• Student & Family Resources

    There are some great resources available for both students and families. 


    Students of Compacted Math Year 2:


    On-line homework help is available that provides support for the problems students have been assigned.  The site is free but can only be used when we are using the College Preparatory text.






    This is a free site that offers instruction in mathematical topics via video.  Excellent resource.

    www.es.khanacademy.org  Khan Academy's Spanish language site.  All content is delivered in Spanish.



    Students in both 7th grade math and Compacted Math usually receive homework Monday through Thursday nights.  There may be exceptions.  This homework is aligned with what we are learning in class and content they will be responsible for on assessments.  It is an opportunity to learn and apply skills, to be able to make mistakes and learn from them prior to be being assessed.  It is crucial to your student's success.

    Homework should not take longer than thirty minutes.  It should not be an excersize in stress or cause anxiety.  If your student reaches the thirty minute mark and is not close to finishing they should stop and have an adult sign the homework as proof they have spent thirty minutes on math.  They will not be marked down and the work not being completed will not count against them.

    I am available for help after school by appointment.