• Counseling Department

    Woman opening doorWhat We Do
    Counselors help students and their families create a plan to meet each student's individual goalsother for graduation, college and career, and then monitor students' progress over their high school career, providing the support and resources needed to achieve those goals. Counselors also provide valuable assistance to students and families dealing with issues such as mental health challenges, traumatic family events, or other psycho-social issues that may affect academic achievement.

    We love to see students in person and there are many ways to make this happen! Schedule an appointment with Mrs. Dailey or directly with your counselor via email, or drop in, especially during lunch, before or after school, or during a free period. If your counselor is busy with another student when you drop in, please leave a note or talk with Mrs. Dailey. You can also email your counselor regarding your question or even just leave a note on the door!

    How to Contact Us
    For parents and guardians, we ask that you schedule an appointment or send us an email or leave a phone message. If it is ever urgent that you speak with us concerning your student's safety, please contact Sharon Dailey and give her the message for us. 

    Who's My Counselor?
    Students are assigned to counselors by last name. Scroll down to find your counselor.