• Duniway School Climate

    Our community continues to look for ways to improve our school climate.  We have a School Climate Team (made up of teachers, support staff, and community members) that meets monthly and our counseling and teaching staff work to incorporate social-emotional learning into our classrooms.  

    For more information about the work of our School Climate Team as well as an overview of the School Climate at Duniway, please take a look at our building-wide School Climate Handbook.  In addition, for detailed information on student discipline at Duniway, Please consult Understanding Student Discipline at Duniway

    Additional information can be found in the current Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook can be found at bottom of the following page:


    The District is collaborating with the Portland Association of Teachers to update this document to align with recent changes in State Law (SB 553).

    If you are interested in attending a school climate team meeting or want more information on the work we are doing as a school community please contact Principal Gene Bivens.