• Success for All

    At Arleta we use a multi-tiered approach to supporting student success.  Classroom teachers, educational assistants, specialists, and staff collaborate to figure out what each student needs.  We then work to design lessons to help them meet

    Core Academic Program

    This year classroom teachers are excited to implement a new math curriculum.  i-Ready Math is a hands-on conceptual program that builds efficient problem solving skills.

    Classroom teachers use a workshop model of instruction to teach literacy skills.  This includes whole group instruction on grade level standards, and differentiated small group instruction to provide multiple ways to meet those standards.

    Differentiation in Classrooms

    When a student needs something different to help them learn, classroom teachers provide small groups and one to one coaching.  They teach the same standards but in a more targeted way.

    Academic Support Team

    Arleta has a team of academic specialists who work with students who need more support to access the classroom curriculum.  Our reading specialists, English Language Development teacher, and educational assistants provide targeted skills instruction.

Last Modified on September 10, 2021