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  • Welcome to my website with information about all things middle school math related!

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Homework and Grades

  • Homework and grade information can be found through the Canvas and/or Synergy Platforms.  For help with your login and password please contact the school or myself.  To login and for more information click the links below:

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  • Spark Tutoring Collective - Free online tutoring by Portland Public Schools high school students!

    A former Mt. Tabor Student is also doing math tutoring.  She recently finished AP Calculus and has a 4.13 GPA.  If you would like her contact information please contact me: RaeAnn Suckow at rsuckow@pps.net

    I have some names and contact numbers for teachers or other tutors that might be available.  For contact information please contact me: RaeAnn Suckow at rsuckow@pps.net


General Math Help

State Test preparation

  • State Testing
    Students can do online sample tests as well as view other resources.

Financial Literacy for Students

  • Kids' Guide to Money and Finances - a great website with lots of resources that was shared with me by a student 

    The Uber Game - students play the role of a full-time Uber driver—with two kids—who is trying to pay the mortgage.

    Hit the Road: A Financial Adventure Game - Students go on a virtual road trip across the country learning how to manage their money wisely.

    The Payoff Game - In this game, students play the role of a video blogger preparing for a life-changing competition while managing money and unexpected events.

    Credit Clash - Credit Clash is a fun and interactive way to learn about credit scores.

    Money Magic Game - Money Magic is designed to teach basic budgeting principles.

    STAX - This is a fast-paced interactive game that allows students to experience 20 years of investing in just 20 minutes.

    Shady Sam - Shady Sam demonstrates how loan terms can hurt borrowers who don’t pay attention.

    Financial Football - These two fast-paced, sports-themed, interactive games engage students in quiz bowl–style questions to advance players up the field.


Fun Information

  •  Create A Graph
    At this site you can create graphs online for data you enter.


Math Games

Math Resources in Spanish