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    Mission: It is the mission of the Portland Public Schools mathematics department to support all educators at all levels within the district through the provision and implementation of equitable and culturally sustaining practices. We do this in order to best meet the needs of our families, communities, and most importantly to serve our students so they are able to achieve the attributes of the Graduate Portrait.

    Vision:  Supporting all students to increase belief in their innate mathematics ability and achievement at the highest levels in mathematics by providing opportunities to experience the beauty, joy and wonder of mathematics through engaging, culturally-sustaining instructional experiences and real-life contexts.

    We are ALL Math People

  • Patrice Woods' Bio

    Patrice Woods has been in the education field for 16 years, 13 of which have been specifically in mathematics education (so far). She is national board certified for adolescent and young adult mathematics instruction, has taught fourth through twelfth grade mathematics and been a building administrator at the elementary and high school level. She spent time as an instructional coach prior to becoming the Program Manager for K – 12 mathematics for schools in improvement while working at the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) in Washington State. After having worked at Education Northwest in Portland, Oregon, Patrice transitioned to school building administration in Vancouver, WA. After 3 years, she transitioned to her current role as the Director of Mathematics for Portland Public Schools. In addition to the responsibilities of her role as director of mathematics, she serves on the P – 3 Advisory Council and the Culturally Sustaining workgroup in PPS, the Regional Equity Committee for MESA, and the Mathematics content panel for ODE. Patrice is a lifelong learner and fervent about affecting systems to be equitable and culturally relevant in order to support the provision of better outcomes for students in their mathematics journey.

Mathematics Contacts

Patrice Woods
Director of Mathematics

Rose Palmer
Elementary Math TOSA

Kathy Hunt
Elementary Math TOSA

Christine Campanella
Elementary Math TOSA

Jaclyn Pfenning
Secondary Math TOSA

Douglas Mella
Secondary Math TOSA

Sara Beck
Elementary Math TOSA

Kylene Parks
Elementary Math TOSA

Thomas Nishimura
6-8 Math TOSA

Kristina Howard
Program Administrator for Mathematics