PTA Committees

  • The PTA runs committees in multiple areas. For ease of use, we divide those committees into categories. For most up-to-date committee chair information please visit our committee list on Konstella. Please contact them with any questions. All sign-ups occur here: Konstella Sign-Ups


    Book Fair (Fall and Spring):
    Held in the library; the Scholastic Book Fairs raise money to support the purchase of new and exciting books for the Library. Volunteers are needed to set-up, tear-down, and man the registers for the week. Shifts are in both the morning, afternoon and evening.
    Dates: October 3rd-7th, 2022 and March 20th-24th, 2023

    Box Tops:
    Box tops help support the school. Families are encouraged to clip box tops and turn them into the office. Quarterly prizes are awarded to the students at each grade level who turn in the most tops.
    Dates: All year

    Fund Run:
    This is the PTA's largest fundraiser. It is held in the spring. Students collect pledges and then run laps for 30 minutes around the Duniway Field. This money goes to support all programs in the PTA and is also a giant celebration of community, featuring a live DJ, post-run popsicles, and prizes. Volunteers are needed to count pledges, mark laps, set-up, tear-down, process lap sheets, run the water station and cheer for students.
    Date: May 19th, 2023

    Holiday Home Tour:
    The PTA's second largest fundraiser. The tour features 6-7 beautiful neighborhood homes, which are on display for ticket holders to tour through. There is also a Boutique featuring local vendors, held at the school. Volunteers are needed for set-up, tear-down, ticket sales, and "angels" who staff each home. There are both day and evening shifts for this beautiful event.
    Date: December 2nd, 2022

    Community Building

    Lunch Buddies:
    Building community support for students through adults having lunch with kids. Adults come to have lunch with a group of 3-4 pre-selected students in grades 1-3. This is a great opportunity for kids to get some individual attention and positive interactions with adults and peers in small groups. The counselors pre-select students. Tuesdays - Fridays, adults can choose which grade they would like to eat with. Lunch is only 30 minutes, but that time is invaluable to students. Adults check in at the office, come to the cafeteria and have lunch with the kids. Have fun, interact with kids and make their day!

    The Advocacy Committee's focus is to do what's best for our children and to make sure it's being done in an equitable and logical manner. We want to make sure our voices are heard and we're being involved in the conversations and decisions that are being made for our kiddos.

    One of our largest community building activities, this spring events brings in families throughout the community to enjoy food, fun, and prizes. Volunteers are needed to run all the games, oversee the activities, hand out prizes and help with set-up and tear-down. This is one of our most volunteer heavy events, shifts are available.
    Date: June 2nd, 2023
    Welcome Events:
    This committee provides support for the Connect to Kindergarten event and oversees the Kindergarten playdates each summer at the Duniway playground and also organizes the Back to School Picnic.

    Variety Show:
    This heartwarming event is a Duniway tradition. Students are encouraged to bring their talents, showmanship, and enthusiasm to the Duniway stage. Regular rehearsals take place a few weeks before the show to get out those pre-performance jitters. Volunteers are needed to run the rehearsal, help with mic placement, run the sound system and oversee the lights and stagehands.
    Date: TBD 2023

    Winter Dance:
    A Duniway favorite! All students are invited to come get their dance on in the S. Gym, while a live DJ plays popular music. Featuring a photobooth and refreshments. No cost to attend. Volunteers are needed to set-up, tear-down, sell concessions and run the photobooth.
    Date: February 10th, 2023

    Volunteers needed to take and upload photos of events and student life. Everything can easily be done online.

    Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB):
    Please see the OBOB information page here:

    Volunteers needed to help judge and run the event.
    Dates: TBD

    Community Giving:

    Clothing Closet:
    All PPS schools provide volunteer support at the PPS Clothing Closet throughout the year. Sign up to help organize clothing, help shoppers, etc.

    Community Giving Project:
    This is Duniway's holiday giving campaign. Snowmen are hung up on the board for families to take and purchase gifts for families. There is also a need for food and gift cards.
    Date: Begins November 2022

    Staff Appreciation:
    This is the week to shower our amazing Duniway staff with love! The PTA provides treats throughout the week for staff in the library. Volunteers are needed to coordinate daily gifts.
    Date: May 1st-5th, 2023

    Book Harvest:
    For the month of October, we will be collecting books for students in need throughout PPS. Please bring books for students of all ages.
    Dates: TBD

    Clothing Drive:
    We will be collecting new and gently used clothing for the PPS Clothing Closet. Special needs include new socks and underwear for both genders, gloves and mittens. Duniway volunteers needed for September & February.
    Date: September 26th, 2022 and February 23rd, 2023


    Art Program:
    The Duniway PTA funds a robust art program. Through artists-in-residencies who teach students everything from clay to stop-motion animation to African dance, and the funding of supplies and an extensive library of prepared lessons for teachers, the goal of the art program is to continue to integrate art into the student curriculum.

    Science Committee:
    The Duniway PTA funds a science line item where teachers have access to bring in special speakers, go on field trips and pay for science curriculum enhancements.

    Lost & Found:
    Each month the unclaimed lost and found is collected and taken to the PPS Clothing Closet. Families are encouraged to write their child's name on all clothing items, as those are returned to the office.

    Green Team:
    The Green Team runs the lunchtime recycling at Duniway. They also provide support and education for green initiatives throughout the school.