WEB Program

  • WEB Program

    The WEB Program, which stands for Where Everybody Belongs, is a program that welcomes the 6th Grade class on the first day of school as well as continues to support them throughout their first year of middle school.  A 7th Grade student is chosen to be an 8th grade WEB Leader because they have been identified as a person on campus who is a positive role model, responsible, possesses leadership qualities, is kind and, most importantly, has a desire to give back to their school community. 

    To learn more about WEB in general and how awesome a program it is, please go to the Boomerang Project.   


Lost and Found

  • Lost and Found Instagram Page Link!

    Check on the Mt. Tabor Lost and Found Instagram page for images of missing items.  Lost and Found clothing is on a rolling rack in the front hall, and everything else is on shelves on the stage in the Cafeteria.