Extended Closure Spring 2020 - Roseway Heights Middle School - Math Work


    Please use Dreambox at least 90 minutes per week.  This program can be accessed on any device through the PPS Student Portal.  NOTE: IPhone and IPad users may be prompted to download the free app when logging in.  Here is a link to directions on how to log in at home.  Students need to use the full user name which includes @student.pps.net (this is not needed on school computers).



    The following links take you to work that students can do at home to maintain the progress that was being made before the closure.  Please select the appropriate class.

     6th Grade Math


    7th Grade Math


    8th Grade Math


    Compacted Year 1 (7th Grade)


    Compacted Year 2 (8th Grade)

RaeAnn Suckow

  • Welcome to my website with information for my middle school math classes!

    If you need to contact me I can be reached at:
    503.916.5600 ext. 70184

Homework Completion and Grades

  • Homework and grade information can be found through the district's online grade program Synergy.  For help with your login and password please contact the school or myself.  To login and for more information click the link below:


Math Help

  • CPM Algebra
    Algebra students can find homework help for every problem in the book.

    Connected Math Green Books
    Connected Math Blue Books
    Connected Math Red Books
    Students can find help for some problems in the book, multiple choice practice for every chapter, and vocabulary puzzles for each unit.

    Graphing Calculator:
    *Download one on your smartphone:  Search "Wabbitemu" which gives you the best match for the ones we use in class.
    *Online:  The best one is probably Desmos, but it is a little different than what we use in class.

    Multnomah County Library
    Students can chat live online with a tutor for free.  Students can also text research or fact questions to a librarian.

    Math Dictionary for Kids
    This site can help explain any vocabulary words you do not know.

    The World of Math Online
    Students can select a topic they need help on.

    AAA Math
    Students can view lessons on a topic they need help on.

    Math Goodies
    Here you can find tutorials, worksheets, games, and puzzles on a topic you choose.

    Ask a question or search to see if someone has already asked the same question.

    Khan Academy
    Video tutorials on many different math topics.

State Test preparation

Fun Information

  • The History of Pi
    Where did pi come from?  This site will tell you.

    Naming Polygons
    What is a 32 sided polygon called?  Click here to find out how to name all polygons.

    Create A Graph
    At this site you can create graphs online for data you enter.


Math Games