• Mt. Tabor Middle School

    Class Change Protocol

    1. If a student wishes to alter their class schedule, they must first meet with their counselor.

    2. If, after meeting with the counselor, the student still wants to change their schedule because of an issue with the teacher, the student and a parent or guardian must meet, in person, with the teacher. (At this meeting, the group should develop a plan of action to help the situation--the goal of such a plan is to maximize student learning.)

    3. After this meeting, all stakeholders must allow an appropriate amount of time to pass so the teacher and student can follow the plan together.

    4. If the student, parent or guardian, and teacher are still unable to find resolution after Steps 1-3, the Counseling and Administration Team may decide that a class change is appropriate.

    Note: We may not be able to move a student because other classes may already be full or because the move would affect the entire student schedule.