Multiple Pathways to Graduation Building

  • Construction began in the fall of 2022 on the Multiple Pathways to Graduation (MPG) building adjacent to the Benson Polytechnic campus. The MPG Building will include Alliance at Benson and Meek, DART/Clinton, Teen Parent Childcare, Reconnection Services & Program. In the modified Benson Master Plan, additional classroom space will be allocated within the Benson Polytechnic High School campus to accommodate Portland International Scholars (PISA), Pioneer High School, Portland Evening and Summer Scholars and Portland Virtual Scholars. For more information about Multiple Pathways To Graduation please visit their website by clicking here.

    The new MPG Building will open in the fall of 2024.

  • Project Updates

    Construction updates May 2023 - Going up!

    Overview of MPG building construction
    Wood framing on the first floor
    The MPG building is going up quickly! The second floor will have the rest of the concrete floor poured in the coming week after the reinforcement is installed. The second floor recently poured is in the process of curing.
    2nd story Cement floor is curing
    The engineered wood structure of the second floor is being erected with members put into place by the tower crane. Workers have also been adjusting the structural connections as more of the building comes together.
    Steel beam framing on 2nd floor
    The metal joists for the gym's roof have been staged and are ready to be put in place.
    Underground Parking lot framing & plumbing
    Plumbing rough-in has begun in the basement car park.  Check out the latest construction photos here. 

    Construction updates March 2023 - Big concrete pours.

    Wide of first floor ready to pour concrete
    Workers on site MPG doing framing

    The Multiple Pathways to Graduation building saw its first major concrete pour in February. The team recently poured one half of the post tensioned concrete slab, comprising the first floor under the CTE Manufacturing and Automotive shops.

    second half of the first floor, post tensioned slab rebar
    The second half of the first floor, post-tensioned slab will be poured in early March. The concrete and structural aspects of the parking garage level are mostly complete.

    Crane delivering materials for workers
    The structure of the MPG building will be a mix of Mass Timber and steel. The first steel has arrived on site and installation is now underway. The project team recently visited the mass timber supplier and are happy to report that production is underway and of the highest quality. Mass Timber has a low carbon footprint, yet it is both strong and fire resistant and offers an alternative to other fossil fuel-intensive materials. 

    Construction updates Feb 2023 - MPG Building starting to rise up!

    Foundation pillars for MPG foundation
    Retaining walls on the underground parking area
    The new Multiple Pathways to Graduation building is rising out of the ground.
    Crane on the MPG site
    In the center of the site you will see a large crane that will be in place throughout construction.
    Framing on retaining wall
    The team has completed the mass excavation of the site and it's almost complete with the parking lot walls and floor.
    cement pour MPG
    Cement pour close up
    They have started to lay the formwork for the Post Tensioned slab that will be the first floor of the building, which will be poured in the next couple of weeks. 

    Construction updates Oct/Nov 2022

    excavation work on MPG site
    Excavation and site work is well underway on the site and the building footprint is starting to take shape.
    Shows the driveway and new entrance site work
    You can start to see where the parking garage will be located, including the driveway and new entrance. A tower crane will be set in place in mid-November to assist with construction efforts.
    MPG rendering view from Buckman
    MPG is designed to be a Mass timber and steel building and is planned for LEED Gold certification. Construction will take place over the next two years and the MPG building will open in the fall of 2024 at the same time as Benson Polytechnic. See the latest MPG Building construction photos here.

    MPG (DAG) Meetings

    Benson MPG members working
    The goal of the Multiple Pathways to Graduation (MPG) Design Advisory Group DAG was to develop comprehensive, equitable, integrated and visionary high school campus plans and schematic designs.

    MPG DAG 1_Summary Notes 5-20-19
    MPG DAG 2_Summary Notes 11-7-19
    MPG DAG 3 Summary Notes 12-12-19
    MPG DAG 4 Summary Notes 1-9-2020
    MPG DAG 5 Summary Notes 1-29-2020
    MPG DAG 6 Summary Notes 2-27-2020
    MPG DAG 7 Summary Notes 6-03-2020
    MPG DAG 8 Summary Notes 10-07-2020
    MPG DAG 9 Summary Notes 11-12-2020
    MPG DAG 10 Summary Notes 12-14-2020
    MPG DAG 11 Summary Notes 5-13-2021
    MPG DAG 12 Summary Notes 2-8-2022 

    MPG Groundbreaking email ESP
    MPG Groundbreaking email VIET
    MPG Groundbreaking email SOM
    MPG Groundbreaking email RUS
    MPG Groundbreaking email CHI

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    View the MPG Building Fact Sheet

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    Click here to view a fact sheet about the MPG project. Español | Tiếng Việt | Русский | Soomaali | 中文

    Multiple Pathways to Graduation (MPG) Mission

    The Multiple Pathways to Graduation (MPG) Mission is to “provide educational options for all youth that empower, engage, and prepare them for college, work training, and global citizenship while serving as a vanguard for systemic educational change.”  As part of the Benson Polytechnic Modernization project, a new stand alone building is being designed and constructed on the Benson campus to support the diverse and specific needs of MPG programs and students.

    MPG Programs relocate during construction

    In order to increase safety and project efficiency, all students and staff will be temporarily relocated during construction:

    • Benson staff and students, including Pioneer High School programs, will relocate to the Marshall Campus on SE 92nd Ave.
    • PISA will relocate to the Madison High School Campus.
    • Alliance High School, Reconnection and DART/Clinton will relocate to the Kenton Campus.
    • Evening & Summer Scholars will relocate to Grant High School.

    School Board approves moving Alliance at Meek to MPG Building

    On June 25, 2019, the PPS School Board approved resolution 5910 that calls for moving Allience at Meek into the new MPG building at Benson when it is completed in the fall of 2024. View the full PPS Board resolution here.  

    School Board supports expanded Benson modernization plan

    Updated Benson Master Plan dated 3/13/19 was approved by the School Board on 3/19 - board resolution 5859.  This expansion included the creation of a separate MPG building.

MPG Building Animation

Latest Construction Photos

MPG Construction 4-28-23
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