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  • Olivia grew up in Alaska and also lived overseas for much of her childhood. She has always loved creating – building forts, a failed sailboat, wooden swords and catapults when she was young and continues her passion of woodworking to this day. Olivia attended The University of Texas at Austin procuring a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a focus in Theatrical Directing and Scenic Carpentry. Her journey to becoming a MakerTech started one summer when she worked for the Austin Tinkering School, teaching and mentoring students on tool use, design and creating. When moving to Portland back in 2015, she continued to follow her passion of working and creating with students starting at the Wind and Oar Boat School. Later working for Tinker Camp, running a Makerspace in a SUN School and, finally, finding her place at Faubion K-8. She is currently attending graduate school to obtain her Masters in Teaching. In her spare time, she loves trail running with her dog, rock climbing, singing and playing piano and exploring Oregon, and beyond, in her hand built truck camper.

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