to determine fundraising activities for the MTMS community, there will be more opportunities to volunteer. So please continue to check back here in the future. Current key opportunities are listed here: 

    • Staff Appreciation: Implement staff appreciation ideas during staff appreciation week (usually in May). Board will support.
    • Blazers Fundraiser: Dates TBD. Charlene McGee Kollie is a lead volunteer. If you are interested in assisting with this event, please contact Charlene at a.mcgee@gmail.com.
    • We are actively seeking the following PTA board positions:
      • Parent Representatives from the Spanish Immersion and Hard of Hearing programs - represent the interests of the programs
      • Volunteer Coordinator - help us find and coordinate volunteers as needed through out the year
      • Restaurant Partners Coordinator - help coordinate Restaurant Partners throughout the year
      • Outdoor Coordinator - lead the effort to beautify the interior courtyard
      • Bottle Drop Coordinator - secure and distribute supplies for the Bottle Drop program 

    If you are interested in any of these volunteer opportunities, please contact mtmspta@gmail.com. Please put the volunteer opportunity in the subject line.

    Keep a lookout for these and other great volunteer opportunities on Facebook and in our PTA newsletter.  There is a link to the PTA newsletter in the principal’s weekly Friday newsletter.


    Donation Drive

    We try not to bother with lots of fundraising programs. Instead, we seek to raise $3,000 in direct donations each year from members and the community. You can donate by writing a check to MTMS PTA (mail it to the MTMS office) or through pps.SchoolPay.com, under the “Nonprofit Groups” tab.  


    PTA Meetings, Programs, and Other Dates

    PTA General Meeting Dates

    • October 19, 2021
    • January 18, 2022
    • March 15, 2022
    • May 17, 2022

    All meetings are always Tuesday 6:30-8:00 p.m. online through Zoom.

    Minutes from meetings are posted on our Facebook page, Mt. Tabor Middle School PTA.


    AmazonSmile and Fred Meyer Community Rewards

    Shopping through AmazonSmile and Fred Meyer Community Rewards provide donations to the MTMS PTA at no cost to you. You can sign up for either (or both) programs at any time and choose Mt. Tabor Middle School PTA as the organization that will receive a donated portion of your spending. Information about the programs can be found by searching the programs online. Specific instructions for signing up for the programs can be found in our newsletter from September 21-25, 2020.

    Restaurant Partners

    We generally have several nights a year when we revenue share with local restaurants. This is an important revenue stream for the PTA to support MTMS. Stay tuned to the PTA website, PTA Facebook page, and the Principal’s Friday newsletter for details as they become available.

    BottleDrop Give

    We are working on ways to safely distribute blue bags for the BottleDrop program. In the past the blue donation bags were available for pick up in the MTMS office. When you participate in the program, you fill the blue donations bags with recyclable bottles (plastic, aluminum, and glass – no need to sort them) and then drop them off at any BottleDrop location. BottleDrop will count them and give the refund to the MTMS PTA. When you use one of the blue bags from MTMS, they are labeled with all the information needed to apply the refund to our PTA.  You can email the MTMS PTA ( mtmspta@gmail.com) you would like supplies and we will get them to you.



  • Mt. Tabor Middle School PTA Board

    President: Rebecca Morris

    Vice President: Sonya Harvey

    Treasurer: Jennifer New

    Treasurer-Elect: OPEN

    Secretary: Christina Master

    Communications Chair: Sarah Nuttbrock

    Equity Chair: OPEN

    Volunteer Coordinator: OPEN

    Spanish Immersion Parent Representative: OPEN

    Japanese Immersion Parent Representative: Victoria Winkle

    Hard of Hearing Parent Representative: OPEN

    Teacher Representative: Anna Durocher

    Trail Blazers Fundraiser Chair: Charlene McGee Kollie

    Outdoor Committee Chair: OPEN


    (If you are interested in an open Board position, please contact mtmspta@gmail.com.)