• think excellence The Stephenson Elementary School Foundation is a parent-run section 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that raises money to fund teaching and other staff positions that the district is unable to fund.  The Stephenson Foundation is a part of the Portland Schools Foundation, a division of All Hands Raised.  The majority of the funds we raise supports Stephenson and a portion supports high-needs schools served by the PPS Equity Fund.  Funds are used not only to pay for a single position but also to fill funding gaps to pay for portions of staff hours.  Each year brings new challenges and the funds raised by the Foundation allow our principal to meet these challenges head on.  In recent years, the funds have helped pay for almost full-time teaching assistants, a part-time library assistant, additional PE hours, a technology instructor, and a part-time school counselor.  Without the Foundation (and the parents, friends, family and businesses that support the Foundation), these positions would not have been available and Stephenson would be a much different school.

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    How Do We Raise Funds?  Our primary fundraiser is the annual Stephenson Foundation auction.  We also host an annual Scramble for the Kids golf tournament each Fall, and we raise funds through our affiliate relationship with Occasionally, we may supplement these fundraising efforts with other events.

    What is the difference between the Foundation and the PTA?  The PTA raises funds for school supplies and certain projects, and it helps coordinate volunteers and school events; whereas the Foundation raises funds for teaching and other staff positions.  Supporting the Foundation is, in fact, the only way in which contributions can be used to fund staff hours.  In short, the two organizations are separate entities, but both are vital to keep Stephenson the excellent educational institution that it is.

      It is not by accident that Stephenson is the only elementary school feeding into Wilson High School that maintains a music program. It is not by accident that our students have the test scores that they have. Stephenson is an impressive elementary school because of the the tireless efforts of a community committed to its children and their education.

    The Stephenson Foundation Board for 2019-2020:

    President: Katy Haley

    Vice President:  Julie Laufer
    Treasurer: Sara Purdy
    Auction Chair:  Katy Haley

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