About Arleta School

  • Arleta is a K-5 neighborhood school currently home to 290 students and approximately 35 staff members. 

    Though a K-8 school for many years, we returned to K-5 instruction in the 21-22 school year.

    Arleta has a thriving Theater Club, Garden Club, PTA, and SUN School Program, and traditionally hosts programs and events throughout the year including Oregon Battle of the Books, Poetry Slams, and a Maker Fair. 

    The impacts of Covid-19 have impacted our school and community, but we have stayed committed to our students and families, to providing a safe environment for our entire  community, and remaining focused to providing a high quality education for our students. Our teachers are deeply committed to their students' well-being, their own professional development, and to helping those around them through this difficult time.

    Want to learn more about Arleta? Emailing the principal, John Horn, is a great way to get questions answered or to set up a tour. His email address is jhorn@pps.net.